Selling all my project all done Just launch

Its Social media Agency offering 3 types of service for 3 niches clients
*Travel and Hospitality
*Real Estate
business idea:
Web Development, App Development, and Digital Marketing

Im selling this business idea because I don't have time for it anymore.
Everything is ready, website and social media accounts. even contract and testimonial templates
and have some traffic already
only what you need is a register a company.
Half money will go to charity too -… Selling all my project all done Just launch

Is it possible to emulate all dice rolls required for a D&D5e game using just a d6, and if so, how?

This is a question that I’ve asked myself numerous times, but I’ve never gotten a really satisfying result.

The issue is this: let’s assume we only have one or multiple d6 dice (arguably the most common type of dice outside of pen & paper), but we still want to play D&D 5e or another RPG game. The game doesn’t really matter here, we just need to be able to emulate different kinds of dice, such as d4, d8, d10, d12 or d20. I presume that if calculating these dices from rolls of a d6 is possible, any other potentially required dice rolls can be calculated as well in a similar fashion.

Therefore: How can the probability results of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 be emulated by rolling only with a d6?

Is “Hidden Network” just Wizard in System Tray [closed]

I was wondering if “Hidden Network” located in available networks when you click on WiFi in the system tray is just a set up wizard or an actual network not displaying its SSID?

For instance if there are multiple hidden networks in your area will there only be one hidden network listed under available networks or multiple under available networks?

Is there a security vulnerability when using the option Hidden Network to find your home network if it is hidden? There might be several hidden networks in your area and the hidden network wizard under available networks could just put the SSID and Password until it finds the correct hidden network, is that how it works?

Would it be safer to just use the manual connection set up under the sharing and network center in windows 10?

This is the website I was looking at:

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did Trump lash out at a reporter just for asking a question?

What an unhinged, angry sociopath. He was unable to answer the damn question, so he resorted to personal insults. I am ******* tired of him and his delusional white trash supporters. He denies the reported number of coronavirus deaths. He’s delusional. “I’ve always been right.” I mean, seriously? He’s dangerously narcissistic and ruthless.

What can a GM do if player’s rolls are just terrible?

I ran a game last night, a pre-written module (the game is not relevant) with a certain difficulty level (not so difficult in my opinion), and the party is composed of moderately experienced players and a newbie. The party had to face some enemies, and seeing that they had problems with previous encounters I decided to tweak the fight a bit to make it easier: removed some opponents, made the enemy reinforcements arrive late so the PC’s had a little more breathing time between turns, made other enemies waste time boasting and taunting, removed abilities from the “BBEG” stat block.

It still ended in a TPK.

Mostly because the PC’s rolls were just TERRIBLE, rolling so bad they ended in the impossible range of, like, 0.0009% chance of failure. What can a GM do in such a situation? I know this question is kinda connected to this other question, but suppose there is no logical/plausible way to save the party and the players might feel cheated if saved by stretching the rules, the world, the story or whatever else. Do we just accept the thing and move on? Personally, I always thought that a TPK was an ending too, although not a much satisfying one, but the players might beg to differ.

use recaptcha service on just first tier

sorry if the answer is already on here, but ive searched & did not find the answer, but how do you just select to use the recaptcha service (i.e. deathbycaptcha) on just the first (top) tier ?
ive looked in the “captcha” admin where you add the captcha service & there is nothing there.
i can only see it applies universally to everything.
i have gsa captcha breaker already – then first tier to go to deathbycaptcha
but i want lower tiers to be gsa captcha breaker only

My website gives “everybody” an error but it works just fine

I have website which runs just fine. I'm visiting it on PC, mobile, tablet and I'm even using Google Search Console & Analytics. And it just runs OK 100%. No issues whatsoever for me.

But when I'm promoting it (like direct Emails, social media etc.) I'm quite regularly getting responses "that website doesn't work" or "that link gives me an error". This issue lasts for months. I checked it on all my devices. I tried online web tests. Checked blacklists. Everything is OK. But…

My website gives "everybody" an error but it works just fine