AWS S3 keep throwing 403 forbidden on Font awesome 5 web fonts files

I’m using Font awesome 5 in my application. Every time running “eb deploy”, Font awesome icons show up with squares and throw 403 forbidden on the console. To fix that, I make the web fonts files having extensions such as .woff and .woff2 to be public by doing “Make public”.

The problem is I need to repeat this every time running “eb deploy”. Is there a way to fix that?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do Democrats keep picking up House seats post-midterms?

Cisneros defeated Republican Young Kim on Saturday in the last of Orange County’s undecided House races, giving Democrats a clean sweep of the state’s six most fiercely fought congressional contests and marking an epochal shift in a region long synonymous with political conservatism. With Cisneros’ victory, Democrats will constitute the entirety of Orange County’s seven-member congressional delegation, the first time since the 1930s that the birthplace of Richard M. Nixon, home of John Wayne and spiritual center of the Republican Party will have no GOP representative in the House. Orange County goes blue, as Democrats complete historic sweep of its seven congressional seats This gives Democrats 45 of the state’s 53 House seats and mark a new low for the flailing Republican Party, which dominated the state and its politics for much of California’s history. Americans are sickened by the RACIST-HATE-MONGERING, and FEAR-MONGERING of Trump’s Fascist CULT-45 Republicans. I expect 2020 to finish wiping the SCUM like Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham out of American politics!

Shapes keep going off screen before bouncing off the side of the window

I’m not sure where my code is going wrong, but I wanted the shapes (circles and stars) to bounce off all sides when they get there, rather than go off screen and then bounce back… I’ve been sitting here thinking about how to fix my code so that collision detection would work properly but the collision detection works for 2/4 sides (top and left work, but bottom and right go off screen and then bounce….). Below is the code that I am currently using for this trial of mines, hopefully someone will be able to assist in finding the problem is resolving it…

import java.util.Random; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Graphics; import javax.swing.JFrame; public class TestGraphics extends JFrame {     static int width = 800, height = 800, angle = 90;     static int R, G, B;     static int X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6;     static int Zoom1, Zoom2, Zoom3, Zoom4, Zoom5, Zoom6;     static int BallSize1, BallSize2, BallSize3, StarSize1, StarSize2, StarSize3;     static int SpeedX1, SpeedX2, SpeedX3, SpeedX4, SpeedX5, SpeedX6;     static int SpeedY1, SpeedY2, SpeedY3, SpeedY4, SpeedY5, SpeedY6;     static double rad, pi = 3.14159;     static Color Color1, Color2, Color3, Color4, Color5, Color6;     public TestGraphics(){         super("CS210 Assignment 4");         setBounds(600, 200, width, height);  // at your monitor         setResizable(false);         setVisible(true);         setDefaultCloseOperation(EXIT_ON_CLOSE);     }     public static void Ball1(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color1 = new Color(R, G, B);         X1 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y1 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         BallSize1 = rand.nextInt(50)+40;         SpeedX1 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY1 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom1 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public static void Ball2(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color2 = new Color(R, G, B);         X2 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y2 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         BallSize2 = rand.nextInt(50)+40;         SpeedX2 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY2 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom2 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public static void Ball3(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color3 = new Color(R, G, B);         X3 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y3 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         BallSize3 = rand.nextInt(50)+40;         SpeedX3 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY3 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom3 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public static void StarOne(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color4 = new Color(R, G, B);         X4 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y4 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         StarSize1 = rand.nextInt(100);         SpeedX4 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY4 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom4 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public static void StarTwo(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color5 = new Color(R, G, B);         X5 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y5 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         StarSize2 = rand.nextInt(100);         SpeedX5 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY5 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom5 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public static void StarThree(){         Random rand = new Random();         R = rand.nextInt(256);         G = rand.nextInt(256);         B = rand.nextInt(256);         Color6 = new Color(R, G, B);         X6 = rand.nextInt(width/5);         Y6 = rand.nextInt(height/2);         StarSize3 = rand.nextInt(100);         SpeedX6 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         SpeedY6 = rand.nextInt(10)+1;         Zoom6 = rand.nextInt(3)+1;     }     public void paint(Graphics g) {         g.setColor(Color.BLACK);         g.fillRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());         DrawBallOne(g);         DrawBallTwo(g);         DrawBallThree(g);         DrawStarOne(g);         DrawStarTwo(g);         DrawStarThree(g);         try{             Thread.sleep(50);         } catch (Exception exc){}         repaint();     }     public void DrawBallOne(Graphics g){         g.setColor(Color1);         X1+=SpeedX1;         Y1+=SpeedY1;         BallSize1+=Zoom1;         g.fillOval(X1, Y1, BallSize1, BallSize1);         if (X1 <0 || X1 > width){             SpeedX1*=-1;         }         if (Y1 < 0 || Y1 > height){             SpeedY1*=-1;         }         if (BallSize1 < 0 || BallSize1 > 100){             Zoom1*=-1;         }     }     public void DrawBallTwo(Graphics g){         g.setColor(Color2);         X2+=SpeedX2;         Y2+=SpeedY2;         BallSize2+=Zoom2;         g.fillOval(X2, Y2, BallSize2, BallSize2);         if (X2>width || X2 <0){             SpeedX2*=-1;         }         if (Y2>height || Y2<0){             SpeedY2*=-1;         }         if (BallSize2 > 100 || BallSize2 < 0){             Zoom2*=-1;         }     }     public void DrawBallThree(Graphics g){         g.setColor(Color3);         X3+=SpeedX3;         Y3+=SpeedY3;         BallSize3+=Zoom3;         g.fillOval(X3, Y3, BallSize3, BallSize3);         if (X3>width || X3 <0){             SpeedX3*=-1;         }         if (Y3>height || Y2<0){             SpeedY3*=-1;         }         if (BallSize3 > 100 || BallSize3 < 0){             Zoom3*=-1;         }     }     public void DrawStarOne(Graphics g){         int [] Sx = new int [10];         int [] Sy = new int [10];         for(int i = 0; i<10; i++){             if (i % 2 == 0) {                 rad = StarSize1*.38;             } else {                 rad = StarSize1;             }             Sx[i] += (int) (rad * Math.cos(pi * angle/180));             Sy[i] += (int) (rad * Math.sin(pi * angle/180));             angle += 36;             Sx[i] += X4;             Sy[i] += Y4;         }         g.setColor(Color4);         X4+=SpeedX4;         Y4+=SpeedY4;         StarSize1+=Zoom4;         g.fillPolygon(Sx, Sy, 10);         if (X4 > width || X4 < 0) {             SpeedX4*=-1;         }         if (Y4 > height || Y4 < 0) {             SpeedY4*=-1;         }         if (StarSize1 > 100 || StarSize1 < 0) {             Zoom4 *= -1;         }     }     public void DrawStarTwo(Graphics g){         int [] Sx = new int [10];         int [] Sy = new int [10];         for(int i = 0; i<10; i++){             if (i % 2 == 0) {                 rad = StarSize2*.38;             } else {                 rad = StarSize2;             }             Sx[i] += (int) (rad * Math.cos(pi * angle/180));             Sy[i] += (int) (rad * Math.sin(pi * angle/180));             angle += 36;             Sx[i] += X5;             Sy[i] += Y5;         }         g.setColor(Color5);         X5+=SpeedX5;         Y5+=SpeedY5;         StarSize2+=Zoom5;         g.fillPolygon(Sx, Sy, 10);         if (X5 > width || X5 < 0) {             SpeedX5*=-1;         }         if (Y5 > height || Y5 < 0) {             SpeedY5*=-1;         }         if (StarSize2 > 100 || StarSize2 < 0) {             Zoom5 *= -1;         }     }     public void DrawStarThree(Graphics g){         int [] Sx = new int [10];         int [] Sy = new int [10];         for(int i = 0; i<10; i++){             if (i % 2 == 0) {                 rad = StarSize3*.38;             } else {                 rad = StarSize3;             }             Sx[i] += (int) (rad * Math.cos(pi * angle/180));             Sy[i] += (int) (rad * Math.sin(pi * angle/180));             angle += 36;             Sx[i] += X6;             Sy[i] += Y6;         }         g.setColor(Color6);         X6+=SpeedX6;         Y6+=SpeedY6;         StarSize3+=Zoom6;         g.fillPolygon(Sx, Sy, 10);         if (X6 > width || X6 < 0) {             SpeedX6*=-1;         }         if (Y6 > height || Y6 < 0) {             SpeedY6*=-1;         }         if (StarSize3 > 100 || StarSize3 < 0) {             Zoom6 *= -1;         }     }     public static void main(String[] args){         Ball1();         Ball2();         Ball3();         StarOne();         StarTwo();         StarThree();         new TestGraphics();     } } 

Turn all posts into Woocommerce products (keep as posts too)

I have a movie rental site with about 8000 posts – was used for reference for my rental store. Id like now allow customers to buy the movies as we’re shutting down in the near future.

Is there a way to convert posts to products, but also keep them as posts? I’d like customers to still be able to browse the catalogue, but just allow them to “add to cart” and then proceed with a checkout etc if they want to buy the movies.

Thanks in advance..

bind mount / symlink – keep destination “tree” on removal of source?

I’m trying to accomplish something fairly odd, so bear with me.

I’ve added an external SD card to my old Droid Mini (basically just for an experiment to see whether or not I could expand the storage capability). It’s currently running Lineage OS 13.

The issue is that the external SD adapter is very power hungry, and the kernel on this version (3.4.42) doesn’t properly support autosuspend.

I can force the device into low power mode by unbinding the SCSI device from the USB device, but obviously it disappears if I do that.

I read that bind mounts can preserve the directory structure of the source folder even if it is removed, but I can’t seem to get that to work (see here – “It is possible to unmount /some/where, in which case /else/where remains mounted.”)

The idea is to wait until the USB device goes idle, then manually suspend it by unbinding it until it is needed again. However, if I unbind the device, the “stat” file I’m using to monitor idleness ALSO disappears, do I can’t use that to check if activity is requested.

So my (maybe silly) idea was to make bind mount of the external card to a “virtual” USB device which doesn’t disappear when the source is removed, and re-attaches it when it’s needed.

Baby steps though, any ideas how I might go about preserving a “fake” drive for the system to operate through? Bind-mounts don’t seem to do quite the right thing here.

Thanks, R

Emails I send keep getting into recipient’s Spam folder in Gmail

I have a personal domain and I use a mail account on it (it’s not Gmail). Recently, all the emails I send (personal and business messages, not bulk) keep getting into the recipients Gmail Spam folder (I checked with several recipients).

Why is that and what can I do?

More info:

  • I checked and my domain is not in the blacklist.

  • When looking at the message in the Spam folder, it states “It’s similar to messages that were detected by our spam filter”. However, this is a personal message I wrote to someone – not a newsletter or a bulk message.

  • My sites and mail server are on a shared hosting service. But until recently I didn’t have this problem.