Did the 1000 year war involve all dragons

The description of the dragon giant war is ambiguous, on the one hand it says that all dragons fought in the war but the dragons where led by Tiamat and Garyx.

I know that Garyx was worshipped by some gold dragons but I can’t see metallic dragons en mass flocking to fight for Tiamat.

Is there any more detail in DnD lore about the makeup of the dragon army?

Did Bahamut keep out of it, side with the giants or fight alongside the dragons just not near Tiamat?

All problems about Turing machines that involve only the language that the TM accepts are undecidable

I came across the below statement in the classic text “Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation” by Hopcroft, Ullman, Motwani.

All problems about Turing machines that involve only the language that the TM accepts are undecidable

They say that the above theorem is per Rice theorem which states that:

“Every nontrivial property of the RE languages is undecidable.”

How are these two statements equivalent? The former deals only problems while the later deals with non trivial property.

How to tackle Big O proofs that involve multiple parameters

I am getting more and more familiar with the whole concept of time complexity but I have never encountered an example where more than one parameter is involved. Therefore, is it possible(well, I am sure it is :”)) and how to prove

a^n = Θ(logn)

or any other, similar-looking expression?

c1 * logn ≤ a^n ≤ c2 * logn

where, e.g. c1 = 1 and c2 = 2,

logn ≤ a^n ≤2 * logn.

Can I go one step further and set n, to be equal e.g. 2? This way I will get

log(2) ≤ a^2 ≤ log(4)

Which is surely true(for a between ~ 0.55 and 0.77)…

…but isn’t that too specific and interfere with the inequality too much? Sorry if the answer is trivial but Google is not helping and I have nobody to ask for explanation.

TDE – Does Key Rotation involve full tablespace Decryption and Re-Encryption?

In Oracle DB 12c, which uses TDE-Tablespace level. If i want to implement key rotation policy, what is the impact? 1. Is it the Tablespace key that will be rotated or the Masterkey? 2. Does key rotation involve, Decrypting the data with previous key and Re-Encrypting key with new key? If yes, would’nt this impact the avaibility of the DB in a production environment? 3. Should key rotation be done as part of maintainence period?

Need a recommendation for Course videos with piracy / download protection (could involve a javascript video player or something else)

I’m really stuck on this one and would appreciate some help!

I am a video course creator and need to protect my video content (which will be embedded on my website) from being downloaded or shared on social media.

At the same time, I am also looking for a place to host my videos (for free or on my own server, though I prefer a free 3rd party solution if possible). Naturally, Youtube is the first thing that comes to mind, but the problem with that is that the YouTube logo shows up on the video and is clickable, which makes it easy to share the URL on Torrent sites, etc, even if I set the video to “Unlisted”.

I know Wistia and Vimeo offer a premium solution, but I am wondering if there’s a free option out there that I may not know about.

My requirements are: 1. Free video hosting 2. Fool-proof protection of my video content The second requirement above may involve a custom javascript web player (like Wistia’s as seen here: https://wistia.com/support/embed-and-share/video-on-your-website which makes it hard to download the video, even by looking at the source).

I am open to ideas.

Suggestions / recommendations / general thoughts?

Is there a feat like Flick of the Wrist for thrown weapons that does not involve feinting?

Is there a feat like Flick of the Wrist for thrown weapons that does not involve feinting?

Benefit: If you draw a light weapon and make a melee attack with it in the same round, you catch your opponent flat-footed (for the purpose of this attack only). You can use this feat only once per round and once per opponent during any single combat encounter.