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In the search engine, the keyword you want. on the first page. Publish your free link ad.

In the search engine, the keyword you want. on the first page. Publish your free text ad.


write search box, any word you want to publish text ad.
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In the search engine, the keyword you want. on the first page. Publish your free link ad.

Is there a keyword to search for Google results within the last x days/weeks/months/years?

Is there a keyword (see this) to search for results within the last x days/weeks/months/years?

I know that you can do this by adding code at the end of the search URL, e.g. for results dating no more than 3 months add


However, I’m looking for a keyword to do so directly in the search box.

Related but not a duplicate: How to do a Google search for webpages last updated within 2 years?

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