How to add a keyboard shortcut to open a Palette

I would like to add a hotkey or keyboard shortcut to open a Mathematica Palettte, like e.g. the Basic Math Assistant. I found a number of questions like this one or this one with answers suggesting to make changes to the file. But I could not figure out how to apply these ideas to make a shortcut for a general menu command.

Is it better for me to bang on the keyboard for 12 characters or use my password manager’s generator?

I use a password manager with a long rememberable master password for logging into all of my online accounts. When signing up for new accounts my password manager prompts me to generate a strong password which it then autofills. This auto generated password is a twelve character long alphanumeric string. Is there higher risk in me attempting to generate a random password by randomly pressing twelve characters on on the keyboard vs a potential flaw in the generator that would allow password discovery with some other available information (password creation time, password length, creation method)?

I know in the ideal case the password generator is far superior to my attempt to be random on the keyboard, but is my hand dropping on the keyboard so much worse that the risk of my password manager’s generator being flawed is the better of the two options? I know this might be an opinionated question so any facts, studies, or personal knowledge on this topic would be highly appreciated. I did attempt to Google this question and my searches along the lines of “password generator vs random typing” yielded no good results.

PS: Where as I don’t use them it might be cool if answers also addressed random typing vs going to Google, searching “password generator”, clicking one of the top results, and then using a web based random password generator.

Can MDM on an iPhone restrict custom keyboard usage?

I have an iPhone that runs 13.3.1 (latest at this time). It’s a corporate phone and has an MDM profile installed. I’ve been using the phone for almost 2 years now with a custom keyboard (Google Keyboard). However, after recently traveling to the States, I noticed that my phone is forcing me to use the default Apple keyboard every time I try to type something. It’s been happening since 3 weeks now and this change was not caused by a system upgrade, I remember not changing/installing anything around the time when this started. It’s almost like my iPhone woke up one day and did not want me to use another keyboard, even after I had been using one for years now (jealous much?). The MDM profile installed doesn’t mention having control over keyboard. The moment I start typing, I get force switched to the Apple keyboard (without suggestions). And while I can switch to the Apple keyboard with suggestions, I can’t use my other keyboard even though it’s set as default.

This behavior began very randomly and at this point I wonder if it’s just paranoia or legit. I work in this field and so it probably isn’t irrational paranoia but I’m just looking for a logical answer. Does anyone know what this is about or has experienced similar?

Can I safely sell a used keyboard without risk of new owner recovering previous inputs?

As far as of my knowledge goes, keyboard don’t store keystrokes in their memory by default (excluding those bundled with keyloggers). The thing that comes to my mind though is that some keyboards do have some built-in memory for storing user’s preferences (e.g. gaming keyboards). Can this be somehow reprogrammed to store other data than just LEDs color combo?

Can I sell my keyboard without worrying that new owner might recover previous input in some way?

Cheers, Dominic

Why are keyboard keys staggered?

In every keyboard that I have used, the keys are arranged so that the keys are staggered a small increment to the left from the previous row. Q is above and slightly to the left of A, and A is above and slightly to the left of Z. This pattern continues across the entire board. Case in point:


What is the motivation behind this design? I would think that a column layout would be easier to type on – and indeed, many ergonomic keyboards seem to go with a column layout, where Q is directly above A and so on.

Replace or enhance default on-screen Keyboard

I am running Ubuntu 19.04 on a Sruface Go. There is the default on-screen keyboard which looks exactly like the ones on phones. But I need (at least sometimes) the extra keys like Alt, Ctrl and Umlauts.

So I would like either too enhance the default layout or disable it and use Onboard. I couldn’T find any useful hints. I’d be happy if one could help me here.


Closing app via keyboard shortcut — should there be a confirmation dialogue?

There are many ways to close apps: mouse-and-click on an ‘x’ somewhere, choose “Quit” as a menu option, keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-w, cmd-q, alt-f4 etc.)

I notice some apps I use ask me “Are you sure you want to exit?” when I try to close them.

What are the UX guidelines as to when there should be an “Are you sure you want to exit?” confirmation dialogue?

mouse and keyboard lost with belkin KVM

I’m experiencing problems with a Belkin KVM USB switch, that I use to share the monitor between my Ubuntu 18.04 PC and Windows laptop.

When I switch from linux to windows, and back, keyboard and mouse no longer work, i.e. cursor doesn’t move and I cannot press any key. If I get back to windows, keyboard and mouse work again, back to Ubuntu no luck.

If I connect to ubuntu pc using anydesk, everything works.

How can I make the Ubuntu kbd and mouse work again without restarting the whole pc?

Thanks and ciao

Microsoft Surface Laptop – will keyboard support be added to Ubuntu?

My apologies for my lack of knowledge on how hardware support gets added to distros and the kernal.

I have a first gen MS Surface laptop (actual ‘Laptop’ not pro or go, etc.). When I run the Ubuntu live everything works, as far as I can tell, except the built in keyboard. Since this laptop is several years old I was wondering if this will ever work? I’ve installed various linux systems on laptops and have had things like cameras not work but I’ve never had something as basic as the keyboard not work.

I’ve seen the jakeday kernal work but because I lack this level of system build knowledge I’m worried about things like security and also what that means for future upgrades. Again… this is more on me than jakeday’s work.

So long question shortened… for my Surface Laptop keyboard to work.. Be Patient or stay with windows/buy new laptop?

Thank you