Dataset Theme Issue

In watching Stephen Wolfram introduce Vers. 12.3, I installed the upgrade from 12.2 and executed the following statement as he did in his presentation:

In[9]:= Dataset[IdentityMatrix[6], DatasetTheme -> "AlternatingColumnBackgrounds", LightGreen]

However, unlike him, I see the following output in which the return is merely the list of the 6 by 6 identity matrix rather than the expected visualization seen in his presentation, but with the standard lightgreen color box being converted to its defining RGB color.

Dataset[{{1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0}, {0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1}}, DatasetTheme -> "AlternatingColumnBackgrounds", RGBColor[ 0.88, 1, 0.88]]

The frontend reports no errors as to the synatax.

What am I missing here to make this work as expected? Is there a hidden option value or environmental variable that needs to be set properly before execution to succeed?

Is this a bug?

Import from CSV formatting issue

I have two lists of data here: dm and dmHalo (see attached image). Theses are the same lists, the only difference is that dm was exported to a csv file and then reimported, while dmHalo was generated in the notebook session.

When I go to run an interpolation on the data set the interpolation does not recognize the csv imported data, as seen in the error message. I assume this is due to a change in formatting, but I am at a loss at how to revert to the native format.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this?

Thanks you for your help!

enter image description here

VERY strange issue with Instagram

There's a strange bug I've been hitting lately on Instagram.
Certain mutual followers not showing up, or very far down the list.

Say there is an account @x that is followed by a close friend of mine (@y). I follow @y and @y follows me back. It doesn't matter if I follow @x or not.

Before, when I would open @x's page, I would see "Followed by @y, @z + 42 more". But that no longer happens. For some reason @y is not in this short list of mutual followers. Also, when I open the full list of…

VERY strange issue with Instagram

Issue with re-assigning values for ParallelTable

I am solving a differential equation of two closed functions using ParallelTable.

For the attached code, I thought the computation time should be approximately proportional to ltau, because the k is iterated once. However, the time is roughly proportional to square of ltau. I think that Total[s[[1;;i,i]]] in the reassignment of r drags computation. I thought I should use Unevaluated for Total[s[[1;;i,i]]] to reduce time, but it doesn’t work. Would you help me with this? Is there any better way to improve the parallelization? I assume the parallelization should reduce the computation time for two iterations in i and j.

ClearAll["Global`*"];  S = {}; RR = {};  lz = 10.; ltau = 1000.;  AbsoluteTiming[ r = ParallelTable[1., {i, lz}]; s = ParallelTable[0., {i, lz}, {j, lz}]; Do[AppendTo[RR, r]; AppendTo[S, s]; If[k == ltau, Break,  s = ParallelTable[  s[[i, j]] + (r[[i]]*Total[s[[1;;i,j]]]+r[[j]]*Total[s[[i,1;;j]]])+    If[i >j, r[[i]]*(1 + r[[j]])/2, r[[j]]*(1 + r[[i]])/2], {i, lz}, {j, lz}]; r = ParallelTable[r[[i]] - Total[s[[1 ;; i, i]]], {i, lz}];];, {k, 1, ltau}];] 

Duplicate Content Issue

I am reaching you once again. I have a question regarding duplicate content. I have multiple domain websites where all the websites associated with a group. Here is the website:

All the contents of the website are the same with a different domain such as,, and so on. So my question is that will google penalize for that reason? I haven’t implemented href lang tags.

Please go through this website and let me know.

Thanks, Olivia

MongoDB index issue

I have a simple collection that contains two fields: timestamp and value (float). I need to get min and max values in the timestamp range. The collection contains approx 10000000 documents. I’ve add indexes like {"value" : 1, "timestamp" : 1} and {"value" : -1, "timestamp" : 1}. Queries like db.getCollection('Sample').find({'timestamp' : {'$ gte': 1714284644, '$ lte': 1745820644}}).sort({'value':-1}).limit(1) took about 1 second. Count without limit shows 525600 documents. "Explain" show that query covered by one of the idexes. IXSCAN takes most of time. Is there any way to speed this query up?

Language detection issue?

Hi – I just detected these in my log: 

I’m a bit puzzled, because I don’t see a long list of in the target URLs, and even can’t imagine that the proxies are all from that part of Russia. 
Also, scribd itself doesn’t seem to have a Chuvash language option: 

Any idea what I can do to further investigate that?

Normalize a rotation around the Z-axis (issue with GLM)

I’m trying to undo some transformations coming from an external tool*. I’m getting different results depending on subtle differences in the input and wondering how to convert to a rotation about the Z-axis only.

The transformations are expressed as a matrix = translation * rotation * -translation. I want to decompose the resulting matrix into a single translation and rotation around Z — I know this is possible given the source material (2D plane).

My problem is coming from GLM decompose. Given a matrix that looks like this:

[         -0.5 |     0.866025 |            0 |            0 ] [    -0.866025 |         -0.5 |            0 |            0 ] [            0 |            0 |            1 |            0 ] [            0 |            0 |            0 |            1 ] 

If I call decompose, then take the eulerAngles of the Rotation I end up with either:

  • ( 0, -0, 2.09439 ) from quat( 0.5, 0, 0.866025, 0 )
  • ( 3.14159, 1.0472, 3.14159 ) from quat( 0.5, 0, 0, 0.866025 )

The difference depends on how the matrix was generated, whether the rotation was 120degrees or -240degrees. The display must be clipping the floating point, introducing a subtle change.

I’m assuming both these rotations are actually the same.

How do I force/convert the result to be a rotation about the Z axis only.

*The external tool is Inkscape which uses the CSS/SVG function rotate(r, cx, cy) instead of a rotation and transform. That function results in the matrix: translate(cx,cy,0) * rotate(r, (0,0,1)) * translate(-cx,cy,0)

Can you foresee any balance issue with a Stars Druid using the Cleric spell list instead of the Druid’s?

Homebrewed campaign where tinkering with class mechanics is encouraged to suit your character, I just want to make sure it isn’t horribly unbalanced.

I have an idea for a divination/stars/universe/fate obsessed character, lumbering, slow, strong, wise, warm. Heavy armour melee/mid-field support. However, I don’t really like the Twilight Domain’s Channel Divinity.

The Stars Druid subclass abilities seem like a good match but the spell list leans towards the terrestrial/battlefield control/summoning rather than astral/divination and I don’t see this character ever using wildshape.


  • make a Stars Druid that uses the Cleric spell list and loses wildshape etc

  • make a Twilight Cleric and swap the Channel Divinity (twice per rest resource for most of the game) for one of the Stars Druids abilities?

  • your idea?

Any input and ideas welcome. When homebrew is encouraged I like to troubleshoot for balance.

WordPress Article issue /wp-login to /wp-admin

Hello dear Gsa Community,
Some WordPress Article fails because many Websites locks /wp-login.php but /wp-admin.php is working always to Login!
Maybe it would be nice if the URL can be switched or Option for that…

Another Problem nr. 2 is:

Maximum Posts per Account [42]
but If 
Maximum Accounts per Site set to [1]

Gsa Ser will only Post once on one Site

with error in Log:
20:24:18: [ ] Info! Posts per account: 42, Posts per site: 1, <—-Look here
20:24:18: [ ] Attention! No targets to post to (Posts per account: 42, Posts per site: 1, Minutes to wait…..

The Option Maximum Accounts per site means Max Posts per site …. and this makes no sense because the first Option: Posts per Account already set this limit…
But I need the Real Option to set Max Account per Site to 1, because gsa ser try to Create New Accounts if u set it higher… and on my Target Websites is Registration not allowed, I just got one Account for Posting

Thank you