Hibernation kills Windows 7 Performance

After turning my rig back on after hibernation performance is almost always shot. What, if any verifiable explanation are the search engines hiding and is there a way to improve performance?

What this question is not:

  • This is not a “why doesn’t my system boot in 10 seconds on my SSD?” (it obviously saves a RAM dump).
  • This is not a “how do I speed up the boot / shut down” question.
  • This is not a “how do I prevent hibernation file from using so much space” question.
  • This is not a “why my over/under-clock was reset after rebooting?” question.

Simply put simple tasks unrelated to anything networking/Internet are pointlessly unresponsive (1TB SSD using about 480GB of storage) on an eight core rig with the pagefile disabled. Internet speeds (wired and wireless) are at or below 10% of what they normally can achieve. Obviously rebooting restores system performance though the point of hibernation (at least for me) is that my rig is not pointlessly heating the room up while in an extended absence (a few hours or more). I should mention that I can not sleep Windows on my rig though that is a different question.

Multi column order by kills postgresql performance, any way to fix?

I have a really simple query I’m running on a large table (500k rows) to page results.

Originally I was using this query, which is really fast:

 select * from deck      order by         deck.sas_rating desc         limit 10 

Its explain analyze estimates a 0.2 ms execution time. Cool.

But the sas_rating column has duplicate integer values, and I realized when paging through the results (using offset for other pages) that I was getting duplicate results. No problem, add the primary key as a secondary order by. But the performance is terrible.

 select * from deck      order by         deck.sas_rating desc,         deck.id asc          limit 10 

That takes 685ms with an explain analyze of:

Limit  (cost=164593.15..164593.17 rows=10 width=1496) (actual time=685.138..685.139 rows=10 loops=1)   ->  Sort  (cost=164593.15..165866.51 rows=509343 width=1496) (actual time=685.137..685.137 rows=10 loops=1)         Sort Key: sas_rating DESC, id         Sort Method: top-N heapsort  Memory: 59kB         ->  Seq Scan on deck  (cost=0.00..153586.43 rows=509343 width=1496) (actual time=0.009..593.444 rows=509355 loops=1) Planning time: 0.143 ms Execution time: 685.171 ms 

It’s even worse on my weaker production server. My search went from 125ms total to 35 seconds!

I tried adding a multi-column index, but that didn’t improve performance. Is there any way to prevent duplicate results when using limit + offset without destroying the performance of the query?

WAB, A Bank That Kills Business Plans, Rejects $13,000k+ Legal Wire Transaction….

For Immediate Release:

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WAB, A Bank That Kills Business Plans, Rejects $ 13,000k+ Legal Wire Transaction….