I want to know the complexity of this following code




void main() { char p[10][5],temp[5]; int i,j,pt[10],wt[10],totwt=0,pr[10],temp1,n; float avgwt; printf(“Enter no of girls:”); scanf(“%d”,&n); for(i=0;ipr[j]) { temp1=pr[i]; pr[i]=pr[j]; pr[j]=temp1; temp1=pt[i]; pt[i]=pt[j]; pt[j]=temp1; strcpy(temp,p[i]); strcpy(p[i],p[j]); strcpy(p[j],temp); } } } wt[0]=0; for(i=1;i

How does winrar know I typed the right key?

As far as I know WinRar uses the password you type and derives the key from it. But how exactly does it check if the key I typed is correct? What I think is that it compares your guess with the right key before decrypting it? But that’d mean that the right is stored inside the encrypted so it doesn’t make that much sense. Can someone explain it is done?

How do I let players know that not every encounter has to be hack and slash? [duplicate]

My players kind of have a habit of, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, WE MUST KILL IT!

Recently they came across a small goblin camp and one of them (who speaks goblin) verbally bluffed the goblins into thinking he was their leader coming back from a meeting or some such business. “Brilliant,” I thought, “let’s see where they take this”… Into an ambush it turned out.
Or in another example they learned of an enemy supply caravan heading from one town to another in a couple of days, so they ambushed it the road, rather than thinking of another option.

Now I have no problem with this whatsoever, I’m still new to DMing, not yet great at the role-play side of things in any case, running a published campaign, am running things more or less by the book, which my players don’t seem to mind, and the caravan combat at least is in the book.

I guess what I’m getting at is; How do I encourage players to think outside the combat box and how do I, as the DM, give them other options without blatantly saying something like “maybe they don’t want to fight”?

To hopefully make things a little more clear and to give another example, of which the PCs haven’t actually come across yet.
Say the PCs are camping in the forest and whoever’s on watch hears wolves howling and getting closer, whether they wake the others up or not my lead in woud be something like;

Eventually there’s a rustling in the bushes nearby and you see pairs of glowing red eyes that seem to watch your movement. After a minute or two a pack of wolves stalk out from behind the bushes and into the light of your camp fire, their eyes set with ravenous hunger and their jaws dipping with saliva.

How can I open up the possibility that if the PCs offer up some of their own food supplies than the wolves would be complacent and either back off or stick around for the night in the warmth of the fire and help protect the PCs?
Not looking for answers specifically relating to that scenario but hopefully you get the idea.

Does anyone know how to make the extra data, about the number of jobs on page, show in google search results?

I have noticed that when I google for jobs for example ‘plumber jobs in Melbourne’ some results have a prepended piece of data ‘407 jobs’ before the normal meta description is shown.

example of search result

Anyone know what seek has done to get this data shown in google search results?

i like to know when microsoft going stop montoring our computers, and takeing files that they no right to

do u know how impossable it is to disable windows tracking. most u think just moveing few setting u done, currently there is over 100 gpo settings that must be eather turn on of off, then gpo must be appled to computer, forget firewall microsoft servers are hardcoded in the os, u must disable all task,in trasmiting information, go to regisitery disable termaml server setting start up to 4 and if this not enouf u have block access to rdp, ftp as on all computers there is a active ftp server weather or not u installed it and a acktive http server, now we have other probems remote cmd, remote power shell. all office sends out to microsoft servers, currently there over 7000 data centers that some share with apple and cisco, microsoft will take passwords user names and encription certifices i have logs showing they do just this, that they tied linux in to windows was better way to access bouth os, as there servers gose on and off line takeing bits of infomraiton, over time they can vr your hole system and wach all u do and they do have abuilt to wach what u do and recored it, micrsofot admited to hacking with nsa they was supose to remove remote desktop but the move past this they found new way accessing all the computers, worse is nsa not only ones gets all your information, most gose to chana u all did know most all the code is writen in chana so is apple and cisco, and we ask why is it so easy to get hack, these busness would never pay to have a hack proof software as i did offer a way for them to do it, that system would be totaly trasparnet, but then microsoft could not get the files eather, so how beat microsoft at there own game, what i do is find microsoft certifices and remove remote access and access to the encraption system and to athenacattion, but they can target any server or pc, and sence they recored what u do they undo just about anything, so why trust micrsoft now i can prove microsoft did for two years target my network, i do have logs to prove it, was no hacker and microsoft them selfs said yes they was on my network logs prove it , as they work with cisco becomes hard to block them , now i like know why micrsooft keeps changeing sercruty settings on my network i do have there remote login certifices and ip address and they montor all gpo set ups why, u all have no right to this informaton so why are u takeing it, so again why trust microsoft

How did YouTube know I watched a locally stored file on my computer?

I ripped a few videos from YouTube (using y2mate) about a week ago of guitar lessons from a player named John Redbourne in case they disappear. I saved them on my local hard drive in a folder called “Redbourne Guitar” and the files are named after after the songs, like “Salisbury.mp4” etc.

Anyway, I just watched one of the videos off my hard drive, and lo and behold, when I logged into YouTube, my recommended feed was full of John Redbourne videos. I haven’t searched or done anything online related to John Redbourne since I downloaded the videos. How did YouTube know I watched it?

Using Windows 10, Firefox, and played video with default “Movies and TV” app that comes with Win 10.