Can a magical net be repaired and keep its properties?

This is a follow-up to this question: Can a magical net be destroyed?

Let’s say you have a +1 net which you throw at a target. The target then uses one of its attacks to attack the net, touching it and dealing enough damage to break it.

After defeating the target, you take the pieces of your destroyed net and mend them back together (using the Mending cantrip). Would that give you back your +1 net, or just a plain non-magical one?

This question is in the scope of Adventurers League, where it is indeed possible to get a +X net (if the magic item is a +X weapon if any kind).

Is secureboot of any use if I keep my private key in a root accessible file?

According to the Debian wiki on SecureBoot,

This removes the risk of userland malware potentially enrolling new keys and therefore bypassing the entire point of SB.

So SecureBoot stops users from installing keys without UEFI confirmation (outside of the OS) and verification with a passcode. That makes sense.

However, nothing there ever says to remove the key so root doesn’t have access to it. Does SecureBoot serve any purpose if I keep my private key in a root-accessible file?

How to keep the players to work together?

I am the GM of a group of 5 players, i know them as i usually play other games with them. For the sake of the campaign they do not know their past, nor each other or why are they summoned, after some exposition, they learned that they have to cooperate to escort a VIP somewhere, in the first night of their trip i prepared a small encounter disguised as a barfight. the players are all humans :

  • Woman barbarian (WB)
  • Woman paladin who prays Tyr(WP)
  • Woman Rogue (WR)
  • Man cleric who prays Kelemvor (MC)
  • Man warrior (MW)

So here is how it played out : A drunk guy blamed WB spilling his beer (even if she did not), MW tried to calm things but WB wanted to slap the drunk dude, WR caught her before touching him, and the drunk dude lunged and engaged the fight. WP and WR decided to keep the VIP safe and watch the scene from afar, WB just punched the dude directly, then MW held the drunk by the collar and as he succeded to take the guy out of the place, but on his way, WB landed a hit and put him to 1hp even if he was already handled by MW (i played it out as being unconscious). MC stayed on his chair the whole time drinking his beer, until another drunktard attacked WB with a stool, for hitting his friend, MC used a cantrip twice(sacred flames) on him, and WB entered into rage mode and litterally put the enemy into the negative thus making him roll for death saves. WR rushed to save the dying guy and I ended the session after WP, WR and MW asked themselves if they should leave the other two for such behavior.

WP asked me if she could go to the nearest guard to denounce the attempted murder.

Now, on the first session, i have two people who might be abandonned for their murderous intents and even jail time for WB.

How can i get to make them cooperate or just tolerate each other?

[ Politics ] Open Question : “Ask China”? Why is Trump such a vile and sanctimonious racist, and why do his dumb supporters keep defending him?

Yes, I’m Chinese. No, Trump supporters, I do not have the coronavirus! To the person who deleted his answer: Get a clue! It doesn’t matter if the reporter asked a “dumb question.” When you are the President of the United States, every gesture you make and every blink of an eye is analyzed. Trump signed up for this, and he should have anticipated the obstacles of having the most stressful job in America. Therefore, if Trump is too mentally unfit to handle criticism (like EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT), then he shouldn’t be president!! @Anonymous coward: Viruses exist in every country. You just want a reason to be racist like a lot of white Trump supporters.

Keep results with Strife if my teammates keep the Strife

I’ll be directing a game of L5R for the first time and I have some questions about Strife at L5R 5e (the one by Fantasy Flight Games). I might have missed the answers in the core rulebook as I’ve been reading it jumping from one page to another, but I haven’t found the answers there.

Can I keep results with Strife while I’m Compromised (page 30) if I’m using assistance and my budies take Strife for me (page 26)?

The text regarding being compromised tells (emphasis mine):

A compromised character’s vigilance attribute (see page 36) counts as 1. Additionally, when making a check, a Compromised character cannot keep dice containing strife symbols (to a potential minimum of 0 kept dice).

However, the text in Using Assistance reads:

During Step 3: Assemble and Roll Dice Pool, if a char-acter making a check receives assistance from one or more others, the character making the check rolls one additional skill dice per assisting character who has 1 or more ranks of the skill in use, and one additional ring dice per assist-ing character who has 0 ranks in the skill in use. Each player whose character assists must describe how they are helping, and the GM decides if they can contribute.

At the GM’s discretion, during Step 4: Modify Rolled Dice, up to one advantage from one assistingcharacter can be applied.

Then, during Step 5: Choose Kept Dice, a character making a check with assistance may keep up to 1 additional die per assisting character.

Finally, during Step 6: Resolve Symbols on Kept Dice, each assisting character may choose to suffer 1 strife to negate 1 strife symbol on the check.

By RAW and due to the order of steps, it seems that a Compromised character cannot keep any dice with Strife symbols, but the last paragraph tells that the symbol is negated while being resolved, not ignored. I understand the order being like that so nobody takes Strife negating an unkeeped dice, but if the Strife symbol gets negated, should it be possible to keep it if another person takes the penalty?

Can a Barbarian self-inflict damage to keep raging?

In DnD 5e the barbarian rage is somewhat different from it’s 3.5e counterpart, but the thing that most confused me is the need to be actively part of mayhem and destruction at every round to keep being angry (emphasis mine):

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your rage on your turn as a bonus action.

Now the question is, can a Barbarian (with or without shield) punch/stomp/bite/headbutt itself to recieve damage and maintain rage? To me, it seems it’s possible by RAW, but I’m not sure about RAI if an unmissable attack (I refuse to think that you can miss hitting yourself if you are not heavily drunk) with the lowest melee damage possible from a Barbarian can keep you raging for the full duration.

How can PCs keep up when maneuver DCs increase so quickly?

Lots of maneuvers call for a DC of [some number]+2×[the ship’s tier]. Yet as your character levels up (and your ship’s tier with it), your max ranks in a given skill only increase by 1/level.

Thus, as you gain experience and get to know your ship better and modify it to suit you, it actually becomes harder to get it to do anything not in the base specs.

Coming off of 5e’s bounded accuracy, this is a bit of a shock. Am I reading this right? Am I missing something? I know there are ASIs, but those don’t happen that often — is there an assumption of assistive gear that would make maneuvers easier over time, or at least not harder?

Can a Sacred Fist/Master of Many Styles multiclass keep Flurry of Blows with Fuse Style?

I’m currently looking at building a Sacred Fist, with the two level dip into Monk that seems fairly common. I was thinking of using the Master of Many Styles archetype. Fuse Style mentions that it replaces Flurry of Blows (as archetype talents replace core ones of their class). So there would be no Flurry of Blows from the Monk levels I take. However, I have Flurry of Blows already from starting at level 1 in Sacred Fist.

Do I keep Flurry of Blows, or is that also gone from having Fuse Style?

Do I have to keep the spells from subclasses?

I am pretty new to DnD and so far I have been pure melee class player just because my first DM advised that they are easier to play. Now I am trying to make a spellcasting character for a first time and this is hard.

I want to make a tempest domain cleric and I really don’t want gust of wind spell provided in the third level, but it looks like I have to keep the spells from the subclass spell list, since there is no explanation of the how to use the spell chart under the subclass in the Player’s Handbook. (Or perhaps I missed out and didn’t read something important about it)

Would it be wrong if I replace that spell into something else and don’t put that spell in my spell list?