Should I go for Irrelevant keywords?

The niche I have chosen is very competitive…
I can count the keywords on just one hand…

There are tons of irrelevant low comp keywords…
ABC Manuals, ABC Apps, etc…

however, I do not have apps or manuals on my site, so if
i were to target these keywords, then I feel they would not
be buyer intent; they are simply looking up a manual, app, etc…

In other words, I would feel that it would be misleading, because if
they are looking for app or manual stuff, then land on unrelated…

Should I go for Irrelevant keywords?

Users expected to “ignore” irrelevant parts of a form?

I have a web form that is split in to several pages, it is an adaptation from a hard copy paper form, and the requirements are that the data captured should be the same.

For my web form I have asked for the users salutation/firstname/surname, I must also capture if they have a previous name.

The next page asks for their address, and also a previous address.

One thought that has been put forward is that most users won’t have a previous name, so this field is largely redundant and therefore wouldn’t need to be shown by default.

However, in my mind, if you are asking the user to action something “if” they have a previous name, then you are increasing the cognitive load, when it would actually just be easier to ignore the part of the form that isn’t relevant?

I will try and show you what I mean…

Which one is better user experience? A or B?

Or, Perhaps it would be better to do some user testing to find out? Would a simple user test be the best way to find out what works best?

Hide irrelevant decimal fractional part of numbers in spreadsheets

Is there any way to format numbers in 123/Excel-compatible spreadsheet applications, Google Spreadsheets in particular, in a way that hides the fractional part and the preceding decimal separator (i.e. dot or comma depending on locale) if it is zero (i.e. the number is an integer)?


  • 0.0 → 123.0
  • 0.# → 123. this is the closest I get
  • 0.? → 123.␠
  • 0_.0 → 123 0
  • 0_.# → 123 
  • 0_.? → 123 ␠


  • 0.0% → 123.0%
  • 0.#% → 123.%
  • 0.?% → 123. %
  • 0_.0% → 123 0%
  • 0_.#% → 123 %
  • 0_.?% → 123  %

I know that one can format positive, negative and zero-value numbers separately with semicolons: +0.0%;−0.0%;±0_?%

Eclipse Workspace stuck running irrelevant and closed JAVA code

I am currently trying to run a Java Project in Eclipse called Person (2 classes: Person and Greeter). When I run the code it is trying to run a project that is not even open. I went into that project, edited the code so that there no errors, and went back into my current project called Person to run it and the same issue arose. Something is sticking me to this old code project and I can’t run anything new. Even if I go into another project it still gives me errors on this other coding project, HelloGlobe, and I can’t go on!!!


Conditioning on an irrelevant variable in a martingale control problem

Suppose I have two independent Brownian motions $ B^1_t, B^2_t$ and $ \mathbb F_t$ be the natural filtration generated by them. Let $ T > 0$ be a fixed finite number. Let $ q_t$ be a $ [-1,1]$ valued $ \mathbb{F}_t$ martingale that the analyst controls.

Let $ \mathcal Q$ be the set of $ [-1,1]$ valued $ \mathbb F_t$ martingales. The control problem is: $ $ \sup_{q \in \mathcal Q} E_{0,q_0} f(q_T, B^1_T)$ $

where $ q_0$ is the value of $ q$ at time $ 0$ . $ f(\cdot, \cdot)$ is linear in each argument. As we can see, the objective function does not depend on $ B^2_t$ .

I would conjecture that, given the linearity of $ f(\cdot, \cdot)$ in each of its argument and no dependence on $ B^2_t$ , that we can restrict attention to $ [-1,1]$ valued $ \sigma(B^1_t)$ martingales where $ \sigma(B^1_t)$ is a coarser filtration generated only by $ B^1_t$ .

Does that sound like a reasonable conjecture? And how can I argue this if true?

Referencement issue with irrelevant suffix

I have a problem concerning the “coverage” on Google Search Console. The website on the company I’m working for have weird errors on this page. Google is telling that it had issues referencing pages with an odd URL like you can see above : After looking a these URLs, I noticed that, the concerned pages are products currently online on the company’s website and an irrelevant suffix. I tried to reproduce this error but I couldn’t. For most of the errors, I’ve seen that the suffix concerns videos. I don’t know why these URLs have a such irrelevant suffix and how it happened. I tried to search on the Internet but I couldn’t see anyone with an issue like mine.

If someone here knows a way to understand or to solve my problem, I’ll be very thankfull !

How to disable irrelevant Facebook notifications?

I get too many irrelevant Facebook notifications from friends of the activities which do not involve me at all. This include status updates, posting pictures, sometime comment replies and what not. I am not sure if I get these from all friends or a chosen few.

This is what my notifications look like

enter image description here

These are my notification settings

enter image description here

I tried contacting Facebook support so many times. Never received any response.

“Get Notifications” option is already unchecked for these friends. I even tried enabling “Get Notifications” and then disabled it just to make Facebook aware of it but it didn’t stop notifications.

It looks a like a way to keep me active but instead it has made me leave Facebook for a very long time. What settings should I do to disable these notifications?