Playback video frame by frame (Migrating from iPhone to Android)

I am migrating from iPhone to Android. I really liked the control that the Apple Photos app gives you for stepping through the frames of a video in a fine grained manner by sliding your finger. Google Photos app has no such control.

Is there any native app or way stepping through frames in this way? Alternatively any app recommendations would be greatly appreciated?

I tried iClooPlayer which does step through frames but doesn’t work well with portrait videos.

How to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from iPhone to New Galaxy?

If you are in a plan to upgrade your iOS device experience to one of the latest Galaxy, it is worth reading this. We are guiding here through how to use samsung smart switch download assuming you are transferring data from iPhone to Galaxy. If you want to know the manuals correctly, go through the complete note here.


What do you know about Samsung Smart…

How to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data from iPhone to New Galaxy?

Apple Watch app won’t download to iPhone

I recently got a new iPhone XR and when i restored it from a backup to keep all my old stuff on my phone, I realized that the watch app to connect my apple watch had offloaded. I tried to tap it to reinstall but it didn’t work. I deleted the app from my home screen and now whenever i go into the app store to install it, I tap the cloud and it loads as if it’s about to start installing for half a second then goes right back to the cloud. the app never installs and i’m stuck because it leaves my apple watch useless because it can’t pair to my new phone. Any advice is great!

How do I unlock iphone x screen when screen is broken and won’t turn on?

My iPhone X had a fault this evening (second time I’ve had an iPhone X die on me) the screen went bright white all of a sudden and then turned black, and it won’t come back on.

The touchscreen itself appears to still be working as I can click roughly where the lock buttons would be and feel haptic touch but it’s the display itself that is completely black. I haven’t backed up in a while and need to back it up before I send it in for repairs but I can’t access it from iTunes while it is locked.

How can I unlock the screen without being able to see it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

First time pairing of Apple Watch with iPhone keeps failing

I just got a new Apple Watch Series 4, but I’m having some issues pairing to my iPhone (an iPhone 8 with up to date iOS).

When iPhone and Apple Watch are near each other, the pairing procedure starts on the iPhone. I can go through, alternatively, the pairing using the “holding the phone over the animation” or the one with manual code insert. After a few seconds on the following “pairing successful” screen, a popup message appears saying that communication between the devices wasn’t stable and that I need to restart.

A couple of times I was able to select wrist and crown position, it started syncing but again failed after a couple of minutes of waiting.

I tried restarting the iPhone and the Apple watch, resetting network connections. This happens with Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth on, with or without Wi-Fi connected to a network.

One thing that I don’t understand is why I can’t pair using only cellular connection on? I tried moving outside the building, to stay outside the range of any known Wi-Fi access points. In that case, the pairing can’t even start. The iPhone says I need to have a Cellular or Wi-Fi connection on (along with Bluetooth) but it appears that I can’t do anything without Wi-Fi. The same happens if I turn Wi-Fi off.

What could be going wrong? How do I pair the Apple Watch to iPhone in such a scenario?

Do Shared Albums take up storage space on iPhone 8/iOS 12?

I am running iOS 12.3.1 on an iPhone 8. Currently, the only photos I have in my Photos app are in Shared Albums, mostly created by others. I’ve cleared everything else, including Recently Deleted.

But, when I go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage, it indicates that the Photos app is taking up 1.3GB of storage. Is that from the Shared Albums thumbnails, or are there phantom photos taking up space in the Photos app?

Why did Siri stop responding to “Hey Siri” on iPhone X iOS 12.3.1?

Since late March/early April of 2019, which means since iOS 12.2 through 12.3.1 Siri stop responding to “Hey Siri” on my iPhone X. I purchased the iPhone new in January 2018, and it has incurred any damage or misuse.

Sometime in 2017, I began to use “Hey Siri” to do things like play songs from a playlist, call the family, get directions to a new contact’s residence, etc. The reason is that I often do not have a free hand to access the phone because I am a parent to a special needs child, and “Hey Siri” was very helpful.

Now I am frustrated, because:

The only way I can access Siri is via the sidebar.

I have reset the phone more than once, Siri still does not work.

I have turned off Siri and turned it back on, no change.

Do any of you have even any suggestions on how I might troubleshoot and get Siri to respond to “Hey Siri?”