How to keep lock screen always on when connected to external monitor and charging

I’m using an external utility to set very eye pleasing wallpapers on my MacBook Pro 2013 with macOS Mojave Version 10.14.2. Now I don’t get to enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the background while I’m working but when I leave my desk, it would be really nice to leave the machine on (and locked) so that I can enjoy these gorgeous wallpapers.

Attached is an example of my locked screen with an amazing background. I would like to keep it like this as long as the computer is charging and the lid is not closed.

Note: I definitely do not want to the keep laptop running all the time especially with lid closed as I travel a lot for work.

How might I achieve this?

Lock screen picture

Node.js is not giving any response and keep loading

If I am using this function I am getting proper response. router.get(‘/’, function(req, res, next) { var products = Product.find();

  res.render('shop/index', { title: 'Shopping-Cart', products: products }); 

}); If I am using below function my local server is not giving any response and keep loading. router.get(‘/’, function(req, res, next) { Product.find(function (err, docs){

res.render(‘shop/index’, { title: ‘Shopping-Cart’, products: docs });


}); Help me to solve this problem.

Error: Google Play Services keep stopping

This errorr message keeps flashing. I tried the solutions offered but on Settings the google play services app does not open the disable or force stop buttons. I tried uninstalling updates but I get the message that it can’t uninstall because google is an device administrator. Switching off my mobile data and wifi did not work, switching the device off and on did not work. Any other advice?

How to keep all sequelize fieldnames refrenced in one place to increase code maintianability

I am struggling trying to figure out how to keep field names maintainable with sequelize. Right now I am thinking of doing the following, but it seems like there should be a better way: I will have my models and in a sub directory I will keep the shared field names (I will use my user model and my base model as an example):

  src ├── models     └── user.js     └── base.js     |     ├── field-names        └── user-fields.js 

In the user model I will have the following:

const BaseModel = require('./base'); const userFields  = require('./field-names/photo-fields');     class User extends BaseModel {         static init(DataTypes) {             return super.init(DataTypes, {                 userFields.username: {                     type: DataTypes.TEXT,                     allowNull: false,                     field: 'username',                 },             });         }     }; 

The base model I’m not worried about, but it extends Sequelze.Model and changes some settings (field formatting, default fields) to make it easier to work with PostgreSQL, and some other tools we use when exporting data from PostgreSQL. In the user-fields.js file I would have the following:

module.exports = {username:'username',} 

The motivation behind all of this is that if I have some other file that uses the user model and creates users I can do something like this:

const userFields  = require('./field-names/photo-fields'); //...some other code user.create({userFields.username:'my username'}); 

The benefit being that I can change username only in the fields file using my IDEs refactoring tool, and it will change throughout the codebase (e.g. to {nameOfUser: 'name-of-user}). However, since sequelize deals with creating the models and generating a lot of the code that way for you, I am wondering if I missed something, or if there is a way to source all fieldnames from some place that doesn’t require you to make a separate file to store them all. I didn’t see anything like this mentioned in the documentation, but it seems very limiting to either be stuck with whatever you first name a field of a model, or have to track down all the places you may have used that field name and change them.

Keep right angles in line connecting objects in OmniGraffle

Two part question, about connector lines.

Can I draw a line connecting objects that automatically breaks with right angle turns?

If not, I can manually create breaks while drawing a connector line by making single clicks. If going this route, is there a way to keep the breaks at 90-degree right angles?

Basically the same question as this one but about OmniGraffle rather than PowerPoint.

How to bind mount a subdir of a RO file system as R/W, and keep it as R/W

I have a read-only root file system and I want to make a subdir (let’s say /home) writable. For this I do the following:

mount --bind /home /home mount -o remount,rw /home 

This works fine.

Now let’s assume I want to make a change in the root file system (outside of /home). I then do the following:

mount -o remount,rw / ...change some files... mount -o remount,ro / 

What happens now is that /home, which was writable, is now also read-only.

How can I avoid this? I would like to keep /home as R/W always regardless of what happens with the root FS.

Restrict access on system path for nodes, but keep URL alias

I use URL aliases on my Drupal 8 page. For example: Alias is | Normal system path is

How can I restrict the access of the system path for normal users and bots (Duplicate content issue for SEO)? I only want them to see the content inside of views or the URL alias, but I don’t want anyone but me to access the node path. Am I missing a configuration, since this should be a simple task, right?

I have the Redirect module installed, but it didn’t seem to solve my problem.

Thank you for your help.

Keep GUI application running after VNC logoff

i got myself a cheap “emailserver” by installing Thunderbird with a lot of filters on a raspberry pi. My Idea was to forward all my emails to a single email adress and filter spam as well es specific adresses. Therefore, i could access all my prefiltered email from an android client who doesn’t support filter on it’s own. Problem is, my raspberry stops working after i log out of vnc connection, most likely because the GUI shuts down at some point. On Console only, i would just use ‘screen’ for this purpose. But i have no idea how to do this with windowed applications.
By the way, i could not manage to get thunderbird running headless, thats why i installed the gui in the first place.

Device: Raspberry Pi 3B+ OS: Raspbian with default GUI

Any Ideas?