Do I need an Irish transit visa to connect in Dublin onto UK? (Saudi passport and UK visa)

I’m a Saudi passport holder with permanent residence in the United States, and I’d like to book a flight from Washington to Edinburgh with a three-hour layover in Dublin. I know there’s a Common Travel Agreement between the Republic of Ireland and the UK, and so I was wondering if I need an Irish transit visa to connect to a flight from Dublin to Edinburgh, or if a UK visa is sufficient. And are there any users who traveled US-RoI-UK under the same circumstances with needing a UK visa who can share their experience? Users who aren’t visa-free for the UK or Ireland, that is.

From what I’ve read in these forums and others, it seems like Irish immigration in effect does controls on behalf of the UK government unofficially.

I have also heard concerns from people saying Aer Lingus employees could deny me boarding depending how confused an employee would be when looking up visa requirements on TIMATIC.

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Visas required for Irish passport holder travelling to Minsk via Moscow

Myself and a friend (Irish passport holders) purchased, a little too eagerly, flights from Dublin to Minsk via Moscow.

We didn’t realise that visa free travel doesn’t apply to travelers arriving from Russia.

I’m trying to figure out what we would need to do to travel to Belarus, so far – it looks like we need to get a Belarusian visa and then either two transit visas or a multi-entry Russian visa.

Is this assumption correct? We had planned on arriving in Moscow on a Friday morning and then again on Monday morning, the transit visa is only valid for 3 days so we would need two of them?

My main questions are:

  • How can I apply for a Belarusian visa from Ireland?
  • Where can I get a letter of invitation, from a hotel?
  • Is it possible / better to get two transit visas for Russia or a multiple entry visa? Are you allowed to get a multiple entry visa for the sole purpose of transiting
  • What would the approximate cost of all required visas be? It looks like it’s around 60 euro for the Belarusian visa + 25 for the short term stay – I can’t seem to find out how much a Russian transit visa costs..

Using an Irish passport card

I have recently supplemented my Irish passport with a passport card. This is a cute credit card sized thing that fits neatly in my wallet. According to the DFA site, it is valid in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland.

Does anyone have experience of using these cards? In the EU, EEA, elsewhere?

Irish passport card

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How to prepare a successful application for Irish visa as a family member of an EU citizen?

My husband is a British citizen and currently living in the UK. I am a Pakistani national and currently living in Pakistan. I want to apply for a visa of family member of an EU citizen. I also have refusal letter for short term study visa for UK in 2017. I have read the required documents needed for the visa. According to directives, there is no need to provide accommodation and travel plan and bank statements. But I have read some refusals for a family member of an EU citizen on the basis that they did not provide accommodation and travel plans and did not show their ties with Ireland. I will travel to Ireland with my husband. The documents which I need to provide are: 1. my passport 2.Copy of my husband’s passport 3. merriage certificate 4. Invitation letter from my husband stating that he is a british citizen and will travel with me and has right of free movement. 5. letter from the applicant (me) 6. My refusal letter for UK short term study visa What else do I need to attach with the application? Please guide me. Thanks in advance

Is it compusory for a family member of EU citizen to provide information of accomodation in Irish visa application?

I am applying for Irish short stay visa as a family member of EU citizen. Is it necessary to write the accommodation details in Irish application.According to Directive 2004/38/EC, it is not required by the family members of EU citizen.The other fact is,we did not decide yet regarding accommodation. My husband who is an EU citizen will also travel with me.