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Internal hard disk does not mount on Ubuntu: Just one unknown partition

I have received an old hard drive (previously used in Drobo) and want to extract its data. Not sure how was used in Drobo and what has been the filesystem type.

I connect it to my systems which has Ubuntu 18.04 installed. The disk is recognized in the “Disks” but cannot be mounted. The drive seems to have only one partition (e.g. /dev/sdc) and shown as Unknown.

Image taken from Disk

When checking the options in the gears on the bottom-left side (see attached), all the options except “Format Partition, Create Partition Image, Restore Partition Image, and Benchmark Partition” are deactivated.

I was wondering if there is a solution for how to extract the data from this hard drive?

Thanks in advance for your comments. Cheers

Magento2 How do I see the raw files, I’m just on the admin

I’m very new to this, I’m doing this for a client. I see there is a content section where I can edit the blocks. I suppose I can edit the custom js to add a javascript file to call my API.

I’m try to send a success or thank you order details back to my order tracking app. (I need to read a cookie from the web page, so I have to do this on the js).

So, somewhere is there welt pixel source files, or is Magento2 all UI driven?

What is the best native iOS solution for a Radio Button with just two options?

The challenge I’m faced with is that I have a horizontally scrolling series of cards that have two common questions for each item, say, Did you perform activity x? and Did you perform activity y?, and the answer is to be filled in objectively with a YES or a NO.

Of course, radio buttons are the go to solution to look up to, but unfortunately, iOS doesn’t seem to natively include a good solution for Radio Buttons (Please enlighten me if I’m wrong).

If my layout were tabular, I would have used the native iOS table-based radio options, as illustrated in this answer. But since I have to incorporate the solution within a card, I’d prefer to limit the size of the card as well.

Switches are not a solution either as they are not suited for Q&A-like copy, but instead are rather suited for action-oriented features (say turn on Flight Mode, or Activate this plan etc.).

I am currently working on the UX of an SDK and would prefer to use native components as much as possible.

Please note that I have already checked the previously existing question regarding the iOS alternative to a radio button and that isn’t the solution I’m looking for as my layout is not tabular, but card-based instead.

Given a string containing just parentheses, determine if the input string is valid

The task is taken from leetcode

Given a string containing just the characters ‘(‘, ‘)’, ‘{‘, ‘}’, ‘[‘ and ‘]’, determine if the input string is valid.

An input string is valid if:

  • Open brackets must be closed by the same type of brackets.
  • Open brackets must be closed in the correct order.
  • Note that an empty string is also considered valid.

Example 1:

Input: “()”

Output: true

Example 2:

Input: “()[]{}”

Output: true

Example 3:

Input: “(]”

Output: false

Example 4:

Input: “([)]”

Output: false

Example 5:

Input: “{[]}”

Output: true

My functional solution

/**  * @param {string} s  * @return {boolean}  */ var isValid = s => {   const par = {       "(": ")",       "{": "}",       "[": "]",     };   const rep = [];   return [...s].every(x => par[x]                        ? rep.push(par[x])                       : rep.pop() === x) && !rep.length; }; 

My imperative soltion

/**  * @param {string} s  * @return {boolean}  */ var isValid2 = s => {   const par = {       "(": ")",       "{": "}",       "[": "]",     };   const rep = [];   for (let i = 0; i < s.length; i++) {     if (par[s[i]]) {       rep.push(par[s[i]]);     } else {       if (rep.pop() !== s[i]) {         return false;       }     }   }   return rep.length === 0; }; 

Bit stuck on trying to just some hooks in a custom module

I am trying to write an auto increment in a custom module that will check how many records exist for a specific content type (responses) and then add to a custom field the count + 1.

Response 1, Response 2, etc…

Ultimately I want to count how many entities of the type responses exist that are also related to a parent entity that is referenced when I save the form, but at this stage I can’t even get it to count and populate my custom field on save.

I’ve hunted around and ended up with the following code (Im learning in Drupal 8)… can anyone see what I am doing wrong please. My work flow is just to create a new entity called responses and press save.

Thanks in advance for any assistance

// Add a custom submit handler function myschool_hook_node_responses_form_alter(&$  form, &$  form_state) { //Add a custom submit handler  $  form['#submit'][] = 'myschool_custom_submit'; }  // Custom submit handler to assign the custom field value myschool_custom_submit(&$  form, &$  form_state) {   $  form_state['values']['field_response_number']['und'][0]['value'] = myschool_preprint_increment();  }  // Custom function to increment by one function myschool_preprint_increment() { // Content type machine name $  type = "responses";   $  nodes = node_load_multiple(array(), array('type' => $  type));   // STILL TO DO – Add a check for reference ID = Parent Entity ID and count from that   if (!empty($  nodes)) {     $  pre_print_number = "Response";     $  pre_print_number .= count($  nodes) + 1;   }   else {     $  pre_print_number = "Response1"; //First response if empty    }    return $  pre_print_number; 

Is “hole punching” in Magento 2 just FPC (full page cache) invalidation

Looking into full page cache for Magneto 2 and I have noticed that if I try to “hole punch” my final_price.phtml block in magento by setting my getCacheLifetime to null, my final price block in still cached by FPC.

If I disable FPC then I see my data for my final price block get cached in redis (for now I only have a 20 second ttl) and then it is removed after its ttl. This seems correct.

So it seems you need some type of getIdentity function set to “invalidate” the FPC to load this block.

My point is it seems your not really “hole punching” you just telling the FPC that a block ttl has ended and its time for FPC to load a new copy of your block and the page to put back into FPC.

Any help would be great!