What IMEI(s) does an ISP get in case I use a mobile hotspot to connect my laptop to the web?

I found out today that ISPs get the IMEI code of any device connected to them.

See a (very old) reference here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/4738219.stm

I was hence wondering: in case I connect to the web through a mobile hotspot with a prepay SIM card, which IMEI(s) does the ISP gets?

Say the setup is: Laptop – mobile phone – internet

Does the ISP get only the mobile phone IMEI, the laptop IMEI or both?

Windows 10 Remote Desktop fails after laptop screen times out, any ideas why?

I am on a domain, and use the laptop to Remote connect to a server hosting medical software suite. Our server is set to auto lock the screens after 15 minutes if no activity is present. If this happens, then Remote Desktop Connection either takes forever to connect to the other server, or fails to connect at all. If the screen is manually locked using win key + L, then it works fine. Also, all of our other laptops work fine even when the account is auto signed out.

Any ideas on what could cause this or how to go about fixing it? Due to it being isolated to that laptop I have considered it being a Windows 10 issue–although it is a new a Dell latitude 5500 that is doing it. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Job laptop and VPN, security concerns for home network?

I’ve asked if I could continue working from home. They said ok. The laptop belongs to the company with VPN on it. From home I’ll connect the laptop to my personal network/rooter with wifi. When I’ll deliver the laptop I’ll change my personal/home wifi password. Is there any other security concerns for my home network while I am connected to the office VPN? They can see other devices of mine? Should I worry for something? They (the IT administrators) can access my home network?

put some function in cloud and execute from any place cellular phone or tablet or laptop

Mostly I would like to have back a small string produced after entering few integers…

anyway the functions is:

pw[j_Integer, nd_Integer, sl_Integer, oeo_Integer] :=   Style[StringJoin[" ",     Map[ctec[[# + 1]] &,      First[RealDigits[N[1/Prime[j*sl + oeo], (j*sl + oeo)*10*5],        Length[ctec], nd, -sl*oeo]]], " "], FontSize -> 25,    FontColor -> Red, Bold, Background -> Yellow] 

where ctec is a list of all key-able characters in Latin-kb

How can i create an isolated and anonymous OS inside my employer’s laptop?

My employer monitors every website I visit on company laptop, so i need to create an isolated OS and connect to a stealth VPN so the IT department won’t know which websites I visit and they even shouldn’t know I’m connected to VPN and use isolated OS.

My solution would be:

  • Qubes and Win 10 inside of it

  • A Stealth VPN Service like Nordvpn (which the network will not know im connected to vpn)

  • Maybe a usb for them to save & plug-play anytime

  • My mobile phone 4g internet or company’s wifi (?)

Note: No need for a complete anonymous systems like whonix, tails etc. I just need to browse web for my personal needs and save my personal docs. So Windows OS is required..

Which solution would be okay?

What are the possible firmware infections on a laptop? [closed]

I know for sure I have some malware around. I have formatted many times and I installed various operating systems like Linux and OpenBSD. So now I suspect some firmware infection.

In addition to a BIOS/UEFI infection, what other firmware infections are possible on a laptop?

I don’t have a DVD burner/reader and not even an ethernet NIC.

Secure way to install windows 10 and winscp,notepad++,wamp on new laptop

I have a project with very critical information from business clients. I will buy a new laptop for this to manage/handle/analyze that information.

All I need is:

  • WAMP to run php script only on localhost

  • Notepad++ or other IDE

  • Chrome browser to access gmail, google drive, amazon aws etc.

  • Winscp to connect with external server


So first about Windows 10. I can buy laptop with Windows 10 Home preinstalled. Or I can buy freedos version and install Windows 10 Pro. In later case I will need to download it from Windows website and create bootable usb in other laptop where Windows is already installed. I am not sure if there are any potential security risk that in case if the second computer is infected it will infect also usb?


I am not sure how I could omit any risk about Wamp, Notepad++, Winscp. Yes all of them are trusted apps, but you never know right? So my question is, are the these apps secure enough to be used on environments where security is extremely important? Are there any step I should do once installed? Maybe once installed I should set proper firewall and disable any updates for it and then just keep eye if there are any security updates on their website?

I may sound paranoid, but again the client information is very critical and the leak could result in big losses.