What happens if a kalashtar eats a dream pastry?

According to Eberron: Rising from the Last War:

Kalashtar sleep, but they don’t connect to the plane of dreams as other creatures do. Instead, their minds draw from the memories of their otherworldly spirit while they sleep. As such, you are immune to spells and other magical effects that require you to dream, like dream, but not to spells and other magical effects that put you to sleep, like sleep.

Meanwhile, for dream pastries (Curse of Strahd, chap. 6):

A creature that eats one in its entirety must suc­ceed on a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or fall into a trance that lasts for 1d4 + 4 hours, during which time the creature is incapacitated and has a speed of O feet. The trance ends if the affected creature takes any dam­age or if someone else uses an action to shake the crea­ture out of its stupor.

While in the trance, the creature dreams of being in some joyous place, far removed from the evils of the world. The places and characters in the dream are vivid and believable, and when the dream ends, the affected creature experiences a longing to return to the place.

So what happens if a kalashtar eats a dream pastry? Obviously they don’t dream. Do they fall into the trance? If so, what do they experience?

Alternately put, does the dream pastry’s trance require the dream, or are trance and dream mechanically separate (though related)? If they are separate, what happens to a kalashtar when they eat one?

What racial features can a Kalashtar use while wildshaped?

As the title states, I want to know which racial features, if any, of the kalashtar are usable in wildshaped form.

The traits are named as follows: Dual Mind, Mental Discipline, Mind Link, Severed from Dreams

Both of these questions are related:
How do I determine if a Racial Trait applies to Wildshape?
Does a wildshaped druid retain his/her racial resistances?

This was a question I thought of when looking at this question, as a way of communicating to the Bestial Spirit: Is it possible to combine Summon Beastial Spirit spell and Wildshape to travel by air?

Can there be more than 67 kalashtar in existence at once?

Kalashtar were originally formed when 67 adaran monks fused their being with quori spirits from Dal Quor. All descriptions of the race, as well as their naming convention suggests a 1:1 ratio of human:quori, ie. that in one kalashtar there is exactly one quori and one human.

Combining these two statements could lead one to believe that the number of kalashtar is limited by the number of quori that escaped Dal Quor at that time. Is this so? I see no mention of such a cap.

If there can be more than 67 kalashtar at a time, where do the quori come from? Do they also reproduce? Do new ones escape Dal Quor?