How can I help my players invest more in learning the mechanics of the game?

I have several players who enjoy playing the game. They seem to enjoy role-playing, exploring, and any form of social interaction.

However, it seems that some of my current players consistently ignore the existence of many important mechanics (e.g., disengaging). This is the first time I experience this.

How can I help my players invest more in learning the mechanics of the game?

I’m have considered trying to improve communication with my players online. This could help motivate learning and would add the unintentional social expectation to keep the game going. We have a mass discord channel for all of our players and DMs (we treat it as a club house and I have roles that give access to each campaign and oneshot’s respective channels, as well as private channels for DMs and player groups.)

However, I’ve noticed that players are not very active outside of game time.

Do not invest your money in the Zion Fund Management fund

Shope Aina advertises itself as one of the best managers and traders in the world and is nothing more than a scammer salesman. Your Zion Fund Management fund is a scam. With the passage of time its scheme is unsustainable claims to be a profitable strategy and sooner or later it explodes, that's when the fraud comes to light. Therefore, in its terms and conditions it can be observed that they are not responsible for future total or partial losses of the invested capital. After leaving me…

Do not invest your money in the Zion Fund Management fund

For creating tools, Bash, Perl or Python? Which should I invest my time in to?

Having trouble choosing between the three, I would of course love to learn all three in the future, but right now I’m curious as to which language would be the most beneficial to me.

Also, I’m aware that different tools might be more useful in certain scenarios, in this case, I just want to learn the language that suits best for creating Ethical hacking tools, and which language would be the easiest to master?

I need some suggestions to invest my money


I have some money in my paypal account(XXX$ ). I'm a college student. I do not have a CC. What is the best way to invest this money? I heard forex trading is the best. Can you tell me some of the best trading sites where i can use Paypal as the payment method? Also, if you have any other suggestions other than forex, please let me know. Again, I'm not here to invest to earn mere 10-20$ per month(Referring to PTC sites like Neobux etc). I'm willing to take up some risks, provided i have…

I need some suggestions to invest my money

Can stories always be independent (following the INVEST principle)?

I was trying to follow the INVEST approach for our stories but frankly, the “Independent on each other” does not really makes sense. Quite often stories are building functionality upon what has been already done. For example, we have a story “As a user, I want to configure my access code” and another one “As a user, I want to activate my account”. The thing is, without configuring the access code, users cannot activate their account. Both features are independent from business perspective, you can have only your access code configured so merging them does not makes sense. However, then there is the dependency…

Which is better build a business on your own or get your friends to invest?

Here's a scenario, you want to build a business but you don't have enough capital to start it on your own. You have friends that can help you in terms of money matters. But the problem is they have no passion or idea on what kind of business you want to build.
Is it better to just load money to get started or ask for your friends to help you with it. Any suggestions on what's the best option to do this?

Invest in .fm domain?

Do you have an investment in .fm domain?
There are relatively few websites with such domain, mainly for audio-based websites.
I invested in a domain:
But I don't know how much the price is suitable for sale.
Can anyone give me some advice?