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It often seems that analog wristwatches have gone the way of the landline, the film camera, and the crowded indoor restaurant. And while you may be resigned to telling time with your phone, there’s still a chance for your kid to get a kick out of an old-school analog watch. Kids watches are not only a very cool accessory (and one with a low risk of getting lost, since they’re tethered to their hands), but the best kids watches help children understand the progression of their day in hours and minutes, and help them learn the fundamentals of telling time in a much more direct way than a  smartphone or digital clock.

Kids start grasping the concept of time (though it remains somewhat abstract) around the first grade, and time becomes continually integrated into their daily lives. To help them make the connection, look for a kids watch with a face that’s big, bright, and easy to read. A band that’s cool and on-trend doesn’t hurt either.

So the next time you tell your kid they have six minutes until their Zoom class starts, they’ll know that you’re talking about something concrete, instead of some ephemeral concept, and you won’t have to nag to get things running on schedule. Just kidding: You’ll still have to nag.
CONNECTING EVERY POSSIBLE device in our lives to the internet has always represented a security risk. But that risk is far more pronounced when it involves a smartwatch strapped to your child’s wrist. Now, even after years of warnings about the security failings of many of those devices, one group of researchers has shown that several remain appallingly easy for hackers to abuse.

In a paper published late last month, researchers at the Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany detailed their testing of the security of six brands of smartwatches marketed for kids. They’re designed to send and receive voice and text messages, and let parents track their child’s location from a smartphone app. The researchers found that hackers could abuse those features to track a target child’s location using the watch’s GPS in five out of the six brands of watch they tested. Several of the watches had even more severe vulnerabilities, allowing hackers to send voice and text messages to children that appear to come from their parents, to intercept communications between parents and children, and even to record audio from a child’s surroundings and eavesdrop on them. The Münster researchers shared their findings with the smartwatch companies in April, but say that several of the bugs they disclosed have yet to be fixed.

When we get asked to buy kids watch or we just want to buy their first proper watch we really don’t know what to buy, a compass? or a just a PVC pencil case. This is where we come in. A kids watch is much more than a simple gift. Our gift is most often kept as a keep safe and treasured for many years. Most children get their first watch between the ages of 8 and 10 when they are still growing in terms of character and personality but start to assimilate things around them that will later on mark their personalities and behavior. Children at this age start to want to choose their own clothes, style their own hair and choosing the perfect kids watch is an element that plays along with these types of needs and habits. On many occasions it is their first real watch, a watch set for kids is an accessory that is much more than an object that simply tells the time.
Viceroy watches is a brand that is characterized in popularity for offering a wide range of kids watches online. The brand knows how to satisfy the customer in terms of characteristics and the fact that the prices of these ones are more than affordable.
Before we go in to more details it is necessary to know a few things about the watch:

  • That it is practical and easy to use. We mustn’t forget that these are children and not adults.
  • It is water resistant.. At this age they want to wear their watch in summer and in places where it will most definitely get wet.Once we have this established we can choose our model, taking into account the following things:

Kids Watches depending some factors:
Boy or Girl.
Is our gift for a boy or girl?
Nowadays, watch manufacturers personalize kids watches depending on their height, wrist size etc.
Tastes amongst kids at this age tend to be varied to say the least. There are many to choose from nowadays, sporty, more grown-up, football/soccer teams, cartoon kids watch…
The fact that nowadays people are pulling in their belts as far as price is concerned is no problem whatsoever. We can buy great kids watches, like a quartz watch at affordable prices. Price is not what matters anyway. However, Viceroy also has more expensive kids watches if we want to spend more.
So, let’s go over the different options we have when it comes to buying watches for kids.
A great choose would be the Viceroy 432256-04, with an analogue quartz movement fitted with a white leather strap and crystals decorating the dial. A classic style that will sure be loved.

If the gift is for a boy we can choose the Viceroy 432319-54 that has a black dial with black details. Apt for use in the shower and swimming. It is not so much a classic watch but sportier in design given that it is fitted with a stainless steel bracelet strap.
A similar female version would be the Viceroy 40942-05, with a white face and 24mm in diameter. The strap is unique and pretty given that it is made up of butterflies.
If you want and can spend a little bit more a good option is this Viceroy 432311-35, a multi-function with a stainless steel strap. It is an analogue model and water resistant for use in the shower and swimming pool. The dial is an elegant blue that goes well with almost everything. A model that is both modern and classic. A great gift for any child. It costs about 100 euros. The brand also offers multifunction and chronograph watches for kids, boys and girls alike.
Sporty watches for kids.
Lastly, we would like to fill you in on other kids watches available from the brand. If the boy or girl, you are buying the watch for is a football/soccer fan then we stock several different models of Real Madrid Watches Each one featuring the club’s shield and comes in different colors that represent the different strips. If we look closely at the collection you will find many possibilities that are great options.
This brand offers some fantastic kids watches, including LED kids watch, that are great as gifts. We can choose watches for kids that suit our tastes and price range amongst other things. A child’s first proper watch is a gift for life, something that they will treasure for many years to come. An unforgettable gift and this it what makes it special.

Kids Games Online

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How do I handle kids’ conflicting goals?

I’m playing Amazing Tales with my two daughters (an even simpler version, actually– we don’t really make characters with specific skills, I just let them be whoever and we make up a story while occasionally rolling dice). The problem is, they’re trying to go in conflicting directions. The "campaign" currently involves being on a pirate ship, and while my 3-year-old wants to rescue their space alien friend who’s been captured by the mean ol’ pirates, my 4-year-old wants to join the pirates and keep their friend prisoner.

I know the #1 rule when gaming with little kids is "always say yes," because the more they’re allowed to let their imaginations run wild the more they’ll love the game. But I don’t know how to do that with two kids who keep coming into conflict. (We’ve been with the pirates for several sessions now, and this is not a new problem.) It’s not that my 4-year-old likes being mean– I’ve tried to explain how badly their alien friend wants to be free, and how sad her husband back home will be if they don’t free her– she just likes the idea of being one of the "bad pirates" and is willing to help them do whatever they’re trying to do. Last night I decided to let my 3-year-old have her way, and she rescued their friend over my 4-year-old’s objections. In a previous session when the girls themselves got captured, I let my 4-year-old talk her way into the crew and stand guard over her sister’s cage (I was hoping she would use the opportunity to free both of them, but she dutifully kept her sister locked up).

How can I let both of them have the story they want if their goals are mutually exclusive?

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[ Insurance ] Open Question : If parents take out whole life insurance on their kids, then die first, shouldn’t someone get some cash back for the years of payments made?

The cover page says each child was insured for $ 5K, ‘whole life paid up at age 65’ with number of years payable at 54 (for the child that was 11 when the policy started) with annual premiums of $ 53.30. Isn’t the purpose of ‘whole life’ policies that it’s like an investment? Parents are most likely to die first, so of course their payments would stop before the kids ever reach 65. Is the policy worthless when payments stop? This seems like a bad, ill-advised deal if no one gets money back.   It doesn’t make sense to me that any LONG TERM policy should cancel just because a person was unable to make payments for a temporary period of time, like after getting laid off from work, disabled, death of a spouse, etc. It would be no wonder insurance companies make so much money if they get to keep all the money they taken in for many years from people who will never file a claim before they stop making payments for whatever reason.  

why do Asians and Indians have so many kids?

I am an American and have been traveling in Asia for the last year and cant understand why its so F&CKING crowded noisy and polluted in Asia

why the hell does every one have so many kids its disgusting, is there really a need to have 10 kids per family and not be able to support them so they beg in the steets. I mean birth control is available

just wondering what it is that makes people in Asia want to have kids and live 2,000 people in one house cant understnd it at all

China kids shopping bag manufacturers

Here is a very nice new in package, The Children’s Place purse, handbag. it has a three-dimensional butterfly on it and is lined inside with cream satin like material..  It is just adorable. Great bright bold colors and a great addition to any child’s purse or bag collection.
This hand crafted hand bag would be ideal for any little girl or young teen.  

personalized kids tote bags little girls handbags mini waterproof tote bag beach bags for kids


* Type:  kids handbag
* Material:  Satin
*Features: Small cute, portable,
*Application:  go to school shopping  outdoor
*MOQ:  1000PCS
*Sample: about 7-15 day
*Delivery time :45 days after order confirmation and deposit
*Payment terms :L/C at sight , T/T 30% deposit balance 70% see bill of lading
*Packing: 1PCS/OPP, package upon costomer’s requirement
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