Long Shanghai Layover

I have a 15 hour layover in Shanghai. I arrive at PVG at 6am and depart for the USA at 9pm. I want to visit Disneyland Shanghai. What time should I leave DL to ensure enough time to get back, through security and onto my connecting flight? Is taxi the best travel option? I will be getting a 144 hour visa on arrival and will not have luggage as it will be checked through – hoping to leave carry on stored at the airport. TIA

Travelling to Santa Barbara through London and Phoenix. Is 2 hour layover in Phoenix enough?

I have booked a flight from DEL to SBA through London and Phoenix. There is a 2-hour layover time in Phoenix. I will be traveling in late July and will arrive at Phoenix at around 12:30 hours. I have a J1 visa. I have two questions:

  1. Will the security clearance and immigration take place at the Phoenix Airport? Or will it take place at the Santa Barbara Airport?
  2. Will 2-hour layover at Phoenix airport be enough? If not what is the recommended layover time?

Required to check-in in person at international layover airport

So my wife and I will be traveling to the UK this month, and we booked the flight from Los Angeles to London through Kiwi.com. Our itinerary is LAX to OSL via Norwegian Air, and then OSL to LHR via SAS. We are travelling carry-on only, no checked baggage.

According to our Kiwi reservation page, we are able to online check-in for the LAX-OSL segment, but for the OSL-LHR flight it says that online check-in is not available and that we need to check-in in person at the airport.

I’ve never had to do this before, and was wondering if we needed to actually leave the terminal and go back to the main check-in desks and then go through security again, or if you can check in, say, at the departure gate or a customer service desk in the terminals.

Our layover is a little under 1.5 hours (we land in OSL at 1545 and our connecting flight leaves at 1710).

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!