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Why do trolls’ posts keep getting promoted and upvoted while truth-saying posts are deleted?

Yesterday, I asked this question: How can Tutanota, ProtonMail and Hushmail all claim to provide privacy when they only allow privacy-incompatible payment options?

It’s now been "closed" as "off-topic", even though it couldn’t possibly be more on-topic. Anyway, that is something I’ve come to expect from Stack Exchange and is not the real point of this question.

What I don’t understand is why an (apparent) troll’s post, which lies about ProtonMail accepting Bitcoin, gets to stay, and is even upvoted, when the reply I posted, with a screenshot showing that ProtonMail does NOT support Bitcoin, was deleted. That post and screenshot is just entirely gone. Vanished. As if it never was posted at all.

ProtonMail does not support Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not an option to pick from when registering an account — only "pay card" and "PayPal". The fact that they allow Bitcoin payments after you have already compromised yourself by using their privacy-incompatible payment options is like saying:

Sure, you can have a cookie… but only after we’ve shot you in the head!

You get my point? It’s absurd of them to claim to support Bitcoin payments when they literally don’t. What point would there be to start using Bitcoin (and their .onion site, which just redirects to for the registration form) after you’ve already entered all your personal information and tied the account to your real-life identity? The same of course goes for PayPal (the less commented on them, the better).

This is not the first time I see this kind of behaviour on this site. It seems to be patrolled by people who violently defend companies’ lies and privacy violations, and censor anyone questioning it. I hope such is not the case, but considering how difficult it is to get an answer to anything these days, or even to have your question stay up and not get "closed" or deleted outright, it’s difficult to draw any other reasonable conclusion.

How can I keep time out of combat?

How can I keep time out of combat? I’m currently running Tomb of Annihilation (ToA) and I know later in the adventure I’ll need a way to keep track of how long the party has been exploring (this is for in the tomb itself).

Last time I played this as a player our DM didn’t have much of a way of keeping time which led to us (admittedly more me than the other player) constantly asking if it had been long enough for the party to take another long rest. This became even worse when my Warlock opted to not rest with the rest of the party before what she suspected was a big fight for the sake of not losing her 17 temp HP.

I’m hoping to avoid situations like the party asking when they can take another long rest by having some standardized way of keeping track of time when not in combat in a way the players can also keep track of. I thought about simply keeping initiative the whole time but that would be a highly impractical option considering that would be 14,400 rounds by which time they could explore the entire dungeon most likely.

How many scrolls do I need to keep the spell Disguise Self all the time?

I plan to create a dragonborn wizard disguising as an elf as the society there is racist towards anyone but elves.


  • The character is level 1.
  • I can’t have any feat.

As far as I know, I have two slots of level 1 spells, and the spell disguise self lasts for 1 hour.

If I wanted to keep my slots for other spells, How many scrolls of Disguise self do I need if I want to keep my elf form for 30 days?

Is it less secure to force periodic user logouts vs keep them logged in?

I’ve been unable to find any research or information on this.

Google periodically signs me out and forces me to sign back in. I have multiple devices and multiple google accounts so it’s a bit frustrating but that’s just how it is. However I was thinking about whether this practice is actually secure.

  1. It seems to encourage easy-to-remember / easy-to-type passwords over longer stronger passwords
  2. There’s more chance for a keylogger to intercept a password
  3. There’s more chance for a physical observer to watch you enter a password
  4. It may desensitise users and lead to them automatically entering their password without checking a url

How does this balance this against the inherent insecurity of indefinitely extending a login’s lifetime?

It’s worth noting that Google doesn’t ever log me out of my mobile device – I wonder why it treats this environment differently? Security vs UX concerns?

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Can a magical net be repaired and keep its properties?

This is a follow-up to this question: Can a magical net be destroyed?

Let’s say you have a +1 net which you throw at a target. The target then uses one of its attacks to attack the net, touching it and dealing enough damage to break it.

After defeating the target, you take the pieces of your destroyed net and mend them back together (using the Mending cantrip). Would that give you back your +1 net, or just a plain non-magical one?

This question is in the scope of Adventurers League, where it is indeed possible to get a +X net (if the magic item is a +X weapon if any kind).

Is secureboot of any use if I keep my private key in a root accessible file?

According to the Debian wiki on SecureBoot,

This removes the risk of userland malware potentially enrolling new keys and therefore bypassing the entire point of SB.

So SecureBoot stops users from installing keys without UEFI confirmation (outside of the OS) and verification with a passcode. That makes sense.

However, nothing there ever says to remove the key so root doesn’t have access to it. Does SecureBoot serve any purpose if I keep my private key in a root-accessible file?

How to keep the players to work together?

I am the GM of a group of 5 players, i know them as i usually play other games with them. For the sake of the campaign they do not know their past, nor each other or why are they summoned, after some exposition, they learned that they have to cooperate to escort a VIP somewhere, in the first night of their trip i prepared a small encounter disguised as a barfight. the players are all humans :

  • Woman barbarian (WB)
  • Woman paladin who prays Tyr(WP)
  • Woman Rogue (WR)
  • Man cleric who prays Kelemvor (MC)
  • Man warrior (MW)

So here is how it played out : A drunk guy blamed WB spilling his beer (even if she did not), MW tried to calm things but WB wanted to slap the drunk dude, WR caught her before touching him, and the drunk dude lunged and engaged the fight. WP and WR decided to keep the VIP safe and watch the scene from afar, WB just punched the dude directly, then MW held the drunk by the collar and as he succeded to take the guy out of the place, but on his way, WB landed a hit and put him to 1hp even if he was already handled by MW (i played it out as being unconscious). MC stayed on his chair the whole time drinking his beer, until another drunktard attacked WB with a stool, for hitting his friend, MC used a cantrip twice(sacred flames) on him, and WB entered into rage mode and litterally put the enemy into the negative thus making him roll for death saves. WR rushed to save the dying guy and I ended the session after WP, WR and MW asked themselves if they should leave the other two for such behavior.

WP asked me if she could go to the nearest guard to denounce the attempted murder.

Now, on the first session, i have two people who might be abandonned for their murderous intents and even jail time for WB.

How can i get to make them cooperate or just tolerate each other?