android arabic language not changed [on hold]

I am developing android application that uses English and Arabic languages, when I debug it on my mobile it works well and the language change between Arabic and English perfectly. But when I uploaded the application to google play store and install it on my device, it didn’t change the language to Arabic. here is my code :

public void onarabic(View view) {         Locale mLocale;         mLocale = new Locale("ar");         Locale.setDefault(mLocale);          Configuration config = new Configuration();         if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.JELLY_BEAN_MR1) {             config.setLocale( mLocale);         }         else             config.locale=mLocale;         getBaseContext().getResources().updateConfiguration(config,                 getBaseContext().getResources().getDisplayMetrics());         Intent intent=new Intent(   this,MainActivity.class);         startActivity(intent);     }      public void on_english(View view) {         Locale mLocale;         mLocale = new Locale("en");         Locale.setDefault(mLocale);          Configuration config = new Configuration();         if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.JELLY_BEAN_MR1) {              config.setLocale( mLocale);             getBaseContext().createConfigurationContext(config);             //getBaseContext().getResources().updateConfiguration(config,                  //   getBaseContext().getResources().getDisplayMetrics());         }         else {             config.locale = mLocale;             getBaseContext().getResources().updateConfiguration(config,                     getBaseContext().getResources().getDisplayMetrics());         }         Intent intent=new Intent(this,MainActivity.class);         startActivity(intent);     } 

HREFLANG and different GSC property for every language

According to this article…ntation-guide/,
it’s suggested to create a Google Search Console property for every language or country version of your website.

So, this means different properties for every /de/, /fr/ etc subdirectory

I wonder how this is going to affect the previous history of our website.
Suddenly all our Impressions and Clicks will be split among different properties, which complicates things.

Do you really think that there are more benefits of doing this that worth the trouble?

What was the first language to offer “full” structured programming support?

In the same vein as this question about conditionals, I am interested in the first time a language provided functionality we assume as a given for modern programming languages. The question is when a programming language fully embraced structured programming by providing all 4 control structures (sequence, selection, iteration & recursion).

Now, “sequence” seems like a given, but selection, iteration & recursion also need to be provided. As far as I can see that means

  • conditional keywords (e.g. if...then)
  • loop keywords (while, for etc.)
  • functions which are able to call themselves

What was the first time a language provided all these?

Incorrect display of the language by user geolocation in Google maps

Good day. I could not find an answer to this question and I want to know what the experts know about this problem. I created a google map with tags in Greece, put it on my website and asked website users from different countries to see what language they see the google map with tags. – from Germany see the English text – from England see the Russian text – from Ukraine see the Russian text – from Ukraine see the English text

Since the site is international, I expected that Google maps would determine the user’s geo-location and show him the map in his language. But now this is a problem, as people see the completely different language of city names, inconsistent with their location. Website users mostly speak English. And, of course, in other languages. But Russian is definitely not included in the priority list, so I don’t want to be seen by users who do not know it. How is this problem solved? Has anyone already solved this problem? Does this problem have a solution or is it not possible yet? I do not understand how to solve it. In Google maps I was sent to ask all the technical questions on this site. I hope that Google technical support will answer me or users who are aware of such a problem and can solve it or suggest whether this problem has a solution.

is this given language in class P?

i was wondering:

is this language in class P?

$ NONDISJOINT_{DFA}\:=\:\left\{<A,B> |\:A\:and\:B\:are\:DFAS\:and\:L\left(A\right)\:\cap L\left(b\right)\:\ne \varnothing \right\}$

explanation: a word $ <A,B>$ belongs to the language if A and B are descriptions of finite deterministic automatas that the languages they identify are not foreign to each other

so in order to be in class P, the given language needs to be “solved” by a deterministic turing machine in polynomial time.

i tried to research this language but did not came with anything and i am not sure how to build simple algorithm(turing machine) that runs on both and verifies that there is at least common element and then maybe prove in induction for the rest. but that seems not very efficient.

i know that if $ L(A)=L(B)$ then i can just build a turing machine that goes over the DFA. and if one is contained in the other, so i do a union of that DFAS and then i can build a turing machine that goes over both, but i am sure i am missing a lot of things and this is not a formal proof.

would really appreciate your help with this

Which websites should i use to start learning the basics of AI and machine language in python? Java beginner here

i am a student that has only picked up the basics of java and object oriented programming. My school is attending a workshop on machine learning and AI based in python. I would like to know where and which websites should i start off with to get a better idea of the topics before the workshop.

There are many sites that cover AI but they do not seem to be that easy to understand due to the top down approach.

i am currently using this site to start with ML. Any recommendations that might be useful for beginners to start?