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If you’re looking for a highly qualified Professional SEO Expert then you came the right person. I’ve been working as an SEO Professional for 7 years now, which places me in the best position to handle your project. I look forward to working with you on not just this project but on future projects too; so you can totally rely on whatever finished work you get from me. I provide Keyword Research service in the following areas : Key-word ResearchCompetitor Analysis, and so on What you will get from me after finished work : Keyword ListYour actual competitor listMonthly Search Volume, and so on…. If you have any requirements outside the services listed above or further questions, feel free to contact me for support. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to working with you.

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5 Best keyword Research any niche for $5

Keywords should always be your #1 priority. They can make or break any website. So you always need Low Competition, High Search Volume KWs which are profitable. I have more than experience in keyword research. What will you get from my keyword Research? Up to 500/1000/2000 KWs (the number of keywords depends on your business category or seed KWs and target location)Search volume per monthCost per click or Suggested bid priceGoogle Adwords competition levelThe report in colored Excel file formatBusiness types that I do not provide services for: Adult sitesGambling or BettingMortgage, Loans, and InsuranceAlcoholic BeveragesCigarettes/VapesMusic and DanceMovies and Theater

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SEO on page optimization is the best way to go for long-term growth strategist. Traffic from my SEO efforts is high intent and basically converts itself (long-tail magic). Although, you can see amazing results in the first week of using my services, that’s not always the case. My SEO strategies are time tested, and have worked many times before. I do not share my strategies, but I do give you the ability to continue SEO efforts without the need to have me on a retainer (I am not a monster).

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GIVE YOU 15 BEST KEYWORDSDo You want to know about online market research before starting your Business?? Exactly the 1st thing you need to find the best niche and appropriate keyword research to get thing start. If you targeting wrong and bad keyword research, then it will cost your money, time and business. Please don’t get stress, I will help you to find the best profitable and appropriate keywords targeting to your business niche. Also I will research your top competitors to find the weakness to puss them down. Just provide me your niche or seed Keywords and targeting location. What Can you Expect From This GIG? Give you best keywords I found.Long tail keywordsMost profitable key-wordsAverage Monthly Search Volume.Local Search Volume.Global Search Volume.Cost Per Click (CPC).Google Adwords Competitions level.Full Color report in highlighted Excel file format.

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I will find the BEST Low competition SEO KEYWORDS for your niche, website Ranking or business!I’ll provide you detail report in excel file. Each column will list:-I deliver the services with :*Keyword *Long Tail Keywords*Average Keyword competitiveness*Suggested Bid *Domain Availability*Super fast delivery*Cost per click (CPC)*Google Adwords competition level*Global search volume per month*Local search volume per month*Current SEO status of your websiteYou will clearly see the competition strength and clear explanation of the best and most profitable keywords to useI’ll provide you the best keywords that will assist you in gaining the actual visitors/clients by using the best search terms. Competitors report that this had assisted them in making future business planning and strategies.I’ll tell you the best techniques to boost your website in Google searches with few backlinks. I’ll provide you with an awesome report about how to increase ranking in Google for free. Love my professionThanks

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Would you like to be on page 1 on Google? Begin with the privilege SEO Backlinks and Keyword Research! I WILL SPY ON YOUR COMPETITORS PROVIDING DEEP ANALYSIS, KEYWORD RESEARCH AND UNVEIL ALL THEIR SEO BACKLINKS THAT MAKE THEM OUT RANK YOU. Detailed competition analysisLow competitvie keywordsRank 1 on googleExcel data file

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Link As A Keyword?

I have a question:

On my home page I have a keyword phrase. Should I make it H1 tag and link it right to home page?

Example: freelance video editor and link it to home page or should I link it to home page within the content?

Good SEO practice would be?

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Which Google ᴀᴘɪ to use for searching a single specifc keyword over more than 5000 unrelated websites?

Being essentially in the same situation, I think I found a generic search keyword for finding if the website of bank allows registering non resident aliens.

As I downloaded the official full list of customer’s websites used by all active banks of the United States, I should be able to find most banks which allows non resident aliens to open a fee free checking account (currently extending from the less than 20 expansive banks and credit unions I found).

The aim is to search something like :


And if there’s no results, the bank is likely to not bother about non resident aliens. And if they are results they will only exist on thebankwebsite.com which means the bank definitely accepts non resident aliens.

I need to search the keyword on each website. With more than 5000 websites to search, I would get a ban even if I would perform 5000 separate searches manually.
So since the custom search ᴀᴘɪ only allows searching on one website at time, which Google api to use ?