What do you think of iphone 11?

What do you think of the new iPhone 11 series? I think now they have really lost their innovation as they used to. Nothing new at all here! They added a camera to the back, "wow"! For that price, and given that the name contains PRO, I wonder a few things, for example:

– Where is reverse wireless charging?
– Why is the display refresh rate not at least 90 Hz?
– Why are you still stubborn with their lightning port instead of USB C which is standard everywhere else? You also send an adapter…

What do you think of iphone 11?

Se hace zoom al seleccionar campo en iphone

Tengo estos estilos para el campo buscar.

<input id="ftBoxd5f361b1a8094920b4bfb205604914b5" class="fulltext-search-box ui-autocomplete-input" type="text" size="20" accesskey="b" autocomplete="off" role="textbox" aria-autocomplete="list" aria-haspopup="true"> 
@media (max-width: 1023px) .header .head-content .container-busca .fulltext-search-box {     width: 59%;     position: absolute;     left: 18%;     top: 9px;     height: 65px; } 
.header .search-bar .fulltext-search-box{     width: 100%;     margin: 0;     height: 75px;     border-radius: 0;     font-size: 11.9px;     line-height: 100%;     color: #444;     padding: 0;     box-shadow: none;     border: none;     text-align: left; } 

lo que sucede es que solo en iphone al seleccionar el campo se hace un zoom, cosa que no pasa en otros dispositivos, entonces es para saber si se puede envitar el zoom

Agradezco su ayuda.

Is it possible to run jailbroken iPhone simulator to research iOS security?

I’ve read the Google ProjectZero’s series of iOS exploits:


I wish to try and replicate some of their work. However, I’m not the owner of jailbroken iPhones running the respective versions of iOS.

Therefore, is it possible to run jailbroken iPhone simulators to replicate and research iOS exploits?

If not, what are my options?

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Sick and tired of Iphone for the following reasons

After my Samsung Note 3 was broken I owned Iphone 6 & I faced several frustrations which two are the most devastating:

1. My friends with other mobile brands (even old models) are connected to wifi while my Iphone shows no sign of signal.

2. I need to restart my iphone when I try to charge my Iphone 6. I tried several things after watching Youtube videos to no avail.

In short Iphone truly sucks!!!

IPhone connect issue on VmWare (Ubuntu Host, MacOS Guest)

I need to have macos as a guest OS on vmware workstation player and it installed and everything works great except my iphone that the guest cannot recognize it correctly, according to following image the OS has identified it on USB2 but iTunes doesn’t recognize it as iphone device connected!

as a matter of fact there is no issue if i use windows as host instead ubuntu but i prefer ubuntu over windows and looking for a solution.

macos identify the device


Long form in dialog for iOS iphone?

My current project is to translate an existing Android gingerbread style app design to an iOS7 iPhone design.

The Android app utilizes various dialogs (such as the one here) with embedded forms. These are not forms within new views but forms within modals.

enter image description here

Some of these forms can be long and require a user scroll (and scrollbar) to view the entire form. In addition they lock user interaction down to the modal unless a CANCEL or valid SUBMIT.

The Android implementation is not ideal from a UX perspective, as it does not adhere to iOS Master/Detail navigational model. However, I may be stuck with this pattern and I’m interested in the feasibility of it’s execution in iOS. Can these iOS alert dialogs (or something comparable) handle long forms? What if any experience/tips could you share in building an experience using this pattern?

Pdf-file download link doesn’t work on iphone browsers

I have a page with “Print” button. PDF-file should be downloaded by clicking on it.
It works on all devices except iphone. Downloading link is generated correctly. But when I try to follow it, Chrome on iphone shows “err_failed” and Safary shows empty page.

Controller fragment:

$  this->fileFactory->create(    $  filename,   [     'type' => 'string',     'value' => file_get_contents($  file),     'rm' => true   ],   DirectoryList::VAR_DIR,   'application/pdf' ); 

“Print” button:

<a href="{link for downloading}" target="_self">Print</a> 

How can I solve this problem?
Thank you for answers.