Leaderboard not working in Unity

I’m trying to create a leaderboard for my game. I have the game created and added the leaderbaord using cloudonce. I have also created the app on google play console and linked the app to the game services. I have followed the following tutorial to create the leaderboard: Leaderboard tutorial

I have followed the exact same instruction as given in the tutorial. Once the game is over, the leaderboard button is activated. I have attached LeaderboardsButton script(this script comes with the CloudOnce package) to the leaderboard button. Here is the code in the game over panel for getting the score:

void OnEnable() {     DisplayGameOverScore(); } void DisplayGameOverScore() {             gameOverScore.text = ((int)gameManager.playerScore).ToString();            gameOverHighScore.text = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("HighScore", 0).ToString();     CloudOnceServices.instance.SubmitScoretoLeaderboard(PlayerPrefs.GetInt("HighScore", 0)); } 

This is the CloudOnceServices script as per the tutorial:

public static CloudOnceServices instance;  private void Awake() {     TestSingleton(); }  private void TestSingleton() {     if (instance != null)     {         Destroy(gameObject);         return;     }     instance = this;     DontDestroyOnLoad(gameObject); }  public void SubmitScoretoLeaderboard(int score) {      Leaderboards.HighScore.SubmitScore(score); } 

I have attahced this script to an empty game object along with the InitializeCloudOnce script(this is provided with the CloudOnce package).

I have also created an alpha test on googleplay. Once I open the link and start the game, the google play services console open and when I hit the leaderboard button, google play services console loads but after that nothing happens. It just goes back to the game. I read that other people ran into similar issues and the advise given was to check if the SHA1 certificate fingerprint is the same in app signing under release management and the credentials in GoogleApis. They both match. I’m not sure what the issue is?

Python Leaderboard [on hold]

My friends and I have been struggling on this project, and we’ve come to a part where we need to create a ‘Leaderboard’ function in which the program displays the top 5 players who’ve scored the highest in the game.

def register():     file = open("accounts.txt", "a")     accounts = []     print("You will now register yourself to the quiz.")     firstname = input(str("Enter your first name: "))     surname = input(str("Enter your surname: "))     age = input("Enter your age: ")     password = input("Enter the password you would like to use: ")     username = ((surname[0]+surname[1]+surname[2]) + (firstname[0]+firstname[1]) + age)     print("Your username is: " + username)     score = "0"     file.write(username + " " + password + " " + firstname + " " + surname + " " + age + " " + score + "\n")   def login():     check = open("accounts.txt","r")     username = input("Please enter your username ")     password = input("Please enter your password ")     for line in open("accounts.txt","r").readlines():          login_info = line.split()          if username == login_info[0] and password == login_info[1]:             print("Correct credentials!")             print("\n")             choice2 = input("Press 1 for leaderboard, 2 to play OR 3 to EXIT.")             if choice2 == "1":                 leaderboard()             elif choice2 == "2":                 game()             elif choice2 == "3":                 quit             else:                 print("Invalid.")             return True     print("Incorrect credentials.")     return False   print("----------------------------------------------") print("\nWelcome to the Music Quiz!") choice1 = input("Press 1 for login, press 2 for register, press 3 for leaderboard, press 4 to EXIT ") if choice1 == "1":     login() elif choice1 == "2":     register() elif choice1 == "3":     leaderboard() elif choice1 == "4":     quit else:     print("Invalid") 

The rest of the program works fine, we just need to add a ‘leaderboard’ section; preferably after the ‘register’ function.