Trademark Registry Business Serving 10 Countries. Recently Launched and Doing Well Already

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Regmarker is an online international trademark law firm registering trademarks in 10 territories namely; United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Europe, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Russia and Mexico.

The company was recently launched in July and has already made 9 high ticket sales.

This business is 100% outsourced and you do not need to know any law in order…

Trademark Registry Business Serving 10 Countries. Recently Launched and Doing Well Already

User Testing Service. Launched June. Made $1000+ profit in July. 100% Outsourced.

Welcome to the auction for


Research shows that over 500 000 websites and 1500 mobile apps are launched every day!

With that in mind, we decided to create this service which gives owners of these new websites and apps access to real users who can test out their platforms before launch and provide feedback.

We launched the business in July and it has since generated 9 sales in July. (proof of income attached)…

User Testing Service. Launched June. Made $ 1000+ profit in July. 100% Outsourced.

In Ubuntu 18.04 using thinkpad , how Settings application is launched when Fn + F9 is pressed?

In thinkpad X1 yoga , when i press Fn+F9 key , Settings Application is launched . Is this Genome Application ? If yes , Is it possible to launch some other application instead of “Settings” Application when Fn + F9 is pressed and how can we achieve it?

Thank you

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Nautilus error message when launched from Bash (Gnome) terminal

When the Nautilus file explorer is launched from the command line, the following error sometimes occurs:

Nautilus-Share-Message: [TIME]: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: Failed to execute child process “net” (No such file or directory) 

The bash terminal shows a strange extra line and you must either hit SPACE or Ctrl+Z to exit when you are returned to the normal Gnome prompt.

This happens with all of the following:

* `nautilus --browser` or `nautilus --browser PATH` * `gnome-open .` or `gnome-open PATH` * `gio open .` or `gio open PATH` 

The error does not appear every time:

1) Typically, the error does not occur at all

2) Sometimes Nautilus is launched, the cursor returns to the prompt briefly, and then the error appears a fraction of a second later. In this case, when Terminal is closed, the Nautilus file explorer stays alive.

3) Sometimes the error occurs before the Nautilus file explorer is displayed. In this case, if Terminal is closed a box pops up warning that closing Terminal will also terminate another blocked process. When Terminal is closed, the Nautilus file explorer is also terminated.

Looks like a timing issue. Any ideas what is causing this?

Dash showing duplicate icon of application when launched. Why?

I’m having trouble adding CLion to the dash in Ubuntu. I downloaded CLion zip and extracted it to a directory. I then used “Main Menu” to make it addable to the dash.

enter image description here

These settings seemed to be good and I could in fact add it to the favorites of dash. But the problem is that when I try to run the application, another icon pops up for it:

enter image description here

which is not very nice as it takes extra space. How could I avoid this?

Atom, VS code is not getting launched in Ubuntu 17.10

Since past few days I am facing an issue. Whenever I click on atom, vs code no window appears. If I look for the processes running, I can see Atom is running.

Also if I toggle between the windows, I can see no editor (atom, vs code) is opened. Currently I am using Ubuntu 17.10. I tried uninstalling and installing again, but it didn’t work.

Please suggest some solutions. Thanks in advance

Launched a dropshipping business

I have recently started my own online store on which I am doing a dropshipping business as started I am getting less sales but more visits. I think I have some issue regarding conversion of the people visiting my store. I have also tried conversion rate optimization tips but that didn't work for me. Any advices how to increase sales?

Would an object launched by the Catapult spell do full damage against a Scarecrow?

A Wizard uses the spell Catapult (EEPC, p. 15-16; XGtE, p. 150) against a Scarecrow (MM, pg. 268).

Catapult flings an object that is not worn or carried toward a scarecrow and hits.

The scarecrow has damage resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical weapons.

Does Catapult do full damage, or reduced damage in this scenario?

Java unable to open local file when running jar file launched from Desktop on Ubuntu

When double clicking an executable .jar file located in a folder on the Desktop the java program behaves differently than when launched with ‘java -jar jarfile.jar’ from the terminal.

When attempting any IO it seems it is always trying to read from the home folder. For example:

File file = new File("testfile.txt");

Java should be looking for this file “testfile.txt” in the same folder as the .jar file is launched. However, testing shows that this is actually being looked for in /home/user/testfile.txt

What is happening? Why does this work from the terminal and not when double clicking the file.