Does a lack of verified signatures for Windows Defender indicate malware?

I ran “autoruns” from Windows Sysinternals on a Windows 10 machine, and noticed that the Windows Defender services were marked in red colour, and did not have verified signatures. I checked these services on another machine and found that they were all verified as expected.

Does this mean the Windows Defender on my machine is malware? If so, how can I remove it and reinstall a clean Windows Defender? Running the thorough offline-scan did not help.


How to deal with lack of advantages for a character starting at low point total?

I’m currently playing a character, and just made another, in a Dungeon Fantasy/DFRPG group that starts at 75 points (+50 disads, +5 quirks). It’s not all that difficult to make a viable character, even at that point total — you won’t have skills at “expert” levels, or only one at the expense of having others above default, but the group adventures are balanced for this power level.

What has just occurred to me, however (and appears to be an equally valid concern for vanilla GURPS), is that a common 250 point starting value, or even a 125 point value, will start with more Advantages than a 75 pointer — because the lower point total spends everything on attributes and skills (the template for a mage, for instance, pretty much limits advantages to Magery 2 over the required Magery 1, or an attribute increase).

One of the underlying tenets of “leveling” in DFRPG is that, once you’ve gained, say, 50 points and “leveled up”, your 75 point character will be roughly indistinguishable from a new character who started with 125 points — but that seems not to be the case, because the 125 point character will have started with one or more Advantages that the 75 point character couldn’t afford, and most advantages (like Magery, Trained by a Master, or Luck) can’t be gained through experience spending.

What’s the best way to ensure that a 75 point character isn’t at a, um, disadvantage relative to Advantages compared to a 125 point start, after playing a while and earning 50 experience? Is there a mechanism in the DF/DFRPG rules that I’m missing that allows adding Advantages on leveling up, or under other circumstances in play?

Lack of HTML craftsmanship leading to inaccessibility?

I came across the following recent tweets by Jeffery Zeldman. As @deathshadow has often said before, the sheer lack of craftsmanship and business ethics seem to be rampant in the industry, and the deeper I dig, the more I am concerned. To me, the implications of some of these comments are disturbing.

Lack of HTML craftsmanship leading to inaccessibility?

Lack of Stack Pointer Register

Suppose a processor lacks STACK Pointer Register. But, It does have STACK. Then, in my opinion, a program will still be able to call subroutines but, will be unable to return back from the subroutines. Please do clarify me where I have made a wrong assumption. Also do mention the possible outcomes of the scenario.

[ Politics ] Open Question : If movies had equal amount of racial diversity in lead roles, can this help to reduce racism or is racism causing lack of racial diversity?

Back in the day, blacks had to sit in separate seats from whites at the movies. We’ve come a long way. We still hear about the lack of racial diversity for lead roles and during the oscar so white controversy, Will Smith said to Robin Roberts that he would’ve liked to have left a legacy when he retires to see a diverse range of lead actors. He felt disappointed that wasn’t going to happen. @blu, I don’t mean just blacks but rarely we see asians, hipsanics, middle eastern actors etc etc repreresented as heroes. @I hate commerce, you’re talking about segregation, I already mentioned we already went through that. @blu, I already have but there are actors like Scarlett Johansson that insist she can portray anyone she wants and had a backlash for portraying a Japanese character and also about a transgender person in which she had to cancel due to the lgbtq complaints. Many people didn’t like Christian Bale as Moses and it was controversial with white actors for leads in a middle eastern story. @I hate commerce, you’re so lost then. @blu, I guess what I’m saying is that minority’s especially asians feel they don’t have a place in Hollywood and they’re easily made fun of. *minorities

Lack of mailbox for a calendar group

What I have:
I am using SharePoint online (Office 365).

After adding a group calendar as a web part on my page and clicking on link to the group I get the following information:

Something went wrong
We couldn’t find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don’t have a mailbox or don’t have a license assigned.

Additional information:
When I search available apps in my Office 365 online Outlook is not there.
Article which I used as a reference:
(Option 5)

What I want to have:
I want to create an Office 365 group calendar, be able to use it from Outlook (installed on desktop) and embed it in my modern page

What is the consensus on which books should be banned due to either exploitability, lack of balance, or poor editing?

At first this may seem to be a largely opinion-based question, but the more that I read the more that there appears to be a consensus. For example, in something resembling decreasing order of the frequency that I’ve seen these claims, the following appear to be commonly believed:

  • Any content focused on Epic level gameplay, such as the Epic Level Handbook or Deities & Demigods, should be banned from player use. The reasons for this vary, but I usually see either poor editing, completely lack of balance, or complete lack of thought listed as reasons. The best example is Epic Spellcasting and its numerous dysfunctions, although I could also point to absurdities like the lack of balance between Saleient Divine Abilities (even in the hands of NPCs) or Boccob only having two classes.
  • Serpent Kingdoms is so poorly written and so exploitable that it should be ignored. For example, see “GeneralCategories” (sic) here or recall Pun-pun.
  • Unless you don’t like the flavor or one or two feats that cause ruling debates, the Expanded Psionics Handbook and the Tome of Battle are some of the best 3.5e books.
  • The Book of Exalted Deeds largely contains material that was originally made for NPCs and some of it, particularly anything that requires the Sacred Vow feat, is dangerous to include in your game and may even damage your group. Vow of Poverty is an excellent example, along with the Apostle of Peace.

To me, this list is evidence that some consensus exists on which books should be banned due to either exploitability, lack of balance, or poor editing. My question is this – aside from the examples listed above, what other consensuses exist and what is the reasoning behind them? To be clear, I’m only looking for information on what non-third party books should be banned entirely. I don’t care too much for anything like “be careful what you use from Unearthed Arcana and Dragon Magazine“, “the PHB has poor class balance”, or “don’t allow Domain Wizard”. I just want to know what entire books are frequently forbidden and why.

Is lack of functional requirements agile?

Nowadays everybody wants to be agile. In every team I worked with, the shape of agile was different. Some things are common – like daily stand-ups or planning, but other parts vary significantly.

In my current team there’s one detail which I find disturbing. It’s lack of functional requirements. Not only there’s no written form of expectations but also in the tasks it’s rather vaguely defined what needs to be done.

The project goal is to rewrite of the old system using new technologies. Old system doesn’t have any reasonable documentation as well. For sure up to date one doesn’t exist. Business owners’ description of requirements is – let’s do it in new implementation the same way as old. It seems reasonable but it’s not. Old system is kind of spaghetti code and extracting business requirements from it is costly. It seems that the situation affects planning in a negative way. For sure it’s prone to mistakes and bugs in new implementation (omitting some details).

Therefore I’m thinking – is it truly agile to have no business requirements in case of rewriting old system?

Do the Canadian Rockies lack red foliage in autumn?

I’m mulling whether to see fall foliage this year in Banff & Jasper, or Charlevoix.

Many comments allege that AB aren’t swarming with maple trees that discharge the red foliage.

3. Re: Banff Best Time for Fall Color _ Leaves 11 years ago

Also, don’t expect the cliche “Canadian” red leaves; maple trees are not hardy enough for Alberta weather. All our native trees turn yellow and gold, with the wild rose bushes adding an accent of red in the understory.

Banff and Jasper for Fall Colors

Yes, those who live in that region would have more expertise, but having trvalled through the BC mountains in fall, I don’t recall extensive colour. As mentioned by SheiliDawn, I believe alpine forest does tend to be predominated by coniferous specious. Fall colour tends to be associated with maples (e.g. Sugar Maples) and to a lesser extend other deciduous trees such as Oaks, Aspens (poplars), birch. Maples are, I believe, more abundant in the mid-north eastern North American Forests. Regions known for fall colours include Northern New England (Appalachians), Quebec (Laurentians), Central/Northern Ontario (e.g. Haliburton Highlands, Algonquin Park), Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Highlands). Peak colour is variable depending on the weather patterns in any given year – I usually target somewhere between late September and mid October.

1. Re: Best time for fall colors? 9 years ago.

The change in colours for vegetation is a characteristic of a Deciduous Forest… and as much of Western Canada is a Coniferous Forest (Evergreens) then the transition is not found with as much impact as it is in Eastern Canada and the USA (it happens, just that the “show” isn’t as significant due to the lack of “variety” in vegetation and Maple Trees).

The Yellows, Oranges and Red, that most folks think about… are primarily due to the Maple Trees, which actually grow primarily in a very small portion of New England (Massachusetts thru to NY State) and Canada’s Maritime Provinces, Quebec and Ontario.

aroundtheworld2005. 8 years ago

I live in Banff National Park and my vacation this year is to Montreal,Tremblant, Quebec City and area at the last week of September, first week of October, specifically to see the fall colours. So that should give you an idea of how we lack the colours here. As stated we do get the yellow and sort of orange colours in some of our trees in the Kootenay areas, and mostly yellow from the Larches in my parts, it is nothing like the pictures I have seen of the foilage in the east. We have maples from my home area of the west coast of Canada, but they just don’t compare.

But don’t the two pictures beneath, allegedly taken in Banff, show red foliage?

Banff in The Fall

enter image description here

Pocaterra Fall

enter image description here