Function which calculates jump, i.e. $[f(a,b,c)]^+_- = f(a^+,b^+,c^+)-f(a^-,b^-,c^-)$

I want to create a function in Mathematica which accomplishes the following:

$ $ [f(a,b,c)]^+_- = f(a^+,b^+,c^+)-f(a^-,b^-,c^-)$ $

where $ f$ is any function (has 3 arguments above but this need not be the case) and $ a,b,c$ are arguments (though there may be more). I am dealing with some boundary conditions across interfaces which require me to evaluate “jumps” in discontinuous quantities.

What I would like to do is something that accomplishes the following, returning symbolic variables which can be used later:

  • $ [\mu]^+_-=\mu^+-\mu^-$
  • $ \left[\frac{1}{\mu}\right]^+_-=\frac{1}{\mu^+}-\frac{1}{\mu_-}$
  • $ \left[\frac{ab^2}{\sqrt{c}}\right]^+_-=\frac{a^+{b^+}^2}{\sqrt{c^+}}-\frac{a^-{b^-}^2}{\sqrt{c^-}}$

I want to be able to input any expression inside the brackets (although in this case the expression will be called as an argument to a function) and this expression needs to have an arbitrary number of variables. It would also be highly desirable this could be done entry-wise to a vector whose entries are expressions (themselves each of an arbitrary number of variables).

A bit of research tells me that the Map function might do what I want, but I’m not yet skilled enough in Mathematica to implement it properly. Could somebody point me into the right direction?

Can you jump in combat?

On page 182 of the PHB there are rules describing how far and high characters can jump. However, there is no mention of what type of action jumping is or how much movement it takes to initiate a jump. In the combat chapter of the book there is no action listed that allows a character to attempt any sort of acrobatics or athletics in combat. Which leads me to think if it’s even an option. Can you jump in combat and if so what are the restrictions?

In case it’s important I was wondering about this when I came across the spell Jump. It simply triples the distance the target can jump and lasts 1 minute. If cast on a martial character with 20 Strength they could jump 60 feet. That kind of mobility could be useful in combat.

Is a Mystic’s Mighty Leap affected by Jump multipliers?

The Mystic is an Unearthed Arcana Class for 5th Edition D&D. Mystics can choose Disciplines, one of which is called Brute Force. This Discipline allows the Mystic to do Mighty Leaps :

As part of your movement, you jump in any direction up to 20 feet per psi point spent.

Some effects in the game, such as the Jump spell, the Step of the Wind monk ability and the Boots of Striding and Springing magic item, allow to multiply your Jump distance.

Is Mighty Leap affected by those Jump multipliers ?

For instance, Merry the Mystic uses Mighty Leap with 2 psi points for a 40ft jump, but is also wearing Boots of Striding and Springing. Assuming Merry has at least 120ft of movement available, would the boots make him jump 120ft instead of 40ft ?

ARM-GCC: Como hacer un Jump en código a una sección del linker en vez de a una dirección específica

Tengo un SW que se divide en dos binarios (cargados en diferentes memorias). Por lo tanto, tengo dos linker files. Un binario se ejecuta y carga el segundo binario en la otra memoria, y este segundo se ejecuta. Hay una función que usan ambos códigos, y es el primero el que la carga en la RAM, por lo que en el segundo en la llamada a esta función realmente se hace un JUMPTO a la dirección donde se carga en la RAM (en el linker file del primer SW he definido una sección específica donde fuerzo que se cargue esta función). Actualmente, este mecanismo funciona correctamente. Mi pregunta es, ¿es posible saltar a una etiqueta o símbolo en lugar de la dirección específica? Idealmente, en mi linker file definiría la dirección con una etiqueta, y en el código me referiría a esa etiqueta. Es decir, tanto el compilador como el linker entenderían esa etiqueta y la traducirían a la dirección. Por tanto, si cambio la dirección en el linker file, no tendría que cambiar también la instrucción JUMP.

NOTE: gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_9-2015q3

How can I create jump links in same page?


I want to create a list of items and while people click on the list, it will take user to the list of item in the same page's content.

I had tried to create it with this way:

But the problem is about scrolling. When I click on the top link to send it bottom, it didn't go fully. Besides, the bottom class # link works perfectly.

Can anyone please help me to fix out? Or is there any more easy to create jump…

How can I create jump links in same page?

Why can’t you jump from SEH straight to payload for SEH buffer overflow?

From my understanding a typical way to achieve SEP buffer overflow (ignoring protections like DEP, SafeSEH, etc.) is to overwrite SEH with POP POP RET which goes back to nSEH which we control. nSEH will then be used to point to our located shell code. Below is how the stack will look.

[BUFFER][nSEH to payload][SE handler for POP-POP-RET][Payload] 

My question is, why can’t you just overwrite SEH with some opcode to jump x amount of bytes straight to the shellcode?

Jump box DNS in the public

We have a jump box that allows people to connect via SSH into the system.

Would it be a security concern by adding a public DNS entry that points to the jump box? (Would this not be security through obscurity?)

Assuming our system is hardened, there is really nothing wrong with having a DNS entry to the jump box.

How can I simulate a super jump?

Reading through the Rotted Capes rulebook I found a few moving types like tunneling, teleportation and flight. And I also found jumping mentioned in surge. But aside from that sidenote I did not find anything about jumping at all.

So I’m wondering there, when I’m trying to build a super that can leap quite far (like a frog powers based super). How can I build something? Thought about using fly with a limitation there that it can only be used for single moves each and only when standing on solid ground when the move starts. But in all honesty I’m unsure there, as that looks quite clumsy.

So my question is how can I best simulate a super jump power with the rules?

Double Jump not Working on Rotation not working in unity 3d

I am trying double jump on platform.when rotated object come double jump not working in unity.

Hear is my code

private Rigidbody2D rb; public float speed, jumpforces; private float moveinput; private bool isGround,isJumping;

public Transform feetpos; public float checkRadius; public LayerMask whatisGround; private float jumpTimecounter; public float jumpTime;  // Start is called before the first frame update void Start() {     rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();  }  private void FixedUpdate() {     moveinput = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal");     rb.velocity = new Vector2(moveinput * speed, rb.velocity.y);  } // Update is called once per frame void Update() {     isGround = Physics2D.OverlapCircle(feetpos.position, checkRadius, whatisGround);     if (isGround == true && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))     {         isJumping = true;         jumpTimecounter = jumpTime;         rb.velocity = Vector2.up * jumpforces;      }     if (Input.GetMouseButton(0)&& isJumping== true)     {         if (jumpTimecounter > 0)         {             rb.velocity = Vector2.up * jumpforces;             jumpTimecounter -= Time.deltaTime;          }         else         {              isJumping = false;         }      }     if (Input.GetMouseButtonUp(0))     {         isJumping = false;     }  } 


*********************************** 2 method *********************** if (rb.velocity.y == 0) { onTheGround = true; } else { onTheGround = false; } if (onTheGround) { doubleJumpAllowed = true; } if (onTheGround && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { Jump(); } else if (doubleJumpAllowed && Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { Jump(); doubleJumpAllowed = false; }