Running Ubuntu on a hybrid laptop

I am purchasing a hybrid laptop which has a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD. This is the first time i’m purchasing a laptop with a SSD and hybrid storage. I intend to install Ubuntu on my SSD and store files (/home) on my HDD. I have no prior expereince with installing an OS on such specs. How should i proceed with installation and is there any problems which i may run into, or any tips?

Has my laptop running Ubuntu 18.04 been Hacked?

I live with someone who is a hacker and a piece of shit at the same time, he has no morals, and won’t hesitate to steal money from me(hack my bank info).

So today i was browsing Youtube as usual, then suddenly VLC did open randomly! i convinced my self that it was just a bug and that i’m safe using ubunto…, fast forward a couple minutes later i was reading from a paper sitting in front of my laptop, then the Ubuntu launcher bar would scroll up and down twice.

i was really frustrated since it took me too much time to install ubuntu, learn how to use it, buy another router thinking i’m safe … just to be hacked again.

So my questions are : -Was i being hacked or is it just some bugs?. -How can i make sure i’m well protected? what are the must have/know how to use tools?. -Should i wipe out my ssd and install Ubuntu once again?.

Thanks alot i’d really need your help.

Need help deciding which ubuntu distro to use on an old laptop [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What are the system requirements for each flavour of Ubuntu Desktop? 6 answers

I’m new here so let me know if anything what I’ve written here is against any kind of policy or something similiar.

Anyways, I wanted to ask you guys if you could advise me which linux/ubuntu distro should I use on my old laptop:
Intel Pentium PU 2177U 1.80GHz; 8GB Ram; 280 GB HDD 5400RPM; NVidia Geforce GT 710M

I’ve tried using lubuntu for a while but I ended up having few compatibility issues so I uninstalled that one. As I’m writing this I’m installing Xubuntu to see how the results will be there.
Furthermore do you think that ubuntu with minimal installation will work fine or not?

Laptop Camera works with Bluestacks but not with Nox

So i really need the camera to function using Nox Player, i have an MSI laptop with an integrated webcam. I’ve read everywhere that camera is supposed to work out of the box with Nox. However, it doesn’t. i installed bluestacks to check and it worked with bluestacks. on Nox whatever app i install it acts as if there is no camera.

please help


Securing a Laptop from a Foreign Intelligence Agency

What would be the best practices for securing a single-purpose Windows laptop against a determined foreign intelligence agency from tampering with data on the machine? The machine would be used several times per year by two individuals who independently verify each other’s work and print the results. The machine would not need access to the Internet, but when in use would need to be connected to a printer.

Some of the things I’ve thought of so far:

  • Use a laptop with a TPM module.
  • Encrypt the drive.
  • Disable the NIC.
  • Disable the USB ports.
  • Use a strong password on the machine.
  • Physically store the machine in a locked safe while not in use.
  • When used, transport the laptop using two different security personnel.
  • While out of the safe, the laptop would always be attended by at least two individuals.
  • The laptop would be a fresh install of windows with no 3rd party software installed on it (not sure about updates in a situation like this).
  • The custom software on the computer, when run, would compute the hash of it’s binary files (e.g. exe and dll) and generate a code that the user would compare to a known value to detect tampering.

Any changes or additions?