Is there any sort of precedent for training to learn / being taught Feats?

I’m interested in acquiring a specific Feat more quickly that just from levelling. It’s a Mastery Feat for the weapon I’ve just portentously received and am proficient with, but would like to become excellent with.

I know that you can gain proficiencies in entire weapons classes as "training", but that’s not quite the same as learning a Feat.

Is there an established process for stuff like this? Naturally, I’m going to talk to my DM about it, but I’m curious to know whether there’s any precedent for it.

Some specifics:

  • Character: Half-Orc Barbarian.
  • Weapon: Spear. (With bonus flavour stuff, but mechanically just a spear most of the time)
  • Feat: Either Polearm Master (errata’d to include Spears) or Spear Mastery (from UA)

Can a sorcerer learn a 5th-level spell early by creating spell slots using the Font of Magic feature?

Per the Font of Magic feature, sorcerer can use Flexible Casting to create 5th-level spell slots at level 7, even though they are not typically available until level 9.

You can transform unexpended sorcery points into one spell slot as a bonus action on your turn. The Creating Spell Slots table shows the cost of creating a spell slot of [5th level is 7]

If such a sorcerer levels up while still having this 5th-level spell slot, can they choose a 5th-level spell as the spell they gain upon levelling up?

The Spellcasting feature states:

Additionally, when you gain a level in this class, you can choose one of the sorcerer spells you know and replace it with another spell from the sorcerer spell list, which also must be of a level for which you have spell slots.

Can a high level warlock with Book of Ancient Secrets learn ritual spells higher than 5th level?

Let’s say I’m an 11th level Pact of the Tome Warlock with Book of Ancient Secrets. I’m able to learn spells to cast as rituals from any source, I can transcribe spells up to half my level rounded up, and have just gotten my 6th level Mystic Arcanum.

I do not actually have 6th level slots, but ritual casting doesn’t use spell slots anyway, and I am capable of casting 6th level spells (or at least one). Am I able to transcribe a 6th level ritual spell, or am I capped at learning 5th level rituals?

How did Google, Comscore and Grapeshot learn of a secret page

I have a secret web page, let’s call it something123.php, and looking through my Apache webserver access.log I waas surprised to see that two entities have learned of this page.

  1. Google
  3. Comscore

I have the page in my bookmarks, but I noticed something especially odd.

In one case, 20 seconds after I accessed the secret page, Google did too.

In another case, 4 seconds after I accessed it, Comscore did too and then 5 minutes later, Grapeshot did.

I am curious to learn how this could be. I use Firefox, and my extensions consist of only one: UBlock Origin. I have a theme installed from Mozilla for dark mode. That’s it.

I may have been running Ungoogled Chromium at the same time as Firefox but I would think it wouldn’t leak information.

It feels like I have spyware on my computer.

What is the most Cantrips a player can learn?

Pretty much just the title, within the following restrictions:

  • Multiclassing approved
  • 20th level
  • only official material (No unearthed arcana, but anything optional material from TCoE that might effect cantrips is okay)
  • All cantrips must be unique (a Cleric 1/Bard 1 knows 5 cantrips, but they must be 5 different cantrips)
  • Magic items that provide a specific cantrip are okay, but no boons that can be continually stacked.
  • Feats are Okay.

Is it possible for a single-class Eldritch Knight to learn Hex, or Hunter’s Mark, etc?

I am trying to build a singly-classed Fighter with ready access to a bonus damage on hit spell like Hex or Hunter’s Mark, but I’m not seeing many options for that combination.

While Eldritch Knight gives access to Wizard spells, Wizards don’t have access to either Hex or Hunter’s Mark. Nor does Magic Initiate (which would be easy to pick up with the Fighter’s ASI progression) allow a purloined Hex to be cast with Eldritch Knight spell slots — at least per my reading of the feat and this answer here, it’s once per long rest regardless of whether or not you have spell slots.

Is there some other way for an Eldritch Knight to learn some sort of damage boosting concentration spell along with their other spells?

How long does it take to learn Thaumaturgy/Necromancy rituals?

I found in Rites of the Blood on pg.136 that rituals can be learned for free for Tremere/Giovanni/Other as long a teacher is available + other resources (those are not a problem) but it takes time. I wasn’t able to find how much time. That information might have been published in another companion book.

Could you point me in the right direction to figure out how long it takes to learn a ritual based on it’s level?

Would prefer information published in recent editions if available such as Vampire the Masquerade V20 or Vampire the Dark Ages 20. Not just the core books; any Vampire V20 books would do, like Rites of the Blood.