How to launch JADE along with Reasoning Engine?

I am new to JAVA

I am trying to run Multi Agent Framework (JADE) developed in Java. I downloaded its binaries from here.

As per the instruction given in tutorial; I unziped it in C:/Jade. I have following directory structure there: Fig: 1 enter image description here As per the tutorial I installed Emerald from, a resoning engine on C:/Jade. During installation I used Dr-device as an engine. So it created another folder of Dr-Device in Emerald I have following directory structure there: Fig: 2 enter image description here

When I execute following bat file on C:\Jade\Emerald\emerald.bat. It gives me an error that no Jade.boot found. rem @echo off echo EMERALD 1.0 if EXIST DR-DeviceAgent set dr-device-agent=DR_Reasoner:ReasoningAgent if EXIST R-DeviceAgent set r-device-agent=R_Reasoner:ReasoningAgent_R if EXIST SPINdleAgent set spindle-agent=SPINdle_Reasoner:SPINdleAgent if EXIST ProvaAgent set prova-agent=Prova_Reasoner:provaAgent java jade.Boot -gui %r-device-agent% %dr-device-agent% %prova-agent% %spindle-agent%

I changed last command to: java -cp ..\lib\jade.jar jade.Boot -gui %dr-device-agent% because jar file was present somewhere else in directory tree.

It successfully launched Jade framework. But during launch it gave a warning that it was unable to find “ReasoningAgent.class” whereas it is present there as show in following figure Fig: 3 enter image description here

Error in console can be seen in image below(Last 4th and 5th line) If it was successful in creating an agent reasoner. There must be 4 agents in gui Fig: 4 enter image description here

How to set the launch profile after publish in .netcore 2.1

I have a .netcore2.1 app, and it works locally great. I am setting it up to build in a TFS build.

It is published to a folder and is started with Web Deploy (MSDeploy). Using TFS, how can I set the --launch-profile in the TFS publish process? Is it possible to do it during publish?

Launch profiles are set using dotnet run, but my deploy process in TFS doesn’t use dotnet run. dotnet run

Cannot play steam games.Preparing to launch and then closes

I have recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.6 after a year of using windows.I installed everthing such as codecs.But im not sure if i have good graphics drivers.It shows Intel Ironlake Mobile.No proprietary drivers are available.

Whenever i try to launch steam games it doesnt open.Is this a driver issue?Does my graphics need to be updated and how?Is my graphics driver the latest version ?Imma noob h3lp would be very very appreciated.

Launch Application on different workspace without changing workspace

I want to launch application on another workspace without changing current workspace.

For example I am on Workspace 1 and want to launch Chromium on my second Workspace.

Currently I am using the command below :

chromium-browser & wmctrl -r chromium-browser -t 2 


wmctrl -s 2 chromium-browser 

but I want launch chromium on the second workspace while I am on the first workspace.

When I switch to the second workspace, I expect Chromium to be launched.

Iphone has denied the launch request issue

I was trying to run my app on my iphone to test it, but got this error: error: failed to launch ‘/private/var/containers/Bundle/Application/some numbers/app’ — iPhone name has denied the launch request. I found some ways to solve this problem but they did’t work I tried to: -reinstall the app -recreate the Provisioning Profile file -delete the Developer Certificate from Keys so that it will recreate certificate -reinstall the Xcode – Setting ‘Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority’ trust mode from ‘Always trust’ to ‘System defaults’. The only way to run the app on Iphone is to disable “debug executable” in scheme, but that is not the best solution because I can’t use debugger, maybe there is better solution for this problem?

What are the various auto launch paths mean in OSX?

I’m trying to track down sneaky apps that launch upon reboot. They are not in System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login items and the in-app preferences for auto starting is disabled too for them. I did find them here:

~/Library/LaunchAgents /Library/LaunchAgents /Library/LaunchDaemons /System/Library/LaunchAgents /System/Library/LaunchDaemons 

What do each folder mean? Does removing the file from here simply mean the OS is won’t find it on startup?


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