[GET] BestSeller Toolbox (Kindle, Rachel Rofe) – just the initial content

This has a 3 day trial for $ 3.95, then $ 19.95/mth. However, the content uploads are open at the moment for anyone who is interested in this.





Don't think it will be anything extraordinary, but I could be wrong :rolleyes:

[ Politics ] Open Question : Isn’t everything we call communism actually just socialism cause communism is a pipe dream that will never actually exist?

Literally all those totalitarian governments from the 20th century were socialist. Fascism was literally created by socialist, both fascism and socialism can be right or left wing. They all centralized the economy, some might let people operate privately but it was all owned by the state and they owned the means of production, exchange and distribution as even Mussolini explained. Fascism “Together we are stronger like a bundle of sticks” the essence of what socialism is all about, COLLECTIVISM. These idiots who call themselves socialists today would be purged by their own dictatoral government or forced to work in work camps >The Soviet Union >Cuba >China >National Socialist Germany >East Germany after it was split by ideological lines >Camodia >Vietnam >North Korea which is still very much a socialist government just with a juche ideology

Corrupted partition un mountable MAC osx no name just called diisk0s2 how to navigate

HAve a corrupt partition has no name just disk0s2 Ran file recovery on it and recovered some files. Think its corrupt disk utility can partially verify and cannot repair and think its read only and unmountable because its full. Would like to navigate to it through command line and dlete files to free up space see if i can mount it again or better yet lay the osx back on top and make it bootable.

Nokia 3 device not starting just boot sounds in a loop?

After flashing nokia 3 firmware my nokia 3 device battery started to drain and when it gets lowered to 10% the phones dead and only boot sounds and vibrates. The device is constantly boot vibrates without opening ,tried clicking vol buttons with power button not opening and even power button for 2 min but nothing. Is there a battery issue or something else?

“Expand all menu links” Menu Block selection shows all menu items in block not just active trail items

I have a menu block that I have setup with Initial visibility level = 2 and Number of levels to display = Unlimited. When I check the “Expand all menu links” checkbox and view my menu block it is displaying ALL menu items at visibility level 2 VS the menu items in the active menu trail.

What’s the be way to display only the active trail menu items without going into each menu item and setting them as “Show as expanded” individually.

I’m using Drupal 8 and a customized Bootstrap theme