Not able to resume my laptop after sleep while booted in Ubuntu 16.04

I have dual booted with Dell G3-3579 laptop with Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 (default). Whenever I am using Ubuntu and I put my laptop in sleep mode it sleeps as the screen turns black. But when I try to resume my session by pressing the power button nothing happens and eventually I am forced to force restart my laptop by long pressing the power button. How do I go about in solving this issue? Help is appreciated! Thanks in advanced!

Screen locks before sleep on laptop lid close

I’m trying to get my laptop to go to sleep when I shut the lid. Right now, it locks the screen on lid close, and sleeps once the password is entered. The current full sequence of events is:

  1. Shut the lid of the laptop
  2. Observe from the external power light that it does not sleep
  3. Open the lid, observe the lock screen is displayed
  4. Enter the password to unlock
  5. The machine instantly sleeps, and will stay asleep
  6. Wake the machine with the keyboard or power button
  7. The screen wakes, the “unlock” animation happens (without a password), and I’m at the unlocked desktop environment

I’ve toggled various “lid closed action” settings in Gnome and gnome-tweak tool. I can make the laptop ignore the lid closing entirely, but can’t get it to sleep on lid closed (other than this sequence).

This happened on 18.04; I upgraded to 19.04 today and it still occurs. I very well could have altered a configuration that is causing this, but I don’t know where else to investigate.

Thinkpad Carbon X1 3rd Gen.

Ubuntu 18.04 cannot shutdown my laptop

Please help me solve this problem. I have HP Notebook 15 laptop from 2014. Recently I have installed Ubuntu 18.04. The only problem I have is that the OS cannot shutdown mu laptop and I have to force shutdown with the power off button. I have tried many solutions on the internet like modifying the /etc/default/grub ; I have tried via linux terminal and through the GUI. I have tried Linux Mint Tina, Ubuntu 16 lts and Ubuntu 19 and nothing worked it just freezes at shutting down.

Microsoft Surface Laptop – will keyboard support be added to Ubuntu?

My apologies for my lack of knowledge on how hardware support gets added to distros and the kernal.

I have a first gen MS Surface laptop (actual ‘Laptop’ not pro or go, etc.). When I run the Ubuntu live everything works, as far as I can tell, except the built in keyboard. Since this laptop is several years old I was wondering if this will ever work? I’ve installed various linux systems on laptops and have had things like cameras not work but I’ve never had something as basic as the keyboard not work.

I’ve seen the jakeday kernal work but because I lack this level of system build knowledge I’m worried about things like security and also what that means for future upgrades. Again… this is more on me than jakeday’s work.

So long question shortened… for my Surface Laptop keyboard to work.. Be Patient or stay with windows/buy new laptop?

Thank you

Ubuntu 18 WiFi adapater not found in HP laptop

I just installed Ubuntu 18 my Laptop and I am facing issue with WiFi adapater not found and I approached lot of blogs but still not resolved my issue.

I approached below link WiFi works fine after installing but if I restarting my system then it issue again repeating with WiFi adapater not found.

Please provide the solution for this issue