Keeps booting into emergency mode, swap errors

Moved my media server over to a new case last nigth and ever since it will only boot into emergency mode. I am also getting “failed to activate swap /swapfile” error as posted here. I have a 120 GB M2 SSD as the system drive with 2 partitions. I also have a HDD that has my media files on it.


Here is output of cat /etc/fstab – I know it’s wrong – but it is in read only mode. I also don’t know how to find the UUID of the extra HDD

cat /etc/fstab

I know there is likely more info needed – please let me know

Ubuntu backup file keeps appearing and filling up hard drive

So some time ago I tried to set a scheduled backup using the backups app in ubuntu. However when it ran it completely filled up a 2TB hard drive when my system drive was only 64gb. I couldnt figure out how to get it to stop backing up the drive the backup file was saved too. So I stopped the backup and deleted the backup.tar file, or so I thought but it keeps re-appearing each week. I’ve looked at the backups app and it shows its turned off. I’m guessing it scheduled in something else? It seems to show up on a weekly basis.

Bluetooth headsets connected but voice keeps breaking

First of all, I was unable to connect the device. After a handful googling I connected it successfully using bluetoothctl command agent. But then I there was no ‘High Fidelity playback (A2DP sink)’ option in the profile options. So couldn’t hear anything. I installed blueman and it got me the profile option but I still couldn’t hear anything properly, the voice kept breaking for sometime and finally I again couldn’t hear anything. After sometime, the profile changed back to the ‘Analog Stereo Output’ in the settings>sound menu. Now the sound is is working properly with this profile. That it’s so low and bad quality that I cannot understand anything. How to get the A2DP sink working successfully and consitstently? You may ask for any info you need, I’ll share.

Ubuntu keeps on rebooting after enabling TPM 2.0 from BIOS (APTIO utility)

I am having Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed on to my system. I wanted to implement TPM functionalities. I enabled TPM 2.0 from Trusted Computing option in the BIOS. After this when I rebooted my system, the OS didn’t start. Rather it keeps on rebooting after the American Megatrends screen comes.

The system is stuck in this loop until I disable TPM from the BIOS again.

Really want help to solve this issue.

Internet keeps dropping but wifi stays connected until I try to select network again

I am using ubuntu 18.04 on a Lenovo IdeaPad 330 Every so often (once in 10 minutes), I lose internet connectivity. Wifi still stays connected as indicated by the status on notification bar.New pages don’t open and existing requests are delayed.

When I go to the Status area and click on wifi> select network, it magically returns. I donot have to reconnect, or change network.

Just going to top right corner->Wifi SSID Name-> Select Network and cancel reconnects the Internet.

I am using ubuntu 18.04

 Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 31) 

Backup size keeps growing more then data is added

A schema grows daily, more then data is added. According to table sizes the data in the tables is 2750.

The tables spaces are as follows: enter image description here

In storage management is see:



enter image description here

As the backup of the schema grows we have also noticed performance slowing down (not really significant).

Compressed backup size = 3.7 gb

How can I reduce the space used and are the tbsp_page_sizes to large?

I need commands/steps to reduce the backup sizes and stop performance degradation over time.

Samsung A50 keeps disconnecting wifi (whatsapp loses connection) after 5 minutes

My Samsung A50 keeps dropping the wifi (I suspect, Whatsapp web declares that the phone is unreachable). How can I keep it on? I noticed it’s exactly five minutes after I press the button.

Please note that I already tried googling, as well as any proposed solution, and I disabled every possible thing that might put the application to sleep. I also noticed that every googling I did refers to options that are not present on the A50 (e.g. “Put wifi to sleep”).

At this point I am out of ideas. Help?

Settings app keeps crashing

When I try to open the Setting app on my Android device, it stays on for like a half a second and then closes.

Usually when this happens to me, what I do is I clear cache or if that won’t help, even the data of the application. So basically, settings is not working, so go to settings, apps, settings and clear cache. I hope everyone sees the catch here.

I’ve tried restarting the phone, but settings app still crashes. I’ve noticed that if I am fast enough I can get into the submenu of the settings, so I’ve spent 30minutes training my fingers to open settings, scroll down and click Apps in less than half a second. I was lucky and managed to get into Apps (which didn’t crash), found Settings app and when I tried to clear cache, Apps crashed and Settings doesn’t work either.

What can I do? I would love to avoid factory reset.
Phone: Meizu M6 (with Flyme
Android version: I don’t know, can’t access About the phone from settings.

S6 keeps turning off

My girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S6 that keeps turning itself off randomly multiple times a day (not rebooting). The only way to turn it back on again is to hold down the power and volume buttons. Has anyone else had this problem? Or more importantly has anyone got a solution?

First time pairing of Apple Watch with iPhone keeps failing

I just got a new Apple Watch Series 4, but I’m having some issues pairing to my iPhone (an iPhone 8 with up to date iOS).

When iPhone and Apple Watch are near each other, the pairing procedure starts on the iPhone. I can go through, alternatively, the pairing using the “holding the phone over the animation” or the one with manual code insert. After a few seconds on the following “pairing successful” screen, a popup message appears saying that communication between the devices wasn’t stable and that I need to restart.

A couple of times I was able to select wrist and crown position, it started syncing but again failed after a couple of minutes of waiting.

I tried restarting the iPhone and the Apple watch, resetting network connections. This happens with Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth on, with or without Wi-Fi connected to a network.

One thing that I don’t understand is why I can’t pair using only cellular connection on? I tried moving outside the building, to stay outside the range of any known Wi-Fi access points. In that case, the pairing can’t even start. The iPhone says I need to have a Cellular or Wi-Fi connection on (along with Bluetooth) but it appears that I can’t do anything without Wi-Fi. The same happens if I turn Wi-Fi off.

What could be going wrong? How do I pair the Apple Watch to iPhone in such a scenario?