How can I check how many times my iPhone or iPad has been charged?

On my Macbook Pro, I can see in the “About this Mac”->System Report->Power link how many times the laptop has been charged. It lists the condition (currently as “Normal”) on my laptop. I’ve seen it say something like “Needs Attention” or “Service Battery” when the laptop has over 500 cycle counts.

Is there an app that shows me that same information on my iPhone or iPad? I would like to know this information for the future if I buy a used iPhone or iPad. I don’t want to buy one where there’s over 1000 cycle counts and the battery doesn’t hold a charge longer than 30 min.

I’ve tried a couple battery life apps on my phone but it doesn’t tell me the cycle count. It just tells me the wear level and a percentage, which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.

iPad Auto-delete deleted iBooks, now all my highlights are gone

iBooks iOS recently deleted iBooks for no reason, it’s an app I use everyday. I clicked the restore button with the little cloud icon and it reinstalled immediately with every single book and pdf that was in it the day before – except – every bookmark, every highlight and annotation is now missing.

I have already enabled sync bookmarks etc. but none of it has worked. I don’t understand since it DIDN’T delete my local content, every book was there, but, it did delete all the notes I took.

This is really upsetting as I have dozens of fully annotated books for coursework that I spent 100s of hours on. I’d be really dissapointed if there were no way to recover them, although I suppose it’s my fault for not making backup copies. I’d really be so incredibly grateful if anyone had a solution, I’m at a total loss.

Thank you in advance. -John

IPad Air loses hotpost connection from iPhone 7

If my iPad is idle for more than a few minutes it loses the hotspot connection from my iPhone 7 which is annoying. I have a Bluetooth keyboard connected to my iPad so I can’t also have my iPhone Bluetooth connected to my iPad. Also, I’m trying to avoid resetting my Network Settings as I don’t want to lose the passwords to my home wifi, my son’s house wifi, my daughter’s wifi, my sister’s wifi. Some solutions suggest changing the WiFi Time-out setting on my phone to “Never”. Where is that setting?

Unable to access WhatsApp web on Safari for iPad

WhatsApp Web ( works as epxected on Firefox running on Ubuntu Desktop and Safari for macOS.

Attempting to summon it on an iPad doesn’t return the desktop website. Summons are invoked by long tapping the reload button in the address bar and tapping on Request Desktop Site.

What can be done to summon and return the WhatsApp QR code on Safari running on iPad? The goals is to use WhatsApp Web in Safari on iPad.

How do I listen to music on my computer through my iPad?

I have a MacMini with my music collection on the hard drive. I’d like to play that through my iPad when I’m at home. But I have one major issue: I’m on satellite internet with a limited bandwidth. One month I got hit with an extra $ 200 bill because I left iTunes running and it wasted gigabytes of bandwidth “updating” the music on my iMac from the iCloud. (I don’t store my music on my iMac – it’s all on a shared drive on my MacMini.)

So I don’t want to go through iTunes to do this (and, after that experience, I never run iTunes on my iMac or MacMinis), since that means I’m streaming my collection from the iCloud servers and using bandwidth.

I want to be able to make up playlists on my iPad (I’m okay with a 3rd party app) of the music files on the shared drive of my MacMini and play it back through my iPad, using wifi, but not using any internet bandwidth.

How can I make up playlists on my iPad for music on a shared drive on my LAN so I can use the playlists like I would normally use them? (In other words, being able to pick out a playlist, shuffle play it, repeat it, and so on.)

How can I delete odd photos on my iPad without deleting them on daughters phone which is linked by applie Id using iOS 12

Hi I’m not great on these devices and have searched for the answer but my screens don’t appear the same so apologies if already answered . I have an iPad and iPhone and my daughter also has iPhone and we both use my Apple ID ( she’s only 9); how do we delete odd photos and notes from one device without them deleting off the others . Many thanks