Japan linkbuilding

Hello! Anybody knows about any way to get links from Japan Sites?
Bloggers didn't answer me, but i wright to them in japanese.(This language i know better than English)
I didn't find any "Links market" in Japanese Web, too.
Please,help me grand-Seo-masters!

Anyone from Japan ?

Hello !

I really need some help from a japanese person or someone who knows japanese very well. I need help with Jahoo Japan website more exactly with http://videotopics.yahoo.co.jp/ . I need to find out how to contact yahoo japan or how to submit video content on their website. I tried using google translator but I had not much success. Please pm for further details. Thank you !

Japan – Over 180 Days in 1 Year As Temporary Visitor

I am a US citizen with a US passport who enters Japan with 90 day temporary visitor waiver. I usually stay around 85-87 days per 90 day temporary visitor waiver. I have a lot of savings, don’t work in Japan, and mainly go to see the country and visit my girlfriend, so I don’t do anything illegal.

I’ve been to Japan 4 times:

Year #1 1st: October 26 2017-January 20, 2018 (A couple days under 90 days)

2nd: April 2, 2018-July 2, 2018 (A couple days under 90 days Total: Around 175 days

Year #2 3rd: October 26 2018-January 20, 2019 (A couple days under 90 days)

4th: March 10 2019 – June 6, 2019 (A couple days under 90 days) Total: Around 175 days

Note: Immigration never said anything to me despite me staying almost the full 90 days per visit these 4 times.

I left Japan June 6 2019 to go to my home in USA for 1 month exactly and will return to Japan in 10 days July 7 2019. I am worried of being denied entry and not given another 90 day temporary visitor visa waiver when I return because within the last year I already stayed 175 days and the year would “reset” on October 26, 2019.

I heard that the 180 day limit is not an official rule but I’m not sure how strictly it is enforced.

Is it likely I’ll be denied by immigration or questioned? What information/documents should I bring to improve my chances of being permitted? Would an invitation letter from my girlfriend help at all?

I’m really concerned about being on a flight from USA to Tokyo (around 20 hours) only to be denied.

Will I likely have trouble flying to Japan after a stay in China as a US Citizen?

I’m going to China for work (a conference) for about a week, and thought it may be nice to visit my friend in Japan for 2-3 days or so on the way back, especially with the reduced flight costs compared to flying to Japan from the US at a later time. I’ve found a few references on difficulties flying to China from Japan in certain circumstances (e.g. the site referenced in this question), but not the other way. I’m concerned because I’ve heard about these issues from Japan->China as well as knowing Chinese nationals require a Visa to enter Japan, and while that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t know if there will be mixups at the airport because of that state of affairs, or if there’s special procedure/law I’m not aware of.

This would all be pre-planned, no open ended tickets, so USA->China (~1 week)->Japan (a few days)->USA would all be pre-planned if I did this. Are there any known difficulties with this sort of travel plan? I’d prefer not to be stuck in China figuring out how to get tickets back to the US ASAP because I can’t do my preplanned flight path.

Importing laptop to Japan from US

I am a Japanese resident, moved here 6months ago and have a resident card. I am planning to import a gaming laptop from US. I wanted to know if there’s anything that I need to do from my side. I am buying it from newegg.com.

On the payment details page, I see these being taken account for. Est. Consumption Sales Tax: ¥10,511 Est. Shipping:¥5,583

Could someone advice if there’s anything else that I need to do so that it will reach safely.?

Best and cheapest solution to have internet in Japan

I alreayd saw this question but the posts are quite old so i wanted to have the most actual answer possible.

In August i’m travelling from france to Japan for 18 days and i would like to know the best way to have internet there. I know two ways:

  1. Pocket Wifi
  2. SIM Card

For the pocket wifi i saw some options but it looks expensive, about 100€ for the whole trip. For the sim Card i saw solutions from french website like 14 days = 24€ and 21 days = 36€ but i don’t know if this trustable ? Is the price normal?

Do you know any ways / better options ?