The URL is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web?

I am trying to upload documents to SharePoint 2010 site and i am getting the following error.

The URL ‘aaa.pdf’ is invalid. It may refer to a nonexistent file or folder, or refer to a valid file or folder that is not in the current Web

How can i fix it ?

Booting Kernel Failed: Invalid Argument (Non-VM)

Backstory: I have been trying to install Ubuntu the last few days, but I have been facing problems. First, I had to change the File System of my Ubuntu USB and then after that I am facing this problem.

What happened?: I launched the Ubuntu Installer with my USB and then say an accessibility icon and a keyboard when booting. Right after, I saw a black screen saying “Booting Kernel Failed: Invalid Argument”. I can confirm that my install of the iso is not corrupted with qBitTorrent confirming it. Also my USB is not the problem. I used Rufus’ dd mode to install Ubuntu on the drive to keep it in FAT. Also, I tried using my USB on a Chromebook but just stated a “Graphics Initialization Problem” message. I also tried writing help and enter but it did not boot.

Mounting /cow on root failed: Invalid argument overlay mount failed

I am using an xps 13 9365, which was data wiped from bios by a friend who then gave it to me thinking it was dead. I tried booting with a USB (current LTS distro (18.04 or similar)) boot disk and got into the language selection / setup menu. By using the F6 option I selected noapic. In bios sata is set to raid and legacy the secure boot option is off.

But when I try to install I get kicked into a tiny font window with the following message

(initramfs) mount: Mounting /cow on root failed: Invalid argument overlay mount failed

Any ideas?

ERROR: gcloud crashed (UnicodeDecodeError): ‘utf8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xc8 in position 145: invalid continuation byte

I have installed SDK and try to do gcloud init but i am getting below error.

can anyone please help on this.

khumansingh@DESKTOP-97PCNCB:~$ gcloud init Welcome! This command will take you through the configuration of gcloud.

Your current configuration has been set to: [default]

You can skip diagnostics next time by using the following flag: gcloud init –skip-diagnostics

Network diagnostic detects and fixes local network connection issues. Checking network connection…done. Reachability Check passed. Network diagnostic passed (1/1 checks passed).

ERROR: gcloud crashed (UnicodeDecodeError): ‘utf8’ codec can’t decode byte 0xc8 in position 145: invalid continuation byte

If you would like to report this issue, please run the following command: gcloud feedback

To check gcloud for common problems, please run the following command: gcloud info –run-diagnostics

Invalid URL in field “id”

Invalid URL in field "id"

I am getting this error in google search console. Since this error showed up a couple weeks ago, my search traffic dropped from 5000 to 500.

Here is the page that is getting the error.
The funny thing is that I can’t find this page on my website, except through this direct url.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

How can I become an invalid target for spells that target humanoids?

One of my players is a druid who would like to be able to change their creature type so that they become an invalid target against spells that target humanoids. First party WotC content (including UA) is preferred, though items from previous editions are also acceptable that can be supported by gameplay in 5e.

A spell scroll of Nystul’s Mystical Aura in D&D5e is the closest I’ve found so far by allowing the target’s creature type to be changed for divination spells, but the target is still physically its original type and may still be valid against spells targeting humanoids.

How to fix the error using fgets (Invalid file identifier) to load files in Matlab

I want to parse the .txt files with my m-file, but I am confronted with the fgets error.

My m-file contents:

function ROIs = loadROIfiles(ROIfileName) % Loads all the ROIs stored in the *.txt file from the specified location. % The ROIs are returned as a structure array as: % ROIs(i).spacing_x (double) % ROIs(i).spacing_y (double) % ROIs(i).label (string) % ROIs(i).slice_number (double) % ROIs(i).xValues (vector of double) % ROIs(i).yValues (vector of double) % % USAGE : % ROIs = loadROIfiles(ROIfileName) % % % @author University & University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG) MedGIFT Group %         Adrien Depeursinge % %      Copyright (C) 2012, MedGIFT group at University Hospitals of Geneva %        %      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify %      it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by %      the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or %      (at your option) any later version. % %      This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, %      but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of %      MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the %      GNU General Public License for more details. % %      You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License %      along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software %      Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA  %  fid = fopen(ROIfileName, 'r'); i=1; while 1     tline = fgetl(fid);     if ~ischar(tline), break, end      if (isempty(findstr(tline, 'SpacingX:')) == false)         spacing_x = str2double(strrep(tline, 'SpacingX: ', ''));     elseif (isempty(findstr(tline, 'SpacingY:')) == false)         spacing_y = str2double(strrep(tline, 'SpacingY: ', ''));     elseif (isempty(findstr(tline, 'label:')) == false)         label = strrep(tline, 'label: ', '');     elseif (isempty(findstr(tline, 'slice_number:')) == false)         slice_number = str2double(strrep(tline, 'slice_number: ', ''));     elseif (isempty(findstr(tline, 'nb_points_on_contour:')) == false)         nb_points_on_contour = str2double(strrep(tline, 'nb_points_on_contour: ', ''));         xValues = [];         yValues = [];         for j=1:nb_points_on_contour             tline = fgetl(fid);             [xValStr, yValStr] = strtok(tline, ' ');             xVal = str2double(xValStr);             yVal = str2double(yValStr);             xValues = [xValues xVal];             yValues = [yValues yVal];         end         % store the ROI into the struct array "ROIs"         ROIs(i).spacing_x = spacing_x;         ROIs(i).spacing_y = spacing_y;         ROIs(i).label = label;         ROIs(i).slice_number = slice_number;         ROIs(i).xValues = xValues;         ROIs(i).yValues = yValues;          i=i+1;     end end  fclose(fid); 

Code in command window:

ROIs = loadROIfiles('CT-INSPIRIUM-6817.txt') 


Error using fgets Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.  Error in fgetl (line 32) [tline,lt] = fgets(fid);  Error in loadROIfiles (line 38)     tline = fgetl(fid); 

By the way, I am not sure whether this is due to the online Matlab, but not the desktop version, which I am using. Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

Invalid SharePoint Online list ‘Documents’ (ErrorCode: 0x0201000D) with Migration Tool csv

When using Sharepoint Migration Tool on a language other than English to copy files to the default “Shared Documents” (or “Documents” as you are to use), it gives Invalid SharePoint Online list ‘Documents’ (ErrorCode: 0x0201000D). Whats the correct Document Library name to use?

sudo update-grub:Sourcing file `/etc/default/grub’ Generating grub configuration file … error: invalid volume

I have re-Installed the Ubuntu after accidentally deleting the Ubuntu partition from windows without proper procedure & configuration of Ubuntu, so in result I couldn’t able to run Ubuntu and cant use the freed space. I have installed the Ubuntu in same partition which I was deleted improperly to overcome this problem, now I can use the Ubuntu but there are some issue.

I am using the dell Inspiron model so i avoid the issue of the kernel checking the graphics driver which causing the boot problem I had to change the some of grub file (Reference Video: After following the video in last I had to run the sudo update-grub which causing this error. Error after running command

And also there is number other files folder are created because of improper removal of my previous and re installation of Ubuntu again As you can see here

Or should I removed the all Ubuntu now with all configuration and Ubuntu now, will this work?

Any help would be appreciated.

Note: Previous and re-installed version are both Ubuntu is 18.04.3 LTS