What Would Be A Balanced Eldritch Invocation That Involves Blindsight?

I’ve been trying to homebrew an Eldritch Invocation that grants the Warlock blindsight, but I’m not sure how far this blindsight should extend. I initially thought to compare it to the pre-existing invocation Devil’s Sight, which grants 120 feet of darkvision through magical and non-magical darkness, but blindsight is (obviously) far superior to darkvision, so I deserted that comparison. Any suggestions for how far the blindsight should extend would be greatly appreciated.

I was hoping to make this blindsight Eldritch Invocation have no Warlock level or Pact prerequisites, but I would be willing to add a level prerequisite if it’s absolutely necessary.

Change of variable when integrand involves derivative

If $ \Phi$ is a diffeomorphism on $ \Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^n$ and $ f$ is a real valued integrable function on $ \mathbb{R}^n$ . Then we know that $ \int\limits_{\Phi (\Omega)}f(x)dx=\int\limits_{\Omega}f(\Phi(x))|det J_{\Phi}|dx$ .

How do we do this when derivatives are involved in the integrand. For example,

Let us take $ \Phi: \mathbb{R}^2 \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ defined by $ \Phi(x,y)=x+sy$ , where $ s \in \mathbb{R}$

$ f(x,y)=g_x(x,y)+h_y(x,y)$ where $ h$ and $ g$ are smooth functions. Then how to apply change of variable to $ \int\limits_{\Phi (\Omega)}\frac{\partial}{ \partial x}g(x,y)+\frac{\partial}{ \partial y}h(x,y) dx dy.$ Pleases suggest me the reference for the proof.

How to write Trigger involves a operation between two table in Oracle?

I have a two table like this :

Table Name : TAGS

id   brand-id   tag1   tag2  tag3  ----  --------   ----   ----  ----- 1       10        A     B     C 2       11        D     E     F 

Table Name : MY_TAGS

tags   brand-id ------  --------  A        10  B        10  C        10  D        11  E        11  F        12 

I need to write a trigger for following case

While Inserting new value in TAGS table

  1. It should insert all the tags in TAGS value.

  2. After value insertion into TAGS table it should check all three tags (tag1,tag2,tag3) in MY_TAGS table for that brand, if any particular tag doesn’t exists then only it should insert that tag into MY_TAGS table

I was trying something like this But i am confused what i need to write in BEGIN block

CREATE TRIGGER mytrigger     AFTER INSERT ON tags     REFERENCING NEW AS newRow OLD AS oldRow     FOR EACH ROW     WHEN (newRow.id>1)     BEGIN        -- What I need to write here--  END mytrigger; 

I am new to pl/sql triggers so any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Implementing a scenario in AWS that involves CSR 1000v and network functions

I have the following scenario, which I would like to have it in AWS.

enter image description here

The model contains three layers, each layer has its nodes and connections as basic network elements. In the functional layer different Network Functions are supported at different locations which are VNFs. The traffic is being forwarded from eNB (1) towards (2) and requires the VNFs v1 , v2 , and v3 . Therefore, the bold black lines present the functional connections which are used in the applied Service Chain. The other black lines are the unused functional connections. The dashed lines show the actual path of the traffic in the IP layer, which passes the IP nodes R1 , R2 , R3 and R4 , then goes back to R3, and ends in eNB (2).

I have implemented the IP layer in AWS CSR 1000v where I had each router in deferent VPC as it is shown in the figure above. The connection between them is realized by GRE tunnels. I have also created 3 VMs that hosts Network Functions. As well as, eNB which are VMs which is the point where to send the traffic. They are located as it is shown in the figure above.

My problem is, after sending traffic from VMs (eNB) to another, how can make the traffic goes only through the GRE tunnels with respecting the descried scenario above?