My Mac keeps adding double spaces randomly when I type

I’m running Mac Version 10.14.3 on a 15-inch 2018 model.

I’m not sure if I received a new update but over that last few days it keeps adding random double spaces as I type.

I tried turning off key repeat as suggested on some websites but that hasn’t corrected the issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I’ve had this Mac for several months and I never had this issue until a few days ago. I’m not sure if it’s software or hardware related.

Workflow 2013 keeps updating the items on behalf of the users, even if the condition does not match

I am working on a sharepoint online classic team site, and i added a custom list which contain a field named “Responsibility ID” which is of type “Single line of text”, and i set it as hidden inside the New/Edit forms using this PnP script:-

$  fieldTitle = "ResponsibilityID" $  customfield = $  Context.Site.RootWeb.Fields.GetByInternalNameOrTitle($  fieldTitle)  $  customfield.SetShowInEditForm($  true) $  customfield.SetShowInDisplayForm($  true) $  customfield.UpdateAndPushChanges($  true) $  Context.ExecuteQuery() 

then i define the below workflow 2013 to get executed when item is added/updated, and i chose to update the “Responsiblity ID” to be equal to RES[ItemID]:- enter image description here

but the problem in my case is that whenever i update the item , the workflow will cause the item to be updated, as follow:- enter image description here

so not sure why the IF statement inside my above workflow is being ignored? so even if the “Responsiblity ID” equals RES[ItemID], the workflow will update the item.

Recovery mode keeps showing rather than showing OS startup after a successful USB El Capitan installation

I’am installing El Capitan 10.11 from USB installer. For that that i restarted my iMac (Early 2009) and held and kept down the Option key which made me select the device osx el capitan installer to boot from. Then i entered in utility disk and erased my 1st drive of my hard disc in format of Extended Journaled. i also did First Aid scan which seemed fine. onward i started installing OS X using OS X Utilities window which took me for the installation from USB. it took approx 12 minutes to accomplish for the successful installation and it restarted iMac. After restarting again it came to the recovery mode showing again OS X Utilities Window where you see ‘Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall OS X, Get Help Online, Disk Utility’. i also checked in Start Up Disk from the apple logo menu which is always empty. There i can’t find any startup disk even after the installation. i don’t know where i’m doing wrong. could someone please advise the right way to do it? Thank you

Plotting decision tree in R keeps getting error in rpart [on hold]

testsetp <- uselection2[uselection2$  Election == ‘p’,] [sample(18,3),] testseto<- uselection2[uselection2$  Election == ‘o’,][sample(13,2),] testset <- rbind(testsetp, testseto) trainingset<- uselection2[-as.numeric(rownames(testset)),] trainingset[3:14] <- sapply(trainingset[3:14], as.factor) testset[3:14] <- sapply(testset[3:14], as.factor) tree1<-rpart(Election~., trainingset, method=class,     cp=0.01,minsplit=1, minbucket=1)   

I am trying to make a decision tree in R using rpart but I keep getting the error of ‘duplicated name ‘NA’ in data frame using ‘.’, when I remove this I also get that my Election in rpart is not found even thought it is in my training set?

Can anyone show how to get rid of these errors so I can properly produce my decision tree?

The headers in my training set are, Election, Year and Questions!

Ubuntu keeps randomly shutting down

I have Ubuntu on my laptop and it keeps crashing out of no where. I couldn’t find anything in the syslogs or kern.logs about it at the times when it happened. I don’t know if it could be my battery since I don’t know how to test it. I think it might be because the crash it an instant shutdown, as if it was never powered on.

The laptop does has an NVidia card in it and I tried rolling back the drivers like in another post on here, but that didn’t work.

I kept checking sensors between crashes (it happens multiple times within minutes of each other for a bit) but temps never got above 45C.

Is there another place in /var/log to look or some kind of tool to scan for error in the disk? This problem has been happening for a while and I can’t find anyone having the same problem.

Amy suggestions or more info I can give?

My program keeps closing [on hold]

this is the code for my program using a simple .bat notepad file

echo off Title BIOS scan  color a  mode 1000 cls echo BIOS scan is starting up... pause goto greeting   :greeting cls echo|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| echo|                                        | echo|                                        | echo|       Welcome to BIOS Virus Scanner v 3.9!                         | echo|                                        | echo|       Below are the steps to begin BIOS virus scan.            | echo|                                        | echo|       If you encounter any problems during scan, Please contact us at  | echo|       the website in which you downloaded the software.        | echo|                                        | echo|                                        | echo|       Credits:                             | echo|       Programming: NAME, NAME          | echo|       General Design:  NAME   ,  NAME ,  NAME      | echo|                                        | echo|       News:                                | echo|       BIOS scan 3.9 released! Many bug patches and compatibility   | echo|       issues solved. BIOS scanner now compatible with windows Vista.   | echo|           Version 4.0 Will come soon with color choices too!               | echo|                                        | echo|                                        | echo|                                        |                                        echo|                                        | echo|____________________________________________________________________________| echo echo echo echo echo To Continue, Press 1 echo To exit, Press 2 echo To send us bugs via email, Press 3 echo  echo echo echo 

once I get to the Press any key to continue… and press any key it just closes. no errors, no nothing. I am mediocre programmer and have tried everything I know. Please Help!

i don’t know what is wrong with my coding it keeps skip to else statement even i type in integers not float

def factorial(n): if isinstance(n,int): if n == 1: return 1; elif n <= 0: print(“Factorial is for positive integer.”) else: return n*factorial(n-1) else: print(“It’s only for integers”)

factorial_number = input(“give an integer that you want to factor: “) print(factorial(factorial_number))