Best way to indicate secondary list items within an expandable list will lead to a new screen? iOS mobile app

I’m designing a page with an accordion list (not a sidebar menu) in a financial iOS app. I’m trying show that eacg primary list item is expandable/collapsible (indicated by up-down chevrons), and that secondary items within each primary list item will lead to a new page (indicated by right chevrons).

This is what the list looks like collapsed: List Collapsed

And expanded:

List Expanded

Is having a mix of so many chevrons confusing and cluttered? What’s the clearest way to display this?

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how to calculate a damage of a 3360 pound ball of lead dnd 5e

hay so i was tinkering around and i found out that a bigbys hand can hold 420 pounds and then i thought while he is holding that lets make it bigger so i would cast enlarge/reduce to buf that to 3360 pounds so idc that bigbys hand has been dispelled its just dropped a very big lead ball (which has spikes on it) onto that poor goblin so how much damage could it do and how small can i get said ball and yes ik this is a old tactic in dnd no one realy says how much damage this could do so thats why i am here

Any lead to improve my bluetooth speaker sound quality?

Using Ubuntu 19.04. I recently acquired a megaboom 3 portable bluetooth speaker, and for its size, the sound is stellar when connected to my phone.

However, when connected to my computer (bluetooth too), the sound is significantly less pleasant. It might be because it is recognized as bluetooth headphones instead of a bluetooth speaker (see screenshot) but I’m not sure.

Bluetooth speaker (TomTomBoom) recognized as Headphone

Any lead to improve the sound quality is welcome.

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[ Politics ] Open Question : If movies had equal amount of racial diversity in lead roles, can this help to reduce racism or is racism causing lack of racial diversity?

Back in the day, blacks had to sit in separate seats from whites at the movies. We’ve come a long way. We still hear about the lack of racial diversity for lead roles and during the oscar so white controversy, Will Smith said to Robin Roberts that he would’ve liked to have left a legacy when he retires to see a diverse range of lead actors. He felt disappointed that wasn’t going to happen. @blu, I don’t mean just blacks but rarely we see asians, hipsanics, middle eastern actors etc etc repreresented as heroes. @I hate commerce, you’re talking about segregation, I already mentioned we already went through that. @blu, I already have but there are actors like Scarlett Johansson that insist she can portray anyone she wants and had a backlash for portraying a Japanese character and also about a transgender person in which she had to cancel due to the lgbtq complaints. Many people didn’t like Christian Bale as Moses and it was controversial with white actors for leads in a middle eastern story. @I hate commerce, you’re so lost then. @blu, I guess what I’m saying is that minority’s especially asians feel they don’t have a place in Hollywood and they’re easily made fun of. *minorities

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How to quercy exactly 1 year date differences with LEAD and partition by in oracle sql

I am quite beginner in oracle sql, and i am trying to solve some competitive tasks in my freetime. I have come upon one query that i am struggling with.

The task is to get the same occurences of values in 3 different columns, and get them only if the time difference is exactly 1 year. for eg: if there are two rows, and one is for example :2019.01.01 and 2018.01.01 thats good, but if theres another row for the same triplets and a date with 2018.05.05. then the above two is an incorrect solution, cause theres another record between them. but 2017.01.01 , 2018.01.01. and 2019.01.01 is an acceptalbe solution.

The task asks me to use the LEAD analytic function with a partition by following up

A very similar task was almost the same, with the difference that it didnt matter if they had another row between the 1 year difference, my solution for that if it might help understanding my problem is something like this:

select DISTINCT a.user_code, a.item_code, a.selling_method, a.time, b.time from task_table a, task_table b where (a.user_code, a.item_code, a.selling_method) in( select user_code, item_code, selling_method from task_table group by user_code, item_code, selling_method having count(*) > 2 ) and ADD_MONTHS(a.time, 12) = b.time order by user_code, item_code, selling_method; 

Theres 1 million record in the table, and you have to get the rows where the usercode, itemcode and sellingmethod triplet are the same, and it is getting mixed with some extra stuff, so basically what i am looking for now is: EDIT: there have to be more than 2 occurences of the same triplets

usercode 5 itemcode 4 sellingmethod 3 time:2018.01.01 usercode 5 itemcode 4 sellingmethod 3 time:2017.01.01 usercode 5 itemcode 4 sellingmethod 3 time:2016.01.01 

and there are no usercode itemcode sellingmethod with values 5 ,4 and 3 with dates inbetween two of them

I can mostly understand the LEAD function by reading documentation, but i’ve been struggling to make a good query for hours