Find ipad app that sends tcp packets to other device on my network

I recently found out* that my ipad is sending every now and then tcp packets on port 8000 to unrelated device on my network (which happens to be a honeypot that detects suspicious network behavior). How can I figure out what is doing that? is there any network analyzer on the ios level? I couldn’t find anything like that. any ideas? thanks!

  • I installed in my home network a raspberry pi with openCanary on it. openCanary is an open source honeypot that exposes maybe different fake services and alerts you whenever something tries to connect to it, which supposedly should happen when an attacker is trying to scan your network or so.

Can my admin see my browsing history if: I am in incognito mode on iPad Chrome?

Can my admin see by browsing history if: I am in incognito mode on iPad Chrome? iPadOS beta 3. I’m signed in with a G Suite account.

If they are monitoring me, is it visible? Is there any way to make it invisible?

I am not on their network and there are no Chrome extensions installed. No monitoring software is visible when I go to the apps menu, and the security section in the Google Account page shows no third-party apps with account access.

iOS 12 (iPad) Scoped literal IPv6 addresses

I have a raspberry pi running dnsmasq on my lan with both IPv4 and IPv6. I would like to use the custom dns setting on the iPad to use the raspberry rather than the DNS offered by the router in DHCP and router announcement, (I don’t want everything on my lan to use the pi). I can’t use the global IPv6 address of the Pi because I do not have a static IPv6 subnet.

On my computer I am able to use the fe80 link-local address, but it does not work on the iPad. I am thinking I need to specify a zone index, but I don’t know what it would be. I tried appending %en0 but that did not work.

Is it possible to specify the zone index on iOS, and if so, what format is used?

(Using terminology from Wikipedia IPv6 article)

iPad 2017 unable to restore/update

I’m having issues restoring my daughter’s iPad to working order, and I’m wondering what options do I have.

She changed her passcode on it and then forgot it, so now it’s permanently disabled. I’m resigned to having to wipe it (well I don’t really give a shit about what she has on there anymore), but having issues getting it to a “blank slate”.

It doesn’t seem to be connecting to my Wi-Fi, so an over-the-air wipe from her iCloud account doesn’t work.

I’ve tried putting it in recovery mode by holding the power and home buttons while connected to iTunes. This initiates the update process, however after downloading the 2.9 GB update, it seems to stop with a network error and then eventually the iPad just restarts back to disabled mode.

What other tricks can I try to get this back to a vanilla state so I can restore (an outdated) backup?

I’m trying this on a Windows 10 PC on an NBN 50 Mbps connection with the latest version of iTunes.

iPad power button stopped working for a while after water splash, is there a major risk for mainboard corrosion?

I have a waterproof backpack but I must have not zip it completely in a hurry and I was caught by heavy rain.

Upper part of my iPad got slightly wet (about 5cm from the top, based on trace left on protective case). It was not submerged in the water, it appears to be a splash type effect.

I haven’t even noticed that after arriving in my office, I was working on it as usual and suddenly noticed the power button is not working and then suddenly noticed the water stain on the protective cover.

As emergency solution I enabled the accessibility feature as replacement for it.

Few hours later the button started to act like pressing itself, just few times, randomly.

Few more hours later it started to work back as usual.

After hours I went to nearest electronic repair shop which is trusted by couple of my friends. I requested them to open up my iPad and clean up the area around the power button using isopropyl alcohol to prevent corossion.

They refused to do it, they said it’s just water and my iPad is going to be fine. Honestly, it sounds to me like they just didn’t wanted to do it and gave me a bad advice.

Some research

As explained in this reference, the rain water is not pure, it contains contaminants from the atmosphere and even after dried out, can cause corrosion and oxidation.

I also reviewed all the water damage related questions on this Stack and extracted relevant ones.

Answers that recommend cleaning at third party repair shops. However in case of those questions, device was submerged or there was large spill making most of the liquid enter insides of the device, not just splashed.

How to deal with phone dropped in water MacBook Pro mid-2010- water damaged – but it still plays the chime?

Those answer recommend drying, ventilation and just using it as long as possible, however here there was a serious spill and most of liquid ended up inside of the device, in my case probably only a little bit, there is not much cavity to let water through on top of iPad case.

Spilled water on Macbook Pro 13 inch, early 2015 No sound (speakers/jack) + microphone's dead after spilling water

This one in addition seems very optimistic if amounts of water are small.

A few drops of water on my Macbook Pro

The answer here recommends ultrasonic cleaner, however I suppose it also requires opening up the device so doesn’t make the repair less risky.

iPhone 4S fell into water and blacked out, with only CPU and mainboard burning. Is it possible to export the data from two years ago?


Potential damage could be worse than just power button replacement?

Given the fact the device was not submerged, only partially exposed to stream of water and visibly affected only the power button

If potential corrosion occurs, would it require only power button replacement or entire iPad mainboard?

Better to find another repair shop and insist for cleaning?

Cleaning the motherboard is a complicated repair, my iPad is 12,9″ version, screen is easy to break, I don’t feel confident doing it myself. I head iPads are designed to be splash resistant, I’m wondering if it is worth taking the risk and just not do anything or is it sure corrosion might get it and I absolutely need to search for new repair shop that will take the challenge and clean up the motherboard?

What if they offer this ultrasonic cleaning instead of isopropyl approach? Should I go for it?

Verification Failed there was an error connecting to the apple id server ipad

I tried to sign out of my apple id but nothing will let me. I’ve reset my ipad about 5 times already and nothing has worked. I’ve put the time Zone to set automatically as some of you have said it works but it’s still buffering to set it automatically. When I go to my apple id on my ipad and click “Name, Phone numbers, Email” It just buffers forever and won’t let me sign out unless I put in the apple id password and when I do, it says “Verification Failed There was an error connecting to the apple id server”.

Will apple force iPad support for all apps by spring 2020?

In this presentation at ~2:04:, there is mentioned requirement about supporting different screen sizes by spring 2020.

Does that mean we will be forced to support iPads in apps that were iPhone only? Is there any official documentation that explains what needs to be supported?

Or I am misunderstanding that statement?