How can I effectively keep track of the timeline of a campaign?


I’ve been playing table top RPGs for some twelve years now, both as a player and a frequent DM. During this time, I’ve had maybe half a dozen campaigns and none of them have been particularly accurate in regards to timeline and time management.

The problem

The problem revolves around keeping track of the smaller time frames in which events occur and, in extension, what else would occur during that time.

The bigger timeline (Year 2000: A happened, Year 2050: B happened, and so forth) is quite easy to keep track of, since most campaign (at least the ones I’ve played) take place within a year or so. The problem I have is keeping track of the day-to-day timeline.


The PARTY sets off by foot from TOWN1, through the FOREST, before intending to reach TOWN2. This journey is estimated to take one week. Now, before they left TOWN1, the WOODELF sent a message via raven, asking his siblings to meet up with them in FOREST. Furthermore, two nights before leaving, PARTY burglarised a corrupt ARISTOBRAT and stole THINGY1. ARISTOBRAT wants THINGY1 back and has sent out nationwide messages, alerting local authorities of the theft and PARTY’s description.

Halfway through FOREST, PARTY is ambushed by a band of villains, resulting in a long (play-time-wise) fight and once PARTY is victorious, the GROUP decide to call it a night.

Next time GROUP gets together, it’s hard remembering how long the journey was going to take, how long PARTY had been travelling for, how long the raven would take to get to WOODELF’s siblings, when ARISTOBRAT’s message will reach various cities and holdfasts and what the result of that may be. The timeline, and thus potentially the campaign, gets messed up.


Is there a quick, easy-to-use and flexible method, application or other service that can help me keep track of the timeline of a campaign?


  • I’ve tried writing it down in a notebook or word document. It easily becomes gibberish, and/or disappears among all other notes. Word document is easier, but disrupts the game flow (Wait, I have to write this down. Hang on, let me find the right document. Oh, damn, computer is laggy).
  • The answers to this question suggests either not bothering with it (which I obviously want to do) or using counters which I think works splendidly for keeping track of time passing, but not as much on keeping track of when along the timeline a given event occurred. thanks to @BESW for the question
  • This question relates to keeping track of events that occur regularly, with an even spread on the timeline, which is not the case for my question, as it relates more to creating and managing a detailed timeline of events that occur, pardon my lack of sophistication, willy-nilly. thanks to @BESW for the question

Should I keep running my old projects as Active, Or just Verify

Greetings, friends.
Wondering if I should keep running some of my oldest set of GSA projects as active…and not just set to Verify only…
I mean those oldest projects where I just link to my money site directly with SER.
I don’t think I need to stop running old projects where SER creates links at T2 T3 .. .. just those pointing RIGHT at the  money site.
…and JUST those projects, of course, that I have newer replacements for with my own T1s, either on PBNs, a few legit listings, and various social media and other content platforms, and hopefully some authority links.
Is it ever OK to link directly to a money site with SER?
I have Asia Virtual Solutions active, blog comment, directory, forum, guestbook,Image COntent, Microblog, Pingback, Referrer, RSS, Social Bookmarks, Trackbacks, Web 2.0, Wiki running.
I also have a separate set of older projects that post to anything that will accept an article pointing at the money site. The articles are OK. Spun, hand-written, reviewed spintax for accuracy. On those I have Asia Virtual Solutions (projects to MS that use articles), articles, blog comments, pingbacks,referrers, social bookmarks, social networks, and wikis that use articles when posting.
This is how I chose to set up older projects. Are *either* the first set of projects, or the second that use articles,  appropriate as a T1 pointing at  a money site? And if not, what SHOULD I be using SER-generated backlinks? I’m *SURE* some will suggest SEREngines. I’ve haven’t used SEREngines since the last version, so if someone could explain I would very much appreciate it. Trying to do SEO right, finally. No more continuing poor practices that are just from a time I didn’t know better.
Should I *NOT* have been doing this? Is it considered “spam practices” by Google? At some point, I came to to understand that T1s should be stable and basically be legit. Is it OK?

How do druids keep other druids from using Transport via Plants to show up uninvited?

What options do druids have to keep other druids out of their sacred groves?

Some contrasting examples:

  • Wizards like to Teleport. To keep out other wizards, a wizard can use Dimensional Lock (on an admittedly tiny area).
  • Clerics don’t have a lot of teleportation spells. To keep out those clerics with access to the Travel domain, other clerics could cast Dimensional Lock or Forbiddance.

Druids probably have a tree or eighty nearby. If a druid wants to go somewhere using Transport via Plants, I imagine having any "normal plant (equal to the druid’s size or larger)" around would be both convenient and thematic.

The options I have found so far to prevent uninvited druids from showing up via either Transport via Plants or Tree Stride:

  1. The druids kill all the vegetation nearby. This seems kinda…. anti-druidic.
  2. Create a House Rule that druids can cast Forbiddance on one grove, and one druid may have only one Forbiddance spell in effect at one time. I’m probably going to do this, but not sure what else it will break.

How to rescale a grid in FoundryVTT and keep the doors/walls?

I’ve discovered an issue when importing maps from dndbeyond into FoundryVTT via the VTTAssets Dndbeyond extension.

The map imports 100% correctly in that it brings in walls and doors as well as keeps the scale of 1 square = 10 feet.

However, I want to play with 1 square=5 feet, but keep the same dimensions.

If I double the map size, the doors and walls don’t double with it. It does put 2 grid squares in each map square, but I was hoping to keep everything when the scale changed.

I will try to keep this as Adult as possible, but you are getting on my nerves

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What’s the best Is there a way to convert MTG into creatures and characters to AD&D?

I started playing AD&D when it came out in the seventies. I have all of the 1st edition Core books including Deities & Demigods with Melnibonéan and Cthulhu mythos. I have about 100 Modules as well as some Gamma World and Star Frontiers. I started playing Magic the Gathering in 1993 and have about 15,000 cards. There are a lot of creatures as well as characters from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering that I would like to incorporate into some D&D dungeons, but not exactly sure how to make the transition from Magic’s Attack/Defense to D&D’s AC/HP or specific DAM into my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Any suggestions where to start? Is there a published process for such a conversion? If not, is there a comparison from tested homebrew conversion process that a user is willing from D&D share?

Two questions asked in posts and no answers, only posts closed. The Mods here must be kids that play nothing but 5e. I understand that it must be easier for you to just shut down a post, than to answer a question, or even just give some constructive criticism, but come on… This is by far the "crappiest" forum that I have ever had the displeasure of joining. I’m sure that you will close this post as well and possibly "Ban" me from posting again. but for Christ’s sake, answer a question once in a while or at least give some kind of feedback to help out someone that likes to share his interests with other gamers..