create an array for unanswered survey question items

I have a SharePoint survey and I need to create an array of survey questions that have been left unanswered using JS.

Then I need to create an unanswered array index tracker where the unansweredQuestionItem = {"url":"<<question url>>", "questionId":"", "frequency":"<<number of times displayed>>", "isQuestionAnswered":"<<default false>>"}

Can anyone help point me in the right direction with this??

Seleccionar ítems en un filtro POI JAVA

He creado una tabla dinámica usando POI Java a partir de una hoja Excel, se crea perfectamente la tabla y he añadido un filtro pivotTable.addReportFilter(11), mi pregunta es cómo puedo seleccionar ciertos ítems de dicho filtro, cuando contengan un determinado texto. Es decir seleccionar ítems en un filtro de una columna Excel usando la librería POI de Java. Gracias mil!!!!

Do thrown breakable items (like oil flasks) do damage when they hit?

Some items, specifically acid vials, alchemist’s fire, holy water, and oil flasks, allow you to throw them at enemies for various effects. To do this, you make a ranged attack, treating the object as an improvised weapon (which normally does damage equal to 1d4 + Dexterity modifier).

However, these objects have ‘on hit’ effects, such as dealing 2d6 damage in the case of the acid vial. Are these effects in addition to the ‘improvised weapon’ damage?

Sharepoint Online Popular Items Webpart

I’m looking to display the most popular items from a document library, but i cannot find an out of the box solution. I have seen that SharePoint 2013 has a solution for this, but i guess it didnt get carried over.

I am using a Team Site with Modern pages, so that rules out the Content Search web part and i cant seem to configure Highlighted content to sort by popularity.

Is there an out of the box solution to display the most popular items within a document library? (optimally with filtering functionality based on managed properties)

I would like to avoid creating a custom SPFx web part if possible. Thanks.

Magento 2: How to filter orders by order items

In magento 1, I was able to filter orders by the following:

$  orderitem = Mage::getModel('sales/order_item')->getCollection(); $  orderitem->addFieldToFilter('name',array('like'=>'%'.$  value.'%'));   $  ids =array(); foreach($  orderitem as $  item){   $  ids[] = $  item->getOrderId(); //  sales_flat_order_item.order_id = sales_flat_order.entity_id } $  this->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter("entity_id",array("in",$  ids)); return $  this; 

How would I achieve this in Magento 2.3?

Update items based on a read operations on same items is a bad practice?

DynamoDB is the database solution, I’m using to store my items. It’s a NoSQL/Document database and I got a real problem on real-time updates of items.

First, the saved format is like

{   expiredTime: 'Yesterday(this is a epoch or formatted string)',   state: 'enum values EXPIRED and VALID' } 

The problem is I need accuracy and real-time compatible data for read requests, but DynamoDB has not supported that type of trigger.

So, I thought about an idea of a subscriber of read requests in my code, then if read requests contain expired time is the past. The subscriber will update the state of items. Any function calls the items will receive altered state (corrected) even the listener haven’t finished.

Is this considered bad practice? Because I must not allow any read requests except the one attached a subcriber.

SharePoint REST query select items where column values are not equal

What is the REST query to obtain all items from a list where the value of two different columns for a given item are different.

Take the query: http://<site_collection>/_api/web/lists/getbytitle(<list_name>)/items?$ select=ePR_x0020_NameId,ePurchaseRequestName&$ filter=(ePR_x0020_NameId ne ePurchaseRequest)

ePR_x0020_NameId is a lookup column with the title “ePR Name”. How do I properly use the $ expand parameter to get the text of this column rather than the numeric value that is returned?

The query

http://<site_collection>/_api/web/lists/getbytitle(<list_name>)/items?$ select=ePR_x0020_NameId,ePurchaseRequestName

returns ePR_x0020_NameId as numeric value, not the string that is in the lookup column.

So when I try to add a filter parameter to this query to return only items where “ePR Name” and “ePurchaseRequestName” are not equal, I get a “The webpage cannot be found”.

What is the proper REST query to return items where the column values “ePR Name” and “ePurchaseRequestName” are not equal?

Understanding how to pass List Items to a “Print Page”

Trying to take a Display Page from a SharePoint list item and make it customized formatted print page.

New to SharePoint and totally doing all my coding in JavaScript (can’t use VS or SP Designer). Is it possible to do this?

I’ve been searching on here and can’t find a way to do it (or not knowing what to look for).

Currently the Printed Page preview basically looks like a the Display page that unnecessarily goes to a 2nd page.

Sorry if this question is too basic. Thanks.

What would +1/+2/+3 items be called in game?

This is something that I have been wondering for a long time. Now obviously the DM could just have it have its own name such as Bonecutter and everyone just calls it that but is there any term that PCs and NPCs would call these things?

As a side note some items whose main purpose in life is to grant a bonus but still have a name examples include Wand of the War Mage and Luckstone.

I’m playing in the Forgotten Realms.