Is there any way without multiclassing for a Warlock of the Fiend to learn the Blink spell?

As the title implies, I’m wondering if there is any way for a Warlock of the Fiend to learn the spell Blink preferably without multiclassing. I have some plans with the spell but as far as I have been able to find there’s no way for me to get the blink spell as a warlock without either multiclassing into another class that can learn it and leveling until I get a third level spell slot in that class or having my patron be either the Hexblade or the Archfey.

Which programming language should a real estate investor learn?

My cousin works in real estate investment and has taught himself some VBA to makes his daily work with Microsoft Excel easier. It goes without saying that Excel isn’t the right tool to manage large amounts of data and he wonders if he should invest some time into improving his programming skills. Both to make his daily life easier, but also because he sees the potential of AI/ML in his industry. He is worried that if he doesn’t invest in understanding AI/ML now, he will be a dinosaur in 10-20 years and out of a job.

I am a software developer (mostly C#) and firm believer in strongly typed, compiled programming languages. However, I told him that from a pure business perspective, I would suggest that he learn more about AI/ML (he already knows a lot about statistics obviously) and some Python to try things out for himself. Any software development I would outsource as there is no way he’d catch up to someone who has been developing software for decades (like many of us have). But knowing the theory behind the models and having basic programming skills would be crucial for evaluating what the developers would build. I also told him that my personal impression of Python (and I am biased and I may be wrong) is that it’s mostly used by the scientific community, for things like data analysis as the language is easy to learn and its syntax makes handling of large data sets very easy. I am not aware of Python being used for any “serious” enterprise software.

However, this answer did not seem to satisfy him. He seems genuinely interested in learning more about programming and it almost felt a bit as if he just wanted to hear from me that it would be a good idea for him to really get into programming (which would be a huge investment for him – given he’s already extremely busy and makes a lot of money). I said if he “really” wants to learn how to write software, maybe he should learn C# (or maybe Go or some other compiled programming language).

I have seen some of his VBA code and it looked extremely professional. As in, very tidy, code was factored out into functions for better readability etc. He said the next step would be to move code into class modules (I assume some OOP concept – I don’t know much about VBA), but that he wasn’t sure how to do it. Frankly, I think he might be underestimating his own skills. I don’t think taking a beginner’s course in Python would be of much value to him since it’s not that different from VBA. However, if he learned C#, he would be forced to understand OOP etc. etc. But then again, in order to get the most “bang for his buck” (or really for his time), he should probably learn Python. I don’t see that much benefit for his line of business from learning C#.

But I am far from unbiased (I personally think Python has fundamental design flaws) and of course there is an echo chamber effect as most people I work with use the same tools as me.

What would you suggest he do?

15 Reasons Why You Cannot Learn Keto Bodytone France Well

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How to Learn Guide for WOW Eternal Palace Raid Finder Wing 2?

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How do I learn web/API development? [on hold]

For most of my career, I’ve been developing utility functions for business software Read: implemented functions which leverage existing entry points provided by the core application using scripts.

Now, I am tasked with the implementation of standalone backend services providing and using REST APIs (e.g. using OAuthv2 Authentication/Authorization).

Suffice it to say, I am kind of overwhelmed with HTTP request standards. E.g. when is POST/GET/PUT/… the best choice, what belongs in the Header, what is best as a URL Parameter, or put everything in the BODY afterall?

Also, DNS and *-Proxy, Load Balancer, %insert web technology here% use cases are not obvious to me.

Sadly, I am not the kind of guy who likes to learn by trial and error only. Therefore I would greatly appreciate, if you could point me to great (language-agnostic) authoritative [books > online courses > tutorials] to learn about the ideas behind these technologies and their actual implementation in detail (javascript, java or any Functional Programming Language).