I need help building a coding interview question for a DevOps/SRE position

I’m looking for suggestions on good coding questions for a DevOps/SRE Software Engineer. This is the coding exercise that is done offline or in a platform like HackerRank. The idea is that they would solve the problem, and then extend it during the on-site interview. For other software positions, we’ve done questions like parsing city/state from strings, parsing json where the json isn’t always well-formed, and other problems. The problem is trying to keep the problems from being either overly algorithmic or overly reliant on libraries.

The DevOps/SRE world is a little different, and I think it has different coding requirements. Jumping into existing codebases to figure out what is going on, understanding how software interacts with the OS, etc. So I’m trying to build a coding question that:

  • Can be completed in about an hour by a good candidate
  • Is extensible to accommodate follow-up coding exercises
  • Tests a candidate’s baseline coding proficiency
  • Tests a candidate’s DevOps capabilities (e.g, debugging prowess, scripting, parsing information, or general scrappiness)
  • Has some baseline of problem-solving required (i.e, is not simply mechanical)
  • Does not require a “trick” to solve well
  • The answer is not easy to search on the internet

Radio Interview with U.S. or Canadian Station Radio Play Gain Audience for $125

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Valid B1/B2 visa owner wins the DV lottery, needs to go US before the interview. Can he?

Recently my wife has been selected for the DV lottery 2020. For this reason, I am listed on her Diversity Visa online entry. I hold B1/B2 visa, valid until 2029. It seems like the process for the interview may take sometime. However, I need to attend to a conference in US next week. I wrote to consulate and they said that, “If she has not had the interview, your B1/B2 visa is still valid. However, you  will need to convince the officer at the port of entry that you are not an intending immigrant.” Should I give a try to enter US with my valid B1/B2 visa before this Green card process is concluded? If they deny my entry would it hurt my status for the future?

Change interview location of US B2 and F1 visa

I am applying for a student visa and a tourist visa for my parents. In DS-160, I selected the location to be New Delhi. However, when I am trying to schedule the interview date and time from here: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India, it defaults the Post of Interview to Mumbai.

How do I change the interview’s location to Delhi? According to my State of Residence, the default post of interview that I’m getting is Mumbai. However, the earliest available interview dates for Mumbai are in mid-August, and I plan to leave India by the first week of August. The same is with my parents. I understand that it’s not an issue to have different interview locations mentioned in DS-160 and in the interview appointment application. Also, in a step by step guide to make a profile for a visa appointment given by this site : https://www.visatraveler.com/blog/schedule-us-visa-appointment/ it says that we can put our desired consulate location for interview as our Country/State of Residency. I got the same advice after searching for a bit on the net too. However, is it right to do so?

Any help or advice ASAP would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

French visa Interview After Previous Illegal Travel

I am a U.S. citizen applying for a visa with a French company under the long-stay “passeport talent”. I have all the documents from the company that have been approved by the French government.

Last summer, I had an internship for another French company (< 3 months), for which I had a work contract signed and approved by the French government, but I did not have a visa (negligence on my part, since I thought I did not need it for such a short internship).

When my employer discovered I had not applied for a visa, they made some kind of contact with the French government to absolve themselves of liability, though I am not sure exactly which steps were taken. I was never actually able to obtain a visa, given that I was already in France at this point, but my employer told me the steps they took had resolved the issue.

I imagine during the visa interview, they will see I have in my passport stamps indicating a 90 day stay in France, and presumably will want details about that. What is my best course of action for explaining myself?

Developer hiring interview test questions

I am developing an application where developers will be able to join and assess their technical skills online and get a certificate. The platform is ready, and I now need to add content into the database.

The questions will be multiple choice questions on various skills, for example, PHP, MySQL, Ruby, etc. The questions need to be real life and test developer’s ability to develop solutions, implement new functionality, analyze code, or fix a bug. Further, each item should be classified as either “Easy,” “Medium,” or, “Hard.”

My question is, how do I create my question bank? I have tried posting in Upwork and Freelancer but didn’t get any qualified providers.

I have attached a couple of examples of kinds of questions that I am looking for.

I appreciate any help or guidance on this matter.


What documents from the company are needed to apply for a Shengen visa (business) to Germany from Bangladesh for an on-site interview?

I’ve gone through the checklist provided by German embassy Dhaka and I understand all the personal document requirements. According to the checklist, Schengen-visa with business purposes (as suggested by the inviting company HR) needs some additional documents like these: enter image description here

Now, the company provided me with a formal visa support letter, signed and stamped, including invitation details, tour purpose, accommodation address, full sponsorship consent, company overview, company contact person and candidate passport information.

Do I need any more documents from the company side to apply for visa?

F1 Visa Interview – Intent to return to home country

Good Day

I am worried about my son not having sufficient ties to supply for his interview next week to get a visa to work as a counselor at a summer camp for 3 months through a reputable company (Camp Leaders).

He has the following: Valid passport, Empoyment contract from the Camp he will be working for in the US confirmed DS-160, US Department of state DS-2019 – CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY FOR EXCHANGE VISITOR (J-1) STATUS, SEVIS I-901 Fee Receipt

He is 20 years old, does not have a permanent job, Does not own anything, Lives with my parents rent free and has not studied or has any future study plans yet.

Will this all matter, since he is going to work in the USA for only 3 months?

Thank you!

Kind Regards Aaryn

JavaScript Interview Problem: Implement auto install dependencies function

I was recently asked this question in an interview and it was challenging for me. I tried my best to solve it after and it works, except it logs the results twice. Any help with finding the bug, overall code review, or other better solutions would be awesome. Thanks!

Problem: Implement a JavaScript function called auto which installs dependencies.

/* type CallbackFunction = (err?: Error, results?: Results) => void type Task = {   deps: [string],   func: (any..., callback: CallbackFunction) => void, } interface Tasks {   [id: string]: Task } interface Results {   [id: keyof Tasks]: any } */  auto({   delayedTask: {     deps: [],     func: (callback) => {       setTimeout(() => {         callback(null, 'foo bar')       }, 500);     },   },   immediateTask: {     deps: ['delayedTask'],     func: (delayedTaskResult, callback) => {       callback(null, `immediateResult + $  {delayedTaskResult}`);     },   },   delayedTask2: {     deps: ['delayedTask', 'immediateTask'],     func: (delayedTaskResult, immediateTaskResult, callback) => {       setTimeout(() => {         callback(null, `delayedResult2 + $  {delayedTaskResult} + $  {immediateTaskResult}`)       }, 1000);     },   }, }, (err, results) => {   console.log('results', results);   // Expected results object: {   //   delayedTask: 'foo bar',   //   immediateTask: 'immediateResult + foo bar',   //   delayedTask2:   //     'delayedResult2 + foo bar + immediateResult + foo bar',   // } }); 

My solution:

function auto(tasks, done) {   const taskResults = {};   runTasks(tasks, done, taskResults); }  function runTasks(tasks, done, taskResults) {   if (!Object.keys(tasks).length) {     done(null, taskResults);   } else {     for (let prop in tasks) {       const task = tasks[prop];       if (!task.deps.length || haveAllDependenciesRun(task.deps, taskResults)) {         task.func(...Object.values(taskResults), (...args) => {           const taskResultValue = args[1];           taskResults[prop] = taskResultValue;           delete tasks[prop];           runTasks(tasks, done, taskResults);         });       }     }   } }  function haveAllDependenciesRun(deps, results) {   for (let i = 0; i < deps.length; i++) {     if (!results.hasOwnProperty(deps[i])) {       return false;     }   }   return true; }