Android 9.0 phone dialer app keeps stopping

Ok, so this is a VERY odd issue that’s cropped up in the last week or two. My phone dialer locks up and I get a “Phone keeps stopping” alert, but only in one very odd (but common) circumstance. If I “slowly” dial a phone number from my local area code, the dialer locks up after the first 3 digits (303 in my case). If I dial a 303 # quickly, it works fine. If I dial a # from any other area code (including the other local code of 720) either slowly or quickly, it works fine. Only locks up when you hesitate for half a second after dialing 303, like if you’re double checking a #. It still does it after clearing the cache and when started in safe mode. I have not yet cleared the “phone” data (green telephone logo), as I’m worried about losing part of my contact list or my rather extensive “block list”. This is a Note 8 phone running Android 9.0. Any suggestions?

Domain keeps going to the default apache config

I have an apache2 setup (Ubuntu 16, Apache 2.4.18) with a number of virtual hosts defined. Each virtualhost has it’s own .conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available with a softlink to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

All but one of the virtualhosts work correctly. I have triple checked that the ServerName matches the domain (it does), but when I go to that domain, I end up at DocumentRoot for the default virtualhost and I have no idea why. I also deleted and re-wrote the whole ServerName line in case there was some hidden control character.

I have done a diff between one of the working virtualhosts and the one that doesn’t work, and the only differences are the DocumentRoot and the ServerName.

I have checked that there are no other virtual hosts with the same domain (the only other one is the SSL virtual host)

Is there anything else I can look for to help figure out the issue?

Computer Keeps Resetting

Windows 10: Every time I turn on my computer, everything is gone 1. Wallpaper set back to default 2. Taskbar apps back to default 3. All saved passwords in apps disappear 4. All pictures and most downloads disappear Only started happening after the recent update. (i updated on the 15th of may) getting really infuriating and starting to make me not want to use my computer.

Why “visual studio code” keeps crashing my Windows 10?

I have just started using Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

I have setup terminal to use WSL Ubuntu.

Microsoft have done a tremendous job on this. I have some extensions working very well, such as GitLens, Docker.

So here is the issue I am facing, 1. I opened a terminal WSL Ubuntu in VisualStudioCode. 2. I did git clone of my Ansible PB repo. 3. I just ran the Ansible PB and Windows crashed with blue screen.

I rebooted and ran the same Ansible playbook, the crash is consistent. Seems its only with some of the playbook. When I used connection=paramiko no issues.

Has anyone encountered this issue?

booting from usb, ubuntu and fedora only options given, boot order keeps resetting

700Z3C/700Z5C Samsung Series 7 Chronos… NP700Z5C-S02UB motherboard…

I had Fedora, switched to Ubuntu. Currently trying to install Arch.

Problem: In BIOS I have turned secure boot off, changed boot order to USB first saved and exited. Rather than booting of USB I get the grub menu. Only options given is Ubuntu, Fedora (which isn’t even installed anymore), and System options.

Every time I shut down and turn back on the boot order resets itself.

I am sure my USB is bootable, I’ve tried it on another computer. Is Ubuntu preventing me from booting from USB? Is it grub? Is my UEFI not loading the USB because of its key (a realm of things I don’t now much about)? The other computer I tried it on doesn’t have a problem, and it’s UEFI too.

I’m thinking about reinstalling W8 and updating my firmware and then installing Arch, but I thought I’d see if anybody had any insight on this. I’d rather have nothing to do with Windows.

External HDD keeps ejecting by itself from MacbookPro 2018

I have a 2018 Macbook Pro and am trying to connect an Icydock external HDD (in raid 1 configuration). This external HDD connects without any problems to my older 2014 MBP. On the new MBP, it is initially recognised but after a few seconds, I see the “Disk Not Ejected Properly” message. I am connecting using USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to a USB 3 to USB 3 A to B cable.