If passwords are stored hashed, how would a computer know that your password is similar to the last one if you try resetting your password?

If passwords are stored hashed, how would a computer know that your password is similar to the last one if you try resetting your password? Wouldn’t the two passwords be totally different since one is hashed, and unable to be reversed?

I’m not sure how to answer this and I don’t even know what type of math it is

I’m studying for a finals about probability distribution with Z-table and I got to this part in the example of my lecturer and I have no idea how she arrived to this answer, I’ve been staring at it and scratching my head for a good 30 minutes and still don’t know how she got it.

-2.33 = h-172/8 h = 153.4 

How did she get 153.4?

How can an app know that my phone has been rooted?

I changed my bank and it seems that the only possible way of accessing their online website is having installed an app called “tan2go dkb”.

I’ve read that it is not possible to use it with a rooted phone. I won’t change my phone just because the bank says so, so I tried to use an old motorola moto g 1st gen.

I erased everything, and flashed the stock rom, I also tried to flash a stock firmware. After flashing the new stock ROM I install some apps to tell if I’m still root and they say I’m not.

So, which kind of check are they doing in order to tell that my phone is rooted even after flashing a clean stock ROM?

How can we know whats the data type of Data contained in a DataTable?

I want to check the data type of each data of excel data. But when i check the excel data it shows all data as string type.


  //For validating Datatype         public List<string> ValidateDataType(DataRow row, List<DataExchangeDefinition> dataExchangeDefinitionList, List<string> dataColumnList)         {             //var dataColumnString = String.Join(", ", dataColumnList.ToArray());              Dictionary<string, Type> types = new Dictionary<string, Type>();             types.Add("int", typeof(System.Int32));             //types.Add("int", typeof(System.Int64));             types.Add("DateTime", typeof(System.DateTime));             types.Add("decimal", typeof(System.Decimal));             types.Add("float", typeof(System.Double));             types.Add("String", typeof(System.String));               List<string> dataTypeErrorList = new List<string>();             foreach (DataExchangeDefinition dt in dataExchangeDefinitionList)             {                 if (dataColumnList.Any(str => str == dt.FieldName))                 {                     if (!row.IsNull(dt.FieldName))                     {                         var dat = row[dt.FieldName];                         var t = row[dt.FieldName].GetType().Name;                                        var conObj = Convert.ChangeType(dat,types[t]);                          string error = (from e in row.ItemArray                                         where conObj.GetType().Name.Contains(dt.DataType) == false                                         select dt.FieldName).DefaultIfEmpty("").FirstOrDefault();                         if (error != "")                         {                             dataTypeErrorList.Add(error);                         }                     }                                                         }             }              return dataTypeErrorList;         } 

In result im passing it as a list. List contains error column names. The checking is done using Linq

Here is the excel data im imported

This is the data in the datatable. Here i added number 2 instead of a string. But it actually takes as string. But here i want detect as int, otherwise my validation will fail. enter image description here

I would like to know how to display the data on the website after being fetched via ajax

$  .ajax({                url: "http://bc-net/Sandbox/juandev/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('Qlinks')/items",                method: "GET",                headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" },                success: function (data) {                var items = data.d.results;                      if (items.length > 0 ) {                          //This section can be used to iterate through data and show it on screen                      }                     console.log(items);                      },               error: function (data) {                   alert("Error: "+ data);              }       }); 

The console shows I have fetched the items that live on the list but I am not sure how to inject them on the website.

How do I know that the request and response is using encryption protocols in burp suite?

I know these things can easily be done on wireshark, tshark, etc but is it possible to know that the request I forwarded and the response I received is using protocols such as TLS, TLSv1.2, TCP, HTTP, etc in Burp Suite? So I won’t have to switch to other network applications to see the protocols

Sample Request

POST /api/v2/app/login?optionalKeys=Yes HTTP/1.1  Accept: application/json; charset=utf-8 app-version: 2.3.12 version-code: 321 Tid: 21bb65df-0682-4085-8775-68e70f5653db sid: dn6e4e7c-d956-4b3e-956b-9c6b9634ef39 os-version: 5.1 deviceId: a62fb2d91cb17587 swuid: a62fb2d91cb17587 User-Agent: Android Connection: close Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate latitude: 12.904043 longitude: 77.642919 X-NETWORK-QUALITY: GOOD Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8 Content-Length: 48 Host: xyz.abc.com X-NewRelic-ID: UwUAVV5VGwIEXVJRAwcO  {"mobile":"1234567890","password":"Yt!*3773@8ATQwEr"} 

I don’t see any protocol mentioned

How do I know if it was old chemicals that did not produce images on the film strip or something else?

enter image description here

My chemicals are about four years old and maybe used about six times. They have been stored inside my home, 75° F, and in a cabinet. Chemicals are in glass beer growlers with tight lids. This is the first time I developed and have no images. I am thinking it’s that my chemicals are now expired but I am unsure if this is what it looks like if they are bad. Or it’s a result of something else. Are are No images, no sign of any frames. And yes, the film seems to be thinner than normal. Can someone tell me if this is the result of bad chems? They also haven’t been used in a year

do you know how this game is call?

First of all I'm sorry for my bad english. So when i was young somewhere in 2008 and 2010 i played a game with advert of armored girl. she had armored choker, skirt and bra. i think that i will confuse with another game for the gameplay.
i just want to recall that game and i will be realy thankful if you help me!

What guidelines can I follow to know if I can trust a software editor?

At work or at home, I often find some useful piece of software. Sometimes I may find it on a forum, mentioned on a video, or by talking to a colleague.

But how do I know if the editor of the software I install can be trusted ?

To clarify, I am not asking if I can be sure that there are no security issues within the software provided. I am asking how I may check the reputation of the editor in order to prevent the case where the software I install may just be a free tool they provide as an excuse to get a backdoor into my computer, to install a keylogger or basically anything malicious on purpose.