How to debug a possible permissions issue when two entity forms using the same field show different behavior

I am using Open Social in a Drupal 8 website, together with the module Hashtags. The Hashtag module is a text format filter, which converts hashtags like #foo into a link to a term which it creates automatically.

The module works great, and I have tested it on different entities and text fields. There is one exception where it does not work: Open Social has a “Post create” inline form on its stream page, which is basically a custom block with a entity create form of the custom type ‘Post’.

However, if I use the standard drupal Post create page /post/add/post then the text filter does work correctly. So it probably has to do with some behavior of the inline form.

The standard drupal permissions page looks good, and i’m using user 1.

Any pointers to how to debug this issue are welcome. See also some extra details at the issue I posted in

Need to use two bitcoin core but issue with syncing

Need to know how we can use two bitcoin node for example. I do have two bitcoin full nodes A and B. Created wallet address at A and has all transaction details at wallet.db in node A. But I need to keep PK in DB and take those and send request to B node, but it fails as it dont have all transaction details, I dont want to re scan B node every time, is there any way we can achieve this. So that i dont need to worry on which node my request is going.

Thanks, Prad

Issue with installing python3-devel gcc

I am trying to install python3-devel gcc but whenever I do that it tells me E:Unable to locate package python3-devel. Is there a way to fix this issue?

The commands that I am doing is

sudo apt-get install python3-dev gcc sudo apt install python3-devel gcc

When I run the first line I get the following:

First line of code message

Second line of code message

Issue with mage-messages cookie in iphone safari

For my device testing (iPhone Safari), multiple notifications pop on,

from the code message.js

initialize: function () {         this._super();          this.cookieMessages = _.unique($  .cookieStorage.get('mage-messages'), 'text')[_.unique($  .cookieStorage.get('mage-messages'), 'text').length-1];          this.messages = customerData.get('messages').extend({             disposableCustomerData: 'messages'         });          if (!_.isEmpty(this.messages().messages)) {             customerData.set('messages', {});         }          $  .cookieStorage.set('mage-messages', '');          // $  (window).on('beforeunload', function () {         //     $  .cookieStorage.set('mage-messages', '');         // });      } 

Although I am setting mage-messages as empty at the end

$  .cookieStorage.set('mage-messages', ''); 

Still, on the next reload the very first line of code gives me the old mage-messages message

$  .cookieStorage.get('mage-messages') 

This issue only prevails in iPhone safari, works fine in desktop safari and chrome.

How to resolve that issue, from where does that previous cookieStorage are getting set even if I am clearing it the at the end of my script.

And why does that issue only happening in iPhone device

Strongswan with Cisco AnyConnect “NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN” issue

I wish connect to a IPSec VPN server on Linux. I retrieved the configuration from a Cisco AnyConnect client that uses the IKEv2 protocol with EAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication. I’ve created an IPsec.conf file accordingly but at the connection I get the error “received NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN notify error”.

I’m trying to understand what other protocol or missing configuration the server is waiting for. Is the Cisco AnyConnect client the only one that can connect to the server? Thanks for your help

Here are the configuration files :


conn vpn     leftauth=eap-mschapv2     leftsourceip=%config     leftauth=eap     rightauth=pubkey     rightsubnet=     keyexchange=ikev2     eap_identity="user"     auto=add 


user : EAP "P@ssw0rd" 

Here is the content of the Cisco AnyConnect Client (which is currently working):

[Cisco AnyConnect Profile.xml]

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <AnyConnectProfile xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" AnyConnectProfile.xsd">     <ClientInitialization>         <UseStartBeforeLogon UserControllable="false">false</UseStartBeforeLogon>         <AutomaticCertSelection UserControllable="true">          false</AutomaticCertSelection>         <ShowPreConnectMessage>false</ShowPreConnectMessage>         <CertificateStore>All</CertificateStore>         <CertificateStoreOverride>false</CertificateStoreOverride>         <ProxySettings>IgnoreProxy</ProxySettings>         <AllowLocalProxyConnections>false</AllowLocalProxyConnections>         <AuthenticationTimeout>30</AuthenticationTimeout>         <AutoConnectOnStart UserControllable="true">false</AutoConnectOnStart>         <MinimizeOnConnect UserControllable="true">true</MinimizeOnConnect>         <LocalLanAccess UserControllable="false">true</LocalLanAccess>         <ClearSmartcardPin UserControllable="false">true</ClearSmartcardPin>         <IPProtocolSupport>IPv4</IPProtocolSupport>         <AutoReconnect UserControllable="false">true             <AutoReconnectBehavior UserControllable="false">ReconnectAfterResume             </AutoReconnectBehavior>         </AutoReconnect>         <AutoUpdate UserControllable="false">true</AutoUpdate>         <RSASecurIDIntegration UserControllable="false">          Automatic</RSASecurIDIntegration>         <WindowsLogonEnforcement>SingleLocalLogon</WindowsLogonEnforcement>         <WindowsVPNEstablishment>LocalUsersOnly</WindowsVPNEstablishment>         <AutomaticVPNPolicy>false</AutomaticVPNPolicy>         <PPPExclusion UserControllable="false">Disable             <PPPExclusionServerIP UserControllable="false"></PPPExclusionServerIP>         </PPPExclusion>         <EnableScripting UserControllable="false">false</EnableScripting>         <EnableAutomaticServerSelection UserControllable="false">false             <AutoServerSelectionImprovement>20</AutoServerSelectionImprovement>             <AutoServerSelectionSuspendTime>4</AutoServerSelectionSuspendTime>         </EnableAutomaticServerSelection>         <RetainVpnOnLogoff>false         </RetainVpnOnLogoff>     </ClientInitialization>     <ServerList>            <HostEntry>             <HostName>VPN</HostName>             <HostAddress></HostAddress>             <PrimaryProtocol>IPsec                 <StandardAuthenticationOnly>true                     <AuthMethodDuringIKENegotiation>EAP-MSCHAPv2</AuthMethodDuringIKENegotiation>                     <IKEIdentity>GRP-VPN</IKEIdentity>                 </StandardAuthenticationOnly>             </PrimaryProtocol>         </HostEntry>      </ServerList> </AnyConnectProfile> 

Magento 2: New Customers display issue in Admin Customer Grid

In Magento 2.1.8, Customer Grid is populating from table customer_grid_flat rather than customer_entity. This is for fastest retrieval of data. But the problem is customer_grid_flat never gets populate until I manually reindex the grid using SSH.

For a quick hack I have changed the code in blow file

Line 37: vendor/magento/module-customer/Model/ResourceModel/Grid

Old Code

$  mainTable = 'customer_grid_flat', 

New Code

$  mainTable = 'customer_entity', //'customer_grid_flat', 

Now some columns are not showing data like Name, Phone, Country etc. because of missing joins with relevant tables. Can anyone please suggest any better solution.

sublime text (3200) not allowing git commit ,how to resolve sublime text git commit issue?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 ,I have removed previous version of sublime text through Ubuntu Software and then installed it through sublime text’s official documentation given Here .

After that Whenever I am trying to git commit it gives the following message and does nothing .

git commit hint: Waiting for your editor to close the file...  '/Applications/Sublime Text'  -n -w: 1: '/Applications/Sublime Text' -n -w:  /Applications/Sublime Text  not found error: There was a problem with the editor ''/Applications/Sublime  Text' -n -w'. Please supply the message using either -m or -F option. 

As I am still new to Linux/Ubuntu so want to understand what exactly this issue is and how to resolve it .my current installed version of sublime text is build 3200 . Kindly suggest a way to resolve this issue ,thank you !

pip/pipenv packages installation issue

I try to install mysqlclient into my django project’s env. The problem is: pipenv install mysqlclient adds this dependency to Pipfile.lock but doesn’t install the package (project still needs mysqlclient), after running pip install mysqlclient dependency was installed into project’s env and project runs successfully but if I run pip install mysqlclient globally (when mysqlclient is installed into pyenv folder) django project still needs mysqlserver. The question is: Why didn’t mysqlserver satisfy project’s dependency after global pip installation and why dependency wasn’t installed after runnig pipenv install mysqlclient command?

Photoshop Fails to Install Due to PlayonLinux Issue

I am trying to install Photoshop CS6 on my Ubuntu machine (dual-boot) with Windows OS.

Before proceeding with the steps, I researched on the forum and found this link: Installing Photoshop on Ubuntu 18.04

I followed the steps listed in the answer here, but my PlayOnLinux failed and gave me this error:

PlayOnLinux Error while installing Photoshop CS6

The installation was working fine, and even the missing Microsoft Fonts got installed automatically. But, this unexpected error aborted the installation completely.

Note: Before installing Photoshop CS6, I installed MS PAINT through Wine, and it got installed without any errors.

Also, note that when I visit Home >> PlayOnLinux’s Virtual Drives folder, I can see the virtual drive created for Adobe Photoshop CS6. Here’s the proof: