Countering a system killing UID/GID=0 processes in Android

Suppose that there were a security system in an Android kernel meant to prevent exploits that have arbitrary kernel memory read/write from getting root privileges. This system,

  1. Kills a process by using force_sig() with SIGKILL if the process UID or GID is 0 and if the system decides it shouldn’t be.
  2. Depends on kernel variables that are read-only after init. (on/off status)

If we assume that the system decides with complete accuracy in [1] above, and KASLR is not present on the device, what can an exploit do to counter this system and get root IDs?

What I can think of:

  1. Disabling SIGKILL temporarily:
    If SIGKILL can be disabled temporarily (or even permanently until reboot) then the system is essentially useless, but I have yet to find a way to disable SIGKILL through kernel memory write.
  2. Disabling the system by flipping the read-only bits somehow:
    This is unlikely to be possible but included for the sake of completeness.
  3. Editing the text sections of kernel memory to patch the functions:
    Also unlikely to be possible because the text section is read-only.

The GM ruled that we didn’t get XP for killing the boss because an enemy caster’s spell killed them. Is this allowed?

We are playing Rise of the Runelords, and were fighting Nualia and her minions in Thisletop. During the heat of the battle, Nualia was near death at just 12 HP. Her minion caster fireballed the party that surrounded her. The party survived via making the save or simply soaking the damage. The fireball killed Nualia, and the party killed the rest of the minions.

When it came to tallying the XP, the GM rationalized that since party did not deliver the killing blow to Nualia, we do not receive XP for her demise – but we get the XP for killing the remaining minions.

Can the GM do this, and is it legal?

Just installed LVM Raid 1 on a new server with 2x 10Tb hard drives and the Disk I/O is killing everything else every second

I copied a bit of data on my LVM based RAID1 (not hardware RAID) with 2× 10Tb hard drives:

/dev/mapper/users-users  9.1T  1.9G  8.6T   1% /home 

and now it’s killing my I/O to the point where my mouse, keyboard, video are blocked/unblocked/blocked/unblocked…

I’m thinking that maybe something is wrong at the hardware level but wondering what that could be. Wondering what to test first to try to make a better diagnostic.

I have another 2 drives in the same drive array but they are not setup in RAID mode.

Looking at the output of iotop it tells me that there is about 2Mb/s written to disk, a pretty much permanent write… When I look at the Disk LED, I can see them come up and out over and over again and can hear the seeking heads too.

Trying to watch a video, it fails really bad. Choppy would not even be the word here. It’s like one image every other second if even that much. So a really big I/O killer for the entire computer.

Wondering whether someone would have encountered such a problem before and what can be done to fix it if possible (I certainly hope it is possible!)

My motherboard is a Supermicro X11DPH-T and I also got a case from Supermicro the 745BAC-R1K28B2 4U Full Tower Chassis. I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The server is new and so is the install (i.e. not an upgrade from 16.04 or who knows what…)

Would there be a way to know whether a specific hard drive or some other hardware device is causing the trouble?

Can killing the spellcaster undo a ‘permanent’ True Polymorph?

So I have a character (E) that, Many years ago, was True Polymorphed into an elf so his also-elven spouse (N) wouldn’t outlive him so drastically. The result ended in E being roughly thirty years older than A to compensate for what we labelled as the difference between Elf Years and normal lifespan years.

Things happened, and due to time screw ups in the Feywild, A is now much older than E. If A dies before E, would it dispel True Polymorph and also leave me with a dead character?

Bridging LAN and WIFI using netplan not working and killing AP

Hello everyone and thanks in advance!

I’m trying to extend my local LAN network via WIFI and would like all devices in the same network. The setup is as follows:

  • DHCP/DNS server running inside the LAN
  • separate PC linked to the LAN, with WIFI capability (sadly it’s not an option, to have the DHCP/DNS server running on this machine)

Since I’m running Ubuntu 18.04, I’m trying to use netplan to set everything up. Here’s my conf file:

network:   version: 2   renderer: NetworkManager   ethernets:     enp2s0:       dhcp4: no       addresses: []       gateway:       nameservers:         addresses: [,,]   wifis:     wlp1s0:       access-points:         "MyWifi":           mode: ap           password: "DONTLOOK"   bridges:     br0:       dhcp4: yes       interfaces: [enp2s0, wlp1s0] 

Now, running the two network separately, i.e without the bridges section, everything works. With dnsmasq activated I can connect to the access point.

However I can’t seem to get the bridge working. Even worse is, as soon as the bridge gets activated access to the AP is no longer possible.

Does anybody have an idea, what I’m missing?

Is there anyway to keep a player from killing a npc

I was running a one shot for friends and a player had gotten annoyed with an npc that the other players really liked. This came to a head when after a combat encounter the Player decided to attack the npc with the intention of killing them. I let one of the other players take the attack as a reaction but the attacking player was clearly very annoyed and I felt like a complete jerk.

Is there a better way to deal with this situation in the future without being a jerk?

How can the Color Spray spell blind creatures without killing them first? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Spells that do not specify that they do damage but state that they affect hit points 5 answers

For a creature to be affected by Color Spray, their hit points must be equal to or less than the remaining total of points accumulated from the Color Spray dice rolls. However, if the creature’s hit points are equal to or less than the remaining total, that creature would be immediately killed.

Color Spray’s description states, in part (emphasis mine):

Starting with the creature that has the lowest current hit points, each creature affected by this spell is blinded until the end of your next turn. Subtract each creature’s hit points from the total before moving on to the creature with the next lowest hit points. A creature’s hit points must be equal to or less than the remaining total for that creature to be affected.

Therefore, there would be no purpose to the creature being blinded “until the end of your next turn” because the creature would be dead.

Am I missing something here? It seems like it’s impossible for a creature to be dead AND blinded simultaneously because their death would take precedence. So, what’s the point of the blinding effect if every creature that would have been blinded is killed first?

Stop PCs from Killing a Town / Running Amok?

So hear me out, because this is probably one of the craziest things that’s ever happened in one of my campaigns. I’ll also need to give general backstory, so that there’s context.

Quick exposition: My current campaign is set in a steampunk-ish world, and there’s a large group that more or less runs half the world, known as the New World Order. They’re not the nicest people, with harsh laws and such, but they do their job. Every PC has a grudge against them due to backstories, as well. The N.W.O. are at war with a faction known as the Grayman Empire, which is run by people known as (surprise) Graymen.

People have made independent cities as well, away from these places and their laws, and are able to hold their own against both the N.W.O. and the G.E.. The PCs recently saved a man from a town that was destroyed, and he asked them to take him to his sister, who happens to run one of these independent cities. Upon arrival, they noticed the it was obviously more of a pirate town, as a dead body with a warning to follow the rules was hung at the entrance, and they went shopping. The shopkeep’s prices were staggeringly high, since it’s a pirate town, and they attempted to intimidate him. A guard attacked them, but they killed him. The shopkeep wasn’t very fazed by it, and they demanded free gear from him. They ended up killing him too, as he also attacked them.

After this, there was a discussion about them simply wiping out the ENTIRE town in the name of bandit killing and loot gathering. 2 PCs were all for killing the town, and the other 2 PCs were against it. They want to wipe out the town because, essentially, everyone’s a pirate and definitely deserves to die, and so they can be looted. Other PCs argued that it was people taking refuge from the N.W.O. and G.E. that wanted to live away from these laws (which is true, but that doesn’t mean they can’t defend themselves).

What I tried explaining to them was that this single town, with little outside help, can hold it’s own against 2 MAJOR factions of the campaign, employing mechs, ships, and hired guards. They still pushed for the idea of wiping out the town, which comes down to a hell of a lot of work for me, since I would need to map an ENTIRE city for them to kill their way through.

I can set them up with insurmountable odds, but if possible, I would like them to simply surrender / get talked down as soon as they leave the store by either the leader of the town (Morynth), or a huge amount of forces that has congregated. They need to work with Morynth to reach their current goal, and this complete 180 in their attitude baffled me so much we had to end the game early so I could plan.

What I’m asking is: How can I get them to step down from this? Since they saved Morynth’s brother, if they surrendered without killing anyone else, they would be able to continue with how the campaign is planned. However, Morynth, since she’s the overlord of this town, can’t simply appear in the market after there’s been a shooting 2 minutes ago and talk them down. Even dropping in a large amount of troops might not dissuade them, and if they decide to kill even one, it wouldn’t be fair to the game world that they’re let off scot-free. It also wouldn’t make sense for a large amount of troops to suddenly be outside the store. Sure, there would be some, but not a whole platoon to stop them. I need something that will stop them, but do so without them killing a dozen people beforehand, as well as keeping it realistic to how fast the town’s response would be.

TL;DR: Help me stop people from murdering an entire city of friendly pirates because the shopkeep was a dick with bad prices, and make it clear that if they fight, THEY WILL DIE.