Nikon D5100: How to keep Continuous shooting on between shots

There is an old-ish post about the continuous release mode, but it’s not exactly what I am trying to achieve, and was wondering if something has been discovered since then.

On my D5100, when I set the release mode to continuous (I am usually in A,S, or M mode), once I let go of the shutter it reverts back to single release. I would like it to stay on continuous until I put it back to single myself. Is there a way to do this? I have read mixed answers online, including on here. I want to play with auto-bracketing and creating HDR photos myself instead of using the in-camera mode for it, but I don’t want to have to continuously set the release mode every time.

Functions keep returing 0

I have a three functions one inside another, they use the same inputs as it showen in my code, everytime I printf the inputs after I pass the three functions I get a “0” as a value.

I tried to delete the “free()”, as I thought it’s because of it that my inputs get a 0 as values, but if I do, the code freeze.

 int Timeout;   char passcode[20];    void main()  {     configuration(&Timeout, passcode);     printf("%d\n",Timeout);       for(int i=0;i<20;i++)        {       printf("%c",passcode[i]);          }   }    void configuration(int* d, char* c)    {   c = malloc(20*sizeof(char));   d = malloc(sizeof(int));       *d=*d+1;   readn(d, c);   free(c);   free(d);   return;       }    void readn(int* d, char* c)     {      c = malloc(20*sizeof(char));      d = malloc(sizeof(int));      *d=*d+2;  configuration_SYS(d, c);  free(c);  free(d);      return;     }    void configuration_SYS(char* abc,int* d, char* c)    {  char* mdp = malloc(sizeof(20));     mdp="1234";  c = malloc(20*sizeof(char)); d = malloc(sizeof(int));      c=mdp; *d=*d+3;  printf("%d",Timeout); printf("%d",*d);  free(mdp);   return;     } 

I expect to get a values different than 0 when I printf the two variables.

Keep Vimeo or Youtube Video Playing on Loop After You SWIPE – Magento 2

When I click on Play button, Video plays. When I swipe to the next or previous item (images) then come back to video, it resets and i have to click again for it to play.

What I want: The video just keeps playing in loop, when i come back it’s still playing. It’s a muted video so on mobile it also plays fine.

Problem is It keeps reinitialize it.

I have been looking into : fotorama-add-video-events.js en load-player.js

Without success.

Thanks In advance for all your help guys, been really struggling for 3 days now.

How can I keep screen on ONLY while music is playing?

I drive typically 300+miles a day and my phone works both as my GPS and my media player through my work trucks AUX port. I drive to a lot of the same places so after awhile the GPS isn’t kept on top and just stays running in the background to warn me if there’s a faster route than usual due to accidents or traffic. Thus I’d rather let Google Maps run in the background and have Pandora on screen to make it easy to up and down vote songs without anything more than a quick glance, I drive a large truck so the whole picking up my phone, turning the screen on, entering my pin, etc is not a valid solution to me. Yet if Google Maps isn’t on screen the screen will eventually dim and turn off. Does anyone know of an app or workaround that would keep the screen on while Pandora is running? Maybe something with extra features such as only if Pandora is running and the phone is charging. I’m aware of the “Keep screen on while charging” option but thanks to me having a crappy Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1) this means when my phone is finished charging at night the screen turns on and stays on waking me up. My only request is please only give valid answers, no “Sorry not possible.”, “Don’t mess with your phone while driving.”, “Just deal with the screen turning on at night.”, etc.

How to keep lock screen always on when connected to external monitor and charging

I’m using an external utility to set very eye pleasing wallpapers on my MacBook Pro 2013 with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2. Now I don’t get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the background while I’m working but when I leave my desk, it would be really nice to leave the machine on (and locked) so that I can enjoy these gorgeous wallpapers.

Attached is an example of my locked screen with an amazing background. I would like to keep it like this as long as the computer is charging and the lid is not closed.

Note: I definitely do not want to the keep laptop running all the time especially with lid closed as I travel a lot for work.

How might I achieve this?

Lock screen picture

Node.js is not giving any response and keep loading

If I am using this function I am getting proper response. router.get(‘/’, function(req, res, next) { var products = Product.find();

  res.render('shop/index', { title: 'Shopping-Cart', products: products }); 

}); If I am using below function my local server is not giving any response and keep loading. router.get(‘/’, function(req, res, next) { Product.find(function (err, docs){

res.render(‘shop/index’, { title: ‘Shopping-Cart’, products: docs });


}); Help me to solve this problem.

Error: Google Play Services keep stopping

This errorr message keeps flashing. I tried the solutions offered but on Settings the google play services app does not open the disable or force stop buttons. I tried uninstalling updates but I get the message that it can’t uninstall because google is an device administrator. Switching off my mobile data and wifi did not work, switching the device off and on did not work. Any other advice?