Where’s the order item custom options labels in the REST API?

I’m trying to retrieve orders from the REST API in Magento Enterprise 2.3.1, and that’s easy enough with endpoints like /rest/default/V1/orders, but while I can see the values for custom options of the items in the order, I can’t see their labels. For example:

"product_option": {     "extension_attributes": {         "custom_options": [             {                 "option_id": "3730",                 "option_value": "Some text value."             },             {                 "option_id": "3731",                 "option_value": ""             }         ]     } } 

It’s great that I can see that for one of the custom options, the customer said “Some text value.”, but I’d really like to know what it was they were responding to. What I’d expect to see for each custom option is something like:

{     "option_id": "3728",     "option_label": "What's your favorite Star Trek ship?"     "option_value": "U.S.S. Excelsior" }  

So far, any time I can find a way to load an order via the REST API, it is returned this way, and I don’t see any other way to get the custom option label.

It’s hard to believe I’m the first person to come across this – am I just missing something obvious?

Search mails for multiple labels

I’ve been using GMAIL for a long time and I have many mails with multiple labels. I am being migrated to Outlook and mails will be moved over and into Outlook folders based on labels, BUT only the first label name will be considered. So if I have a mail with 2 (or 3 labels) they will get put into a folder named after the first label. How can I search GMAIL for all mails that will be affected by this, i.e. those with label count > 1? I will have to modify all those mails so that they all have only one label and then they’ll end up in the ‘correct’ Outlook folder. Any ideas?

Representing increase/decrease at glance on “opposite” labels?

I’m building the front-view of a marketing Ad fraud analysis tool that wants shows users how much ad fraud vs valid traffic they get.

It already does this, and the purpose is to show at a glance in a clearer, faster manner.

The issue: an increase or decrease of “fraud” and “valid” traffic will be opposite in meaning for each label. Here is an example where it gets confusing:

enter image description here

Notice Total, Valid and Ad Fraud rows. Users will see Valid/Total traffic increase as positive, and Fraud increase as negative. I’m concerned for clarity, has anyone dealt with this situation?

Best options seem to be:

  1. Removing the increase/decrease relationships, but it seems to lose the ease of understanding at glance.
  2. Only display the relationship for ad fraud; ad fraud analysis is the main use for our users.
  3. Something else?

Applying UK Visa in Florida – shipping labels and where to submit?

I saw similar question re UK visa shipping label. The site is quite confusing but also directing to premium shipping expensive services which we are trying to avoid. Is it still valid to create your own UPS shipping account and purchase prepaid return shipping labels? It did not give any option on UK site but only what they offer. Im guessing after you purchased their offered shipping labels, then it will tell you next where to bring the supporting documents for your UK visa application? Kindly advise.