I created a magic item for one character and another character took it

I’m DMing for a group of friends, and they rolled really high stats… except for the dragonborn warlock who ended up with a Constitution of 6 (-2). (We did use 4d6 drop lowest… the warlock was just really unlucky.)

Now that all the characters are third level, he only about half the hit points of the other characters. With that in mind, I put into an adventure a magic amulet that increases the wearer’s Constitution modifier to +2.

Before the warlock could find the amulet, though, the party’s rogue took and kept it. I don’t want to kill the rogue’s character over this: His personality trait is ‘I see treasure and I take it’ the only way I’ve found this being role-played is after the battle and looting bodies or the environment, opening crates barrels etc. (It’s possible this is the player being a jerk, but I don’t know if I should hold the player accountable for his “character’s” actions.)

The rogue also sometimes asks—demands, really—extra XP for killing the first monster or for killing the most monsters, and mostly I say no. When I do say yes, it’s a small amount like 25 XP. The rogue has plenty of treasure, by the way, including his own unique magic item.

When I told the rogue’s player that the amulet was for the dragonborn, he said, “Oh, well! Finders keepers!”

I’m thinking of a having a monster or NPC just take the amulet, or maybe offering to trade the amulet for another seemingly more powerful (but actually cursed) magic item.

How should I continue?

Shrink item effect versus locked door, what happens?

Unlike a growth effect, there is no clause about stopping the size change if one cannot burst something which restrains the change, so there are differing opinions about if the hinges and lock or locks (or some psionic or magical effect) on a door would restrain the shrinking effect it not.

Thus, can a door which is locked or otherwise restrained in some fashion be shrunk to gain access?

What is this magic item, an arcane focus staff with hadar’s hunger?

A month ago my character came across a magical staff with Hadar’s Hunger. I attuned to it but I still have no idea what its stats are. I don’t know what campaign we were playing, but I remember it had a Moat house, giant rats, a carrion crawler, and a basement. I stole the staff from some wizard guy(can’t remember the race) who disappeared after we beat him. I don’t know the exact D&D edition this campaign is from, I only know the campaign wasn’t from 5e since the carrion crawler stats didn’t line up with the one from my monster manual.

So, what magical item am I holding? This is actually the first time I’ve ever had a magical item, and I’m really curious as to what it is.

Any way to activate a spell-trigger item in a rage?

While raging, a barbarian cannot use any Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skills (except for Balance, Escape Artist, Intimidate, and Ride), the Concentration skill, or any abilities that require patience or concentration, nor can he cast spells or activate magic items that require a command word, a spell trigger (such as a wand), or spell completion (such as a scroll) to function.

I would really like to activate a wand while raging, but as far as I can tell, there is no feature out there that lets you.

Rage mage doesn’t; spell rage allows spellcasting, but not magic item use. Righteous Wrath also fails to do it, at least explicitly; Righteous Wrath actually kind of fails to do anything at all despite the description, since the only things it explicitly allows are things raging never caused a problem with in the first place.

So, without making assumptions about Righteous Wrath being interpreted generously, does anyone know of a way to activate a spell-trigger item while raging? Tricks to exit the rage and re-enter it are not answers; I want to cast the item’s spell while raging.

E6 is preferred; Epic is not allowed at all. Otherwise, any Wizards-of-the-Coast-published 3.5e materials, as well as 3.5e issues of Dragon and Dungeon, are acceptable. Third-party material, regardless of its licensing status, and homebrew material, regardless of its quality, are not acceptable (I am already aware of options that fit the bill from those categories; the point of this question is to avoid that). The form of the option doesn’t matter: feat, class feature, magic item, spell, whatever. I’d prefer not to have to multiclass for it but if that’s a way to do it, I want to know.

I’m not really looking for shenanigans; I’m hoping to find something that just says “you can use spell-trigger items in a rage.” I may accept RAW shenanigans, but only if they’re particularly air-tight and require neither DM assistance out-of-character, nor NPC assistance in-character. In short, please avoid anything that starts going “ask your DM to accept this dubious interpretation that might be there, if you squint.” Greater uses of wish and stuff like that are right out.

Is there a way to discern if the magic of an item is a “trap” or a “property” of the item?

To put things into context:

We just entered the final room of a dungeon and we found some magic items strewn about in the room and some others inside a tomb. Our sorcerer used Detect Magic to know if any of the items was magic, and indeed they were, but we were fearful that they may have any protective enchantment to harm us when we tried to take them, and we couldn’t use Identify since we didn’t have the materials to do so. We discussed the matter with the DM, and by reading the description on both the Spellcraft ability and Detect Magic, he said that there shouldn’t be any way to differentiate both.

Is he right?

P.S.: I know that in the end, what the DM says, goes even if it’s not in the rules, I’m just curious if we were proceeding correctly from a technical standpoint.

How to permanently curse an item?

By permanently, I don’t mean ‘until dispelled’, which can be achieved by using upcast bestow curse . I want to make those items that cannot be unattuned, except by casting remove curse on the wielder. I want to make it unremovable by remove curse. In short, similar to your traditional cursed magic item.

Are there rule, guidance, or precedent to convince my DM?

Of course there are DM ruling, but it will be helpful if the process can be described mechanically or narratively.

Is there a Spell or Magic Item that will extend the range of racial Darkvision?

My group has decided to head down into the Underdark. And I would like to optimize my Half-Elven Darkvision (60′)

Assume I have access to any spell or magic item that is in one of the hardcover books.. and do not want to use UA or 3rd party.

What is the maximum Darkvision range I can get?

Note: I would prefer to avoid Polymorph if I can.

Can the 5e Staff of the Woodlands (magic item) be subject to an Awaken (spell)?

A Staff of the Woodlands can take the form of a healthy tree (60 feet tall / 5-foot-diameter trunk / branches spread 20-foot radius).

The Awaken spell can give sentience to a tree, turning this item into an Awakened Tree. This would make a really nifty, helpful and interesting magic item for players – and also turn it into an NPC, controlled by the DM in about 30 days time. Win-win.

Would this work – or does the pre-existing magic in the tree-version of the staff repel this spell?

Can equipment be enchanted and dis/reenchanted without destroying the item?

If playing a character with a family sword or a particular set of armour that they wish to use throughout the game (from level 1 to level 20), can it start out unenchanted, then undergo a process to gain some kind of Magic Item property, and then much later, be re-enchanted with a more powerful Magic Item property?

I’ve read through the ‘crafting magic items’ section in the DMG but found nothing which mentions whether an existing item can be used for the process, nor whether the item in question can re-undergo the process to change its enchantment.