What’s a good resource to learn about advanced character and narrative development?

I’ve seen the “50 questions to ask yourself about your character” lists. Those are very helpful early on and I still use them after 10 years of roleplay.

I think I’d like to move into more advanced techniques. Things I can do as a player to wow other players. How to handle complicated situations like “I’m playing a god character who is extremely powerful, and I don’t know how to entice them since they already have everything”.

What would be a good resource for this?

Can an Artificer learn the same infusion more than once?

The Artificer class’s infusions is one of it’s main features, and it says this about creating infusions:

You must touch each of the objects, and each of your infusions can be in only one object at a time

So, I can only infuse one item with one learned infusion. However, nowhere does it explicitly say that I can’t learn the same infusion twice. So the question is, by this reading, can I learn the same infusion twice, and use it on two different objects by doing so?

Can Someone Tell Me How To Learn Unity Easily? [closed]

I am 14 year old boy who likes programming!

I know javascript, html and css. I like to make games so I use phaser to make games, I don´t know a lot of programming, and I don´t know anything about C++(Unity language!). I wish someone tell me how to make games in unity, starting to games like a guy with a gun that shoots a block and then the block dissapears! I wish someone tell me like, steps, websites or videos. I just wanna make games and have fun.

I know that stack overflow is not the perfect place to make this question, but I wanted real help, and I know that I can find that here.

If I learn Chill Touch from the Death Cleric’s Reaper ability, does it count as a Cleric cantrip?

The first level feature of the Death Cleric, called Reaper, does the following:

At 1st level, you learn one necromancy cantrip of your choice from any spell list.

If the Death Cleric takes Chill Touch from the Sorcerer/Wizard/Warlock spell list, does Chill Touch become a Cleric cantrip that uses WIS as the spellcasting ability?

Can you use Magic Initiate to cast a spell you already know, and still learn another spell?

I have a wizard PC who wants to gain the feat Magic Initiate and use free 1st level spell to use mage armour once a day. He already knows Mage armour, so:

  1. Can he use the Feat to gain a free casting of Mage armour once each day?
  2. Should he get another 1st level spell but not get to freely cast it once a day?

Can, and if so how, may a non-Erudite psionic character learn a spellpower?

Spellpowers are powers that are converted into powers from spells by the Convert Spell to Power Erudite alternate class feature. They are powers for all intents and purposes. But they do not seem to appear on any class list of powers, even the Erudite list.

Psychic Chirurgery should be able to do the trick, but what about Expanded Knowledge or researching the power to add it to another list?

What methods can a psionic character learn a spellpower without being a StP Erudite themself?

Are there legitimate methods other than feats for an erudite to learn powers not on the psion/wilder list?

An Erudite can select powers freely from the psion/wilder lists, and from all the discipline lists with certain caveats.

A StP alternate class feature Erudite can learn spells, converting them to “spellpowers” with the same caveats as discipline powers; they count as powers.

The Expanded Knowledge or the Hidden Talent feat clearly allows the acquisition of any one power from any list, with certain caveats.

Are there any non feat methods which legitimately allow an Erudite to acquire other non-psion/wilder powers (Lurk powers, Leech powers, mantle powers, etc.)?

Please do not include anything involving Manipulate Form, or similar levels of TO.