SharePoint 2013 Pages library “Most popular items” returning zero count (except homepage)

I’m new to SharePoint and have been unable to find an answer to this problem.

When selecting “Most Popular Items” on the Pages library the homepage is returning a count for “Recent” and “Ever”, but all other pages are returning a zero count. The homepage has a different content type and page layout from the other pages.

Videos library is returning zero count for all videos.

Documents library is recording as expected.

I’m not sure is this is related but sorting by Recent/Ever is broken on all libraries.

Updating 1600 items – Error at 768 items – SharePoint Designer 2013 Rest Workflow Error

I’m using a SPD 2013 workflow to loop through my list and update two fields, but once it gets to 768 items it errors.

I read that sharepoint online can throttle at 5,000 requests. I waited 24 hours to re-run the workflow today and it just keeps getting suspended.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

My call:

[%Variable: url%]/_api/web/lists/GetbyTitle('My list')/items?$  select=ID,Title,Type1&$  top=1600 

I get the following error:

Workflow Error

What are sources for Magic Items that are not adventure-specific?

As a DM, I like to award items to my players. These may not be in the module I’m currently running, so I often draw from the DMG. I recently found that XGtE also has a list of magical items (this shows both lists).

I can use D&D Beyond to filter magical items by sourcebook, but there are a million books there now, and I believe most of them are adventure books. I don’t want to include these in my aggregated list of magical items, as items are probably adventure dependent. Ideally, I’d like a list of adventure-agnostic magic items for D&D 5e (unlike this question, which wants all items sorted by rarity).

What books should I buy to have all the magical items that are not adventure-specific? So far, DMG and XGtE seem obvious, but I’m not sure what others to include or not (for example, I know SCAG has new spells, but does it have new items?).

Why highlighted items not showing in search? [Javascript]

I have a Javascript code that highlights my results on a specific status. The script works fine, but the problem when i search for an invoice id the color of the highlighted item disappear in search view.

So what should i add to the code to enable it in search view ?

This is my code:

    <script type="text/javascript">  SPClientTemplates.TemplateManager.RegisterTemplateOverrides({      OnPostRender: function statusFieldContext(ctx) {     var rows = ctx.ListData.Row;     var color=  "#FFFFFF";     for (var i=0;i<rows.length;i++)     {       var isApproved = rows[i]["Status"] == "Approved";       var isPending = rows[i]["Status"] == "Pending";       var isRejected = rows[i]["Status"] == "Rejected";       var isOpen = rows[i]["Status"] == "Open";       if (isApproved)       {         color = "#ada";       }     else if (isPending){      color = "DarkOrange";       }       else if (isRejected){           color = "#FF7474";       }       else if (isOpen){             color = "#AEF9F8";       }        var rowElementId = GenerateIIDForListItem(ctx, rows[i]);       var tr = document.getElementById(rowElementId);        if(tr != null){ = color;       }        }   }  }); </script> 

Take a look on these 2 pictures: Before searching

After searching

Thank you !

How to push items to the top or bottom of the list in alphabetically sorted lists?

This question is not related to any specific scenario, platform or product, and it’s more of an end-user UX rather than a design of UX. It applies to various use cases and platforms. One specific example which prompted me to ask this question is the notebooks list in Evernote – I’d like to push my notebook called “Archives” to the bottom of the list – it’s right at the top otherwise. Another cases are naming the files and folders on a computer.

There are certain lists which are sorted alphabetically and there’s no way to re-arrange them. In general, this is quite practical as it makes it easier to find the items when there are plenty of them and there’s no need to arrange them manually.

However, sometimes you want to push certain items on the list to the top or to the bottom. And the only way to do that is to prefix the item with a certain symbol.


  • For pulling items to the top, the most common I’ve used is !, so your Requirements item becomes ! Requirements. Other nice options are ~ or -.
  • For pushing to the bottom however, one obvious symbol is “z”, so if the item is named Archives, you name it zzz-Archives or zzz Archives.

While the exclamation mark and other non-alpha symbols seem OK, I find zzz knocks off the visual “tidiness” of a list.

I am wondering if anyone used or seen more elegant solutions to pushing and pulling?

Export table of all versions of list items

Using SharePoint 2007, and I only have client-side access. I can view all versions of each item in a list by using the IncludeVersions parameter as follows:


But when I export this list to a spreadsheet, only the most recent version shows up. Is there a way I can export the IncludeVersions view to a spreadsheet?

How to handle multiple statuses when tagging items

Currently working on the ‘tagging’ functionality for a page of results.

  • User needs the ability to tag and untag results
  • Page may have active filers that exclude results based on tags

What pattern can I employ that will allow the user to manipulate a group of selected items that have a mix of tags (out of 5 items, maybe only 3 have “Tag 2” for example).

Ideas I have explored:

Simple dropdown A simple dropdown that lists all the available tags, if the items are marked with a tag, the dropdown listing would reveal as “untag” when hovered. This idea break as soon as you have a selection of items that don’t all have the same tags.

Checkbox and indeterminate state A list of checkboxes in a dropdown showing all the available tags, if a tag has mixed selections it would show as an indeterminate state. User can check or uncheck desired tags and apply as a single function.

Dropdowns Two separate drop-down buttons, one for “Tag” and another for “Untag”. User can make selections and add or remove tags as they wish. The dropdown menu items are not affected in any way by the items that are selected. This option breaks down once you consider the ‘exclude’ filters. If the first action I was to take causes the copies to be removed from view, I am unable to take the second action.

Dropdown with indeterminate state This would be a simple dropdown but with indetermintate states. If a dropdown menu item has mixed states it doesn’t show “untag” on hover, the user only has access to “untag” hover if all selections have that tag.

My preference is for the checkbox option but looking for addition opinions or thoughts on my approach.


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