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What’s the best kind of test for complex calculations without access to external resources?

I have two libraries that handle the mapping from one family of objects to another one. I had to create a middle set of objects for other transformations.

So, the NativeConverters libray converts elements NativeElement to MiddleElement, and the ViewModelConverters library converts MiddleElement to ViewModelElements.

I have unit tests (with NUnit) for both NativeConverters and ViewModelConverters. So the single conversion works well.

Now, I want to test the whole process: given a converter from NativeConverters and another one from ViewModelConverters, I want to test that a NativeElement gets converted correctly into a ViewModelElement.

I don’t need access to DB, file system or whaterver, so I’m not sure that Integration tests are the best choice. But I’m not testing a single method, so it shouldn’t be a unit test.

What kind of test do you think could best fit this case?
Do you know any library for C#?

Given the syllabus which I will study in the next semester, what kind of machine learning project can I do? [on hold]

Given the syllabus which I will study in the next semester, what kind of machine learning project can I do? Machine learning syllabus:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning, Examples of Machine Learning applications – Learning associations, Classification, Regression, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning. Supervised learning- Input representation, Hypothesis class, Version space, Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) Dimension
  • Module 2: Probably Approximately Learning (PAC), Noise, Learning Multiple classes, Model Selection and Generalization, Dimensionality reduction- Subset selection, Principle Component Analysis
  • Module 3: Classification- Cross validation and re-sampling methods- K-fold cross validation, Boot strapping, Measuring classifier performance- Precision, recall, ROC curves. Bayes Theorem, Bayesian classifier, Maximum Likelihood estimation, Density functions, Regression
  • Module 4: Decision Trees- Entropy, Information Gain, Tree construction, ID3, Issues in Decision Tree learning- Avoiding Over-fitting, Reduced Error Pruning, The problem of Missing Attributes, Gain Ratio, Classification by Regression (CART), Neural Networks- The Perceptron, Activation Functions, Training Feed Forward Network by Back Propagation.
  • Module 5: Kernel Machines- Support Vector Machine- Optimal Separating hyper plane, Soft-margin hyperplane, Kernel trick, Kernel functions. Discrete Markov Processes, Hidden Markov models, Three basic problems of HMMs- Evaluation problem, finding state sequence, Learning model parameters. Combining multiple learners, Ways to achieve diversity, Model combination schemes, Voting, Bagging, Booting
  • Module 6: Unsupervised Learning – Clustering Methods – K-means, Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, Hierarchical Clustering Methods, Density based clustering

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Which kind of database technology would be appropriate? [on hold]

I am creating a metadata store. Some columns will be fixed for all entries, but most fields will be variable. Here’s some example data

group: C1 file: files/scan123.pdf data:   contract: ab123   form: A-11  group: C1 file: files/scan124.pdf data:   form: H-33   herd: 1234   bought_at: 2019-08-02   bought_by: Boris   group: C2 file: files/scan125.pdf data:    contract: ab555   signed_by: Gerald 

I am interested in two kinds of queries.

  • All custom fields of a group. Example: fields of group C1 should provide the list contract, form, herd, bought_at, bought_by.
  • Search by a field within a group. Example entries for C1 where herd > 1000 should return the second entry.

The planned amount of data is handful, maybe dozens of groups and about a million entries per group.

I am aware I could just store a JSON column in a MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL database, but their JSON functions seem a bit clumsy (especially for the first query – how would I even ask for distinct JSON keys in MySQL?) and I have doubts about performance as that king of queries are not what these stores are made for.

In addition I plan to have another set of tables and a more or less relational structure (groups, users, roles, tags). If I end up with some NoSQL database, like couchbase, mongo or arango, should I use that for everything or should I leave these for MariaDB like I normally would.

Useful conditions for proving super polynomial time for some kind of recurrences

Given a recurrence of the form $ \forall n,m.\ \ T(n,m)=\begin{cases}1,&,m=1\\sum_i{T(n_i,m_i)}&,\text{else}\end{cases}$

Note: both $ n_i$ and $ m_i$ are dependent on $ n,m$ so they should have been written above as $ n_{i,n,m}$ and $ m_{i,n,m}$ , but they are written above as $ n_i$ and $ m_i$ in a way of abbreviation for more readablity.

I am looking for a useful, necessary and sufficient condition so that $ \exists k. T(n,m)=O\bigg(\Big(\frac{\log(m)}{n}\Big)^k\bigg)$

The importance of such conditions stems from their applicabilty in concluding super-polynomial lower bounds on complex recurrences of the above-mentioned form.

Can drawing a weapon be part of ANY kind of move action or just moving?

Assuming a character has a BAB higher than +1, would he be able to draw a weapon (or shield) as a move action and then draw (or sheath) another weapon (or shield) as part of that same move action (due to his BAB)?

This question could be applied to any other move action, does it have to be specifically about moving the character or a character could draw a weapon even while mounting a horse or picking up an object?

What about the Two-Weapon Fighting feat? Does that allow for drawing two weapons (or shields) as part of any move action, like standing up from prone (still with BAB higher than +1)?

Boot kind of freezing in 18.04, but not really

My Ubuntu won’t start.

While booting up, it comes up with a list of things its doing (which I do not normally see). Everything says “OK” next to it which makes me think everything is OK. However, after it displays the following:

Started dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd.ally.ed before the ppp link was shut down...

it just stays there. Everything still says OK but it is clearly not OK as I never get the login screen. I’ve tried waiting 35 minutes, still no change.

I did some searching and found this answer. I tried it and I do not think it helped. It did change something as now the final line says:

Started dispatcher daemon for systemd-networkd. any system changes.pp link was shut down...

I am starting to think that this final line is being overwritten so there might be multiple statements, which is all the more confusing to a new user like myself.

As I said, it never gets past this point. However, when I press the power button Ubuntu does shut down nicely, so I know it is not frozen but I also do not see a way to use my machine.

I tried restarting with an earlier kernel but that did not help.

Do I need to reinstall my OS or is there some way to recover from this?