Does Klarg know the location of Cragmaw Castle?

I’m running the Lost Mines of Phandelver, and my party has managed to take Klarg captive rather than kill him – he’s currently being held in a PHandalin jail cell and they plan to interrogate him in the morning.

The thing is, it isn’t clear to me from the module if Klarg himself knows the exact location of the hideout – he’s not listed with the other Bugbear who know the location, but if the party were to manage to charm him, could he potentially reveal the location to them?

Initially, any individual who needs to distinguish a wireless number ought to know ab

Don’t: Put in a request with any organization promising “moment results” or “boundless phone queries” 
Manage any individual who has guaranteed anything for nothing, similar to “free mobile phone number hunt”
Purchase anything without looking at costs extend from $45-$175 for a similar information. Additionally, pay special  consumer phonelist mind to those contribution unthinkably low costs (we have seen various locales promising wireless quest information for $19.95 and even $14.95- – none of them genuine.
Make a buy without comprehending what you’re getting. Never purchase from any individual who confesses to utilizing an information base (there is no phone data set!). Manage anybody that doesn’t unveil precisely what they will give. Numerous organizations make unclear guaranteed dependent on your desires, however convey just pointless data, for example, the name of the wireless transporter
Give a dime to any organization that doesn’t guarantee exact, checked data
All things considered, it ought to be noticed that nobody will furnish you with precise phone search data without doing a real examination concerning the number you give. Anybody in any event, alluding to a wireless number catalog, or any comparable garbage is attempting to scam you.
These are the more normal tricks and ploys. A comprehensive rundown of what to search for is past the extent of this article. Buyers are asked to utilize sound judgment when managing any electronic organization.

What steps can I do if I know that someone[Goverment, Special agents,..etc] is spying on me?

if I know someone is trying to spying on me, and he/they tracking me on both online and reality, what steps can I do to neutralize the risk? keep in mind, that I’m a normal person with limited resources.

these steps comes in mind:

  1. Setup & use a self-hosted VPN service(to prevent ISP as Man-in-The-Middle and prevent DNS Leaks), on trusted hosting provider.
  2. Encrypt all my emails with PGP keys, and make sure that the usage of PGP keys is the default.
  3. Secure login to all chat apps, with Password/Fingerprint.
  4. Encrypt the full disk of my computer.

in general, I think of:

  1. Securing the communication on the internet (using VPN, fake identity, PGP Keys..etc).
  2. Securing the data on devices by encryption, and add authentication layers.

is there something more I miss?

What does the attuned creature know about the Shield of the Hidden Lord?

The DMG states that all properties of a magic item are known to the attuned creature, or a creature that spends a short rest analyzing it, but what about the Shield of the Hidden Lord? Some properties of the shield aren’t usable by the attuned creature. Plus, it seems kinda boring to me that the player would instantly be aware of Gargauth’s true nature after an hour of attuning or analyzing. To me that is something to be found out via play or identify.

How to know if time complexity is O(n+m) or O(n*m)

I’m having difficulty understanding when can we know if the time complexity of an algorithm is n+m or n*m

Is the time complexity of the following algo O(n+m) or O(n*m)

Can you please point me to a resource that can give some sample examples of code patterns for different variations of time complexity?

For example:

for(String str : strs) {    char[] charArray = str.toCharArray();    Array.sort(charArray); //ignoring the TC of this one, which would be nLogn in java    System.out.println("sorted: "+ new String(charArray)); } 

How much do the humans on absalom station know about aliens?

I have just started playing Starfinder, and I am thinking of making an Xenophile character who only knows what common knowledge there is to aliens refusing doing further research since she believes she cannot truly know aliens without actually meeting them.

Since my character will not have any training regarding aliens, what I want to know is how much does someone that is part of general public know about aliens in Starfinder universe? Is it to the level of knowing there are creatures out there that are not human without knowing any specifics, or are there lessons at high schools regarding alien culture and how to interact with them, or is there exchange programs for alien students with each student getting a non human?

How can I avoid metagaming when I know things my character doesn’t?

One common problem I run into, as a player, is having to feign not-knowing things my character doesn’t but I do, be it rules about certain creatures (“Hmm that rock golem sure looks weak against […]”), or simply some my character did not witness but I did because other players at the table had their characters there and the GM did not split the group.

For example, it can be hard to act like you don’t know your friends are in trouble in the next building, and not go over there just to have a “random look” and oh surprise find something you, as a player, already knew you’d find. Finding myself in such a situation can be avoided if the GM splits the group of players or uses other information-control tricks, but that’s not always done.

When in such a situation, what are good techniques or things I can do to force myself into an “oblivious” state of mind about those things?

How can I more easily feign ignorance of in-game/in-universe information, and have my character act with more accordance to what he knows and not what I know?

Does casting a Subtle Spell count as surprising a target if target does not know you are caster?

I understand you can’t Sneak Attack with spells, something to do that both abilities scale thus game breaking. So that takes away one aspect of my predicament. However the Assassinate ability still gives Advantage over lower initiative targets, and according to Can an Assassin use Assassinate with ranged spell attacks?, an assassin with surprise will auto-crit with a spell.

If you have the Subtle Spell metamagic, can you still Auto-Crit with a spell attack after the start of the encounter if the target doesn’t know you’re a spellcaster? Does casting a Subtle Spell count as surprising a target if target does not know you are spellcaster?

For example: as an Assassin 3/Sorcerer 3, at start of encounter I shoot a target with a light crossbow and Hex spell, dealing 1d8+2 damage. Target has yet to see if I or any of my allies is caster. Next round I use Chill Touch at same target. Do I auto-crit and roll 2d8 cold damage +2d6?