Which software can take a batch of classified images and automatically learn from them to classify automatically furthe rimages?

I have a Lightroom library that contains some photos I classified myself and some other ones (in both cases, thousands) not yet classified.

I want to automatically classify images based on the tags I assigned to the images I already classified.

Most steps (I use Lightroom) are simple:

  • write XMP files
  • filter the files according to the tags
  • feed each set of images (one set per tag) to a software
  • use the output of the software to write new XMP files
  • instruct Lightroom to reload metadata from XMP files.

However, which (artificial intelligence) software can I use for the purpose?

The question is asked here in Photo because I’m asking about a ready or almost ready package, not about about which software/package to use when programming a new AI.

What I should learn? [on hold]

What I should learn at first to can work at building a website What’s the steps of become a web developer What’s the language i should learn at first and then any language and so until i can work at develope a website professional

(I want to work) ((I want to become a developer))

Thanks for all 😍

I’m just too slow when it comes to code interviewing. Are there any ways I can learn to code faster? [on hold]

Just did really badly on my Amazon SDE interview, feeling quite discouraged if I’m honest.

I had 20 minutes to debug 7 separate programs in Java and I just couldn’t perform well at such a breakneck pace.

And generally even in standard 45min problems I have trouble solving problems in such a tight span.

I’ve done 80 or more coding problems and though I’ve gotten better about understanding problems & the data structures/algo’s involved I’m still slow.

I know the only real answer is “practice more, do more problems & time yourself” so if you know anything that can help me keep up with the pace of these interviews I’d appreciate it.

What are the latest Technologies to learn or Job oriented course?

Hello Everyone, I have recently completed my academic qualification and now I am perplexed about career selection. My interest in programming and I am good with primary computer language like C but there is very shrink market? Now I am looking towards some job oriented short term course which can support to improve my resume and chance to get jobs. In my observation, I found Salesforce, .net, Java and cloud computing as the latest technologies but what to choose? someone suggest me you join janbask Training it right for your career. I want to more suggestion, Any suggestion is appreciable!

What is the best way to learn a programming language? [on hold]

Good day,

I know my question is very subjective but I bother about this for a long time.

So I started an apprenticeship as a software engineer 4 months ago. We mostly use C# in our company. Do to some issues in the company, my trainer doesn’t have much time for me at the moment. He told me to learn C# by myself for the next days. I really like C# and want to get really into it.

But my problem is that I don’t know how to get through it. I know how to do a loop, variables or use operators. I also know how to parse variables, a string as example or creating an array. But I don’t know how to practice it. I can read about it and use it 1 – 2 times in an example code from the book, but I won’t remember it.

I need exercises. Then there’s a second problem. I don’t know how to solve it. (I know how to code a calculator ^^’), but lets say I never made a calculator with C#, but I know how operators and vars work. I get the task to do a calculator. What should I do before the code? What should I ask myself before I realize the project? That’s my biggest issue: Thinking logical