How does one remove the Grub Star Labs Theme in ubuntu 18.04

How do I remove the Star Labs Theme in Ubuntu 18.04

I have run the command sudo apt remove starlabstheme

I have Grub customizer and created a new theme for Grub but the the starlabs theme still loads.

Please can someone point me in the right direction. Searched the internet and looked in the grub file but can not see where it is pointing to the star labs theme.

Hope to hear from a Guru soon.

Technology stack required to run virtual labs in a browser

Sites like CBT Nuggets have virtual labs ( or even the Self-Paced Hands-on Labs from Microsoft run within a browser (

I am curious to know, what technology stack do they use to be able to run a VM environment within a browser?

I want to set up such an environment in the cloud (Google, AWS, Azure) for some courses I teach where I can provide the student with a link and they can access the pre-built lab environment within a browser to follow my course/instructions.

If anyone can point me in the right direction it will be much appreciated.

Why does SSL Labs now consider CBC suites weak?

Does anyone know, why does SSL labs now mark CBC 256 suites as weak, although equivalent GCM and ChaCha20 are considered strong? Until a few months ago, it was unmarked in reports (neither explicitly as weak or strong), and it is still unmarked in their client lists.

The suites in question are:


The SHA1s are a requirement to support 5 and 6 with 4×100% score. It still gets 4×100% score, but it marks it as weak, which from an OCD perspective doesn’t look “unprofessional”.

Gráfico pelo ggplot no RStudio v 1.1.463 não lê o subtitle e o caption em labs()

Olá. Estou com o problema relatado no título e não entendo por que no RStudio o subtitle e o caption não são lidos e quando replico o códio no Visual Studio ele carrega corretamente todos os comandos – o gráfico fica exatamente como está no código. Segue o código e um trecho dos dados para replicar no RStudio:

ggplot(Endividamento_Familias_Mensal, aes(Data, Endividamento_Familias)) + geom_line() + labs(title = “Endividamento Familiar”, caption = “Fonte: PNADC – Bacen”) Os dados são: inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Este mesmo código, com estes mesmos dados, executados pelo Visual Studio gera o gráfico corretamente.

Veja como fica pelo RStudio: inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Whatever happened to Mind Storm Labs and Alpha Omega?

Back in 2008, Mind Storm Labs released Alpha Omega, which was a really unique RPG. My group had a lot of fun with it, until we managed to find some flaws and totally break the system. Even with that, we might have tried to patch it, but the developers suddenly vanished and the community dried up.

Now I’m wondering what happened to them. Why did they vanish? Was there any explanation/commentary/retrospective from the authors? Did someone die? Even a statement like “we tried, but it wasn’t a success and we had to go back to our day jobs” would be some kind of closure.