Can we open keyboard if on mobile application is having status with bottom sheet?

I am working on a mobile application. It is like ordering app for grocery but in wholesale and not in retailer. So user can order 100kg to 1,00,000kg for selling purpose. Order range is huge and because of that need UX help.

I am user and I can order from range 50kg to 1,00,000 kg. I am selecting as a bag which contains 50kg. But if I am giving the ability to add items with below design then it will be very difficult to add 20-100 bags since the user will have to click 20 times.

enter image description here

I have decided to give text but not sure if this is already in the bottom sheet mode then how can I open the keyboard to all user to enter a specific value? Need help for Ux designing.

More – I have redesigned the pop-up but this is a little complex as per below image.

enter image description here

Keyboard shortcut to transpose characters around cursor

In Emacs (and MacOS) typing control+t will transpose the characters around the cursor in any input field. For example if I type



results. Is there a way to do this in Ubuntu? I’m imagining a solution using something like sxhkd that involves copying the previous 2 characters, deleting them, and pasting a transposed version, but I imagine this would look distracting and take a little while to execute.

I already have Emacs keys enabled system wide but apparently this is not one of the shortcuts it offers.

Cannot use ps2 keyboard during booting and in grub but works fine after os is loaded

A few days ago I installed and updated UBUNTU to it latest version during that period my keyboard worked fine in bios. And now I can’t boot to windows due to keyboard not working in grub. I tried removing CMOS battery but no difference. Also tried usb keyboard but same result. Pls help. AND THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Missing Keyboard on Lock Screen

I got a system message that the keyboard had crashed. Then my keyboard won’t restart. And now that my phone is locked, I can’t unlock it to try any of the normal fixes, such has disabling and enabling the keyboard. Yes, I have restarted the phone, that’s why it’s locked now.

I need to save some of the contacts, so a simple factory reset won’t work. ADB does seem to be enabled, but I don’t know how export the contacts, or install a keyboard.

How can I either restore the keyboard, or export the contacts.

Install mouse and keyboard driver manually on external windows HDD

I install Windows on external HDD. When I boot to Windows for the first time mouse and keyboard not recognize. I know I should plug an external keyboard for that. and then install Bootcamp Windows Support Software. But my problem is I have one USB-C to USB converter. that one is used for the external Windows HDD. Is there any way to manually install(copy and paste) keyboard driver from Bootcamp Windows Support Software folder to Windows driver folder? If it possible I can copy and paste driver in its folders on windows and then boot again to windows HDD.

Is there a way to insert Keyboard Glyphs in Google Docs?

Here on the StackExchange framework we have a nice feature, which is apparently called “Keyboard Glyphs” (cf.


Is there a way (e.g. with an Add-On) to do the same in Google Docs? I browsed the Add-Ons but did not find anything, maybe it’s hidden somewhere different (e.g. in a Code Formatting Plugin).

Is there a way to emulate scroll lock from the keyboard, preferably with xkb configuration?

Recently I have learned touch typing and I love how fast it can be. coupled with surfing keys and the command setxkb -option keypad:pointerkeys; I only need to use the mouse for scrolling. In a few places mouse scrolling works the best. I tried to find ways to enable mouse scroll from the keypad keys when emulating the mouse, or with some other keys of keyboard, but I couldn’t any. When I am using the keypad as mouse, the + and - as well as the * and . are unused. It would be greatly productive, if somehow we can use the scroll lock from the numpad keyboard as well as from the main keyboard using some modifier keys.

I searched a bit and found a way to do that. I made a keyboard shortcut in my gnome3 with the help of xdotool. ctrlaltj to /bin/bash -c "sleep .01 && xdotool click --clearmodifiers --repeat 2 --delay 1 5"
ctrlaltk to /bin/bash -c "sleep .01 && xdotool click --clearmodifiers --repeat 2 --delay 1 4"

But I can’t figure out why when I press and hold the shortcut key the instead of continuous scrolling until I release the keys, the scrolling stops after a very short moment.