Unusal GET requests in my nodejs journal – has my nginx/node been hacked?

Saw this in the journalctl for a service I have:

jul 29 12:39:05 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://www.123cha.com/ 200 147.463 ms - 8485 jul 29 12:39:10 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://www.rfa.org/english/ - - ms - -     jul 29 12:39:10 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://www.minghui.org/ - - ms - -      jul 29 12:39:11 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://www.wujieliulan.com/ - - ms - -     jul 29 12:39:11 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://www.epochtimes.com/ 200 133.357 ms - 8485     jul 29 12:39:14 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET http://boxun.com/ - - ms - - 

These GET requests are not coming from any code I’ve written.

"Correct" entries look like this:

jul 29 12:41:46 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET / 304 128.329 ms - - jul 29 12:41:47 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET /stylesheets/bootstrap.min.css 304 0.660 ms - - jul 29 12:41:47 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET /stylesheets/font-awesome-4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css 304 0.508 ms - - jul 29 12:41:47 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET /img/250x250/deciduous_tree_5.thumb.png 304 0.548 ms - - jul 29 12:41:47 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET /stylesheets/style.css 304 7.087 ms - - jul 29 12:41:47 ubuntu-18 node[796]: GET /img/logos/250x250/brf_masthugget.250x250.jpg 200 0.876 ms - 9945 

The server is a nodejs instance v8.10.0, running on nginx v1.14.0, running on up to date Ubuntu server 18.04.

The ubuntu is a Digital Ocean droplet.

I’ve tried generating similar requests from a javascript console, but my the browser blocks access to http (not allowing mixed http and https); if I try https I get cross-origin error – which is good 🙂

I’m puzzled as to how these GET requests are being generated/sent?

Should I be skeptical of Wall Street Journal offering Cybersecurity training?

I’ve been getting advertisements from the Wall Street Journal Pro Cybersecurity.

I find this whole situation very bizarre, as I only know them as a business-focused newspaper. It seems they are releasing not only Cybersecurity news, but also Cybersecurity training?

Our news, commentary and training is designed to give senior executives the non-technical news and analysis they need

Apparently their training is:

Designed to help executives ensure that their businesses respond to cyber-attacks in a decisive and coordinated way, these tabletop exercises will allow you to identify gaps in your response plans and navigate challenges arising from security compromises.

Training packs are available for the following scenarios:

  • Leaking Documents
  • Ransomware
  • Historic Attacks
  • Denial of Service

I must admit, the website does have a very “premium” look and color to it.

But my question is; is it common for news outlets to offer cybersecurity training? Is there any benefit choosing WSJ over a normal cybersecurity firm? (Is this a late April fools joke?)

wpa_supplicant is floading journal

I have access to an guest connection to my neighbor Wlan. The Signal is week and sometimes I loose my internet connection. This i accept. but wpa_supplicant fills my journal with

wpa_supplicant[983]: wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-SIGNAL-CHANGE above=1 signal=-78 noise=9999 txrate=1000 

I took a look in the manpage, and found option -q (be quiet) then I wrote an override by

systemctl edit wpa_supplicant.service 

And changed Exec to

ExecStart=/sbin/wpa_supplicant -q -u -s -O /run/wpa_supplicant 

but after reload the systemd rules and restart from the service, I get

 wpa_supplicant.service: Service has more than one ExecStart= setting, which is only allowed for Type=oneshot services. Refusing. 

Great. How can I achive my goal? Do I really have to manipulate the origin file?

How do I fix “failed to start journal service” on Ubuntu 18 Server running docker containers?

I have an Ubuntu 18 Server. I created a small number of persistent docker containers but ever since I created the docker containers the server has started locking up with the error “failed to start journal service”.

I’m not a Linux expert so I’m not sure where to start in debugging and fixing this.

Rebooting works for a while.

SharePoint Search Index Journal file occupied 400GB space

We have SharePoint 2013 on premises with two search servers and search items are 20 Million. Server 1 with primary index component is running fine and server 2 with index replica component got degraded. When checked for search status, it showing ‘index out of sync and catching up’ but it is running for more than 36 hours.

After checked the Journal file, it occupied 400 GB space it is continuously occupying more data and utilizing all disk space.

What could be the issue and how to resolve this

Journal warning at boot

I have an error message stopping the boot of my system. Message telling me to run journalctl. Ran journalctl @ command line. This is a cut out of the output where the warning starts. Apr 03 17:14:18 inspector-Gazelle-Professional gnome-shell[1722]: [AppIndicatorSupport-WARN] Attempting to re-register :1.61/org/ayatana/NotificationItem/multiload; resetting instead

This message continues to the bottom of the journal page. Any suggestions? Thanks, Fred

QEMU: qcow2 and RAM…..which filesystem combi (avoid writing journal twice)?

Let’s say my host disk is using EXT4, I place an image-file for my virtual machine in either QCOW2 or RAW format which again is formatted with EXT4 inside. Wouldn’t journal data be written twice? First in the guest drive and then on the host? Can I safely disable journal in one of them? Or should I use a combination of two different filesystems on host and guest (if both are Linux). If guest is Windows using NTFS, which also seem to be a journal-like filesystem, could I safely disable journal on host EXT4 FS?

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