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To optimize a website for Italy and US

I have in mind a project to do.
I would create it for Italian people but since I know the English language, to attract more visitors I'd expand it to England and the USA. Basically, it could be international.
Which are the techniques to make it optimized for international traffic on SE?
Obviously, it must be in Italian and English, but there are some things to care to make it visible not only in Italy?

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Why are car rentals in Switzerland & Austria so expensive (yet so cheap in Italy)?

I’m planning a 4-week trip next summer and have noticed that renting the car (via site) in Switzerland or Austria is much more expensive (approx 1200 USD) than Italy or Germany (approx 700 USD). Interestingly, the rates for Italy actually include CDW and Theft Protection insurance, which seems like a steal (so there must be a catch)!

I was able to find that in CH/AT they show a “credit card block” of 300 CHF or 660 Euro respectively, but it wasn’t clear if that was included in the listed price and then refunded upon return or if there are some other taxes/fees imposed in those countries for some reason.

The rates above were all for the same time frame, car type and company (Hertz). I just changed the pickup/dropoff location to all the cities we could fly into. Is there a reason for the jump in those 2 countries and the apparent deal in Italy?

Edit: I did find that AutoEurope includes CDW/TP in the rate on rentals in Italy, but that doesn’t explain why the base rate is so much cheaper in comparison to Germany, for example.

In Italy, the law requires that you must carry certain types of insurances: Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection. For your convenience, Auto Europe’s rates in Italy include these insurances….

Italy, Portugal, Netherlands in September end [on hold]

I will be traveling to Italy, Portugal and Netherlands in September end. I am spending 2 days in Rome, Amalfi, Venice, 4 days in dolomites, 2 days in Lisbon, Porto and finally, 4 days in Amsterdam.

  1. Is this good enough plan to see all the places?
  2. I decided to choose Amalfi instead of Cinque Terre. What would have been your choice?

3.Instead of Porto, I was thinking of going to Lagos for 2 days.Is that better?

  1. In netherlands, I was thinking of going to Amsterdam (3 days) and 12 hours day trip in Haarlem and Zaanse Schans.

Please give me any suggestion/advice that you feel needs to be added in my itinerary.

Traveling to Cortona, Italy. Credit card, debit card, or euro?

I’m attending a summer school in Cortona for two weeks this summer. Major expenses are paid already.

My question is if it’s possible to pay all the dinning and grocery with credit card or debit card issued by US banks (Mastercard or Visa) in Cortona? Or I still have to use cash?

In the latter situation, I’ve seen an article claiming that it’s wiser to bring US dollars and then change them to euros when needed. But it’s usually about traveling to big cities like Rome or Florence so I wonder if it’s easy to do that in Cortona?

Traveling to Italy from USA with Italian Passport near Expiration

Traveling to Italy from the US with an Italian passport that will have less than 3 months left before expiration upon arrival in Italy and will also have a valid US Green Card with no expiration impending. I will return to US before six weeks before Italian Passport Expires.

a) will I have issues with departure from the US and entry into Italy ?

b) will I have issues with departure from Italy and re-entry into US ?

…just trying to figure out whether it is worth trying to renew passport before I leave for Italy

Thanks Rosa