Can you leave objects behind in the ethereal plane?

After entering the ethereal plane through some means, is it possible to leave objects you brought with you behind, or do they always come back with you?

Does the answer depend on the means you used to enter the ethereal plane, or on the specific object you’re trying to leave behind?

Note: You only need to consider content published in official material when answering this question, but if the official material is completely silent on this matter interpretations are also fine.

Which text is more effective to encourage users to leave review for Android App

I have prepared 2 types of text which used to ask user to leave review in Google Play store for Android app.

It is a dialog, which will pop up, if user has used this app for N times for last M days.

First Text


My name is xxx. I’m the solo developer who develops JStock Android. JStock Android development is difficult and slow. It takes months to build, test and deploy a polished feature. If you like to support my work, please leave me a nice review in the market. Thank you for giving me the extra push to keep moving forward.

Second Text

We love you!

Can we assume that the feeling’s mutual? If you’ve been enjoying our app, we’d really appreciate it if you could leave us a nice review in the market. It’ll really help us grow 🙂

I was wondering, which type of text will yield a better “conversion” result?

How do you encourage players to leave classes behind?

I have veteran players of class-based RPG systems joining my GURPS 4e campaign. I am having trouble consistently during character creation in getting these folks started. They are all hung up on the work of character creation being given a strong kick start with the character/race systems being well-established. I have embraced the fluidity of GURPS, but find others are paralyzed.

The simple solution is templates. This however does not help the player grow, but simply hands them the same crutch they are accustomed to. I want to offer them some physical therapy for their RPG repertoire. I want to give them the strength to stand without the crutch. To have the confidence to start from scratch even if the character comes out similar to a standard race/class combination. I wish they have had taken the time to evaluate how and why they chose to go that route.

Players new to RPGs as a whole seem to take to it much better. Mind you I handle the mechanics for them. I simply have them describe the character they want and help them shop the skills and abilities to make it happen. I have attempted to do this with veterans, but there seems to be some sort of creative block.

Anyone out there have an ice pick for this creative block?

I think one of my players wants to leave the campaign

I am a relatively new DM. I am running my first campaign, which started about a year ago, with some close friends from college. We have all played d&d before, but this is the first time I’m DMing. My group is very roleplay-oriented, and so I’ve had a ton of fun planning out dramatic character moments and building tension for my friends. I’ve also gotten some really nice feedback from some of my players which has made me really pleased.

Over the past few months, there has been some conflict surrounding one of my players. On the one hand, the other players and I noticed she would derail or take over sessions (which I talked about with her awhile ago). On the other hand, she has complained a few times about another player having too much of the spotlight. We took this to heart and thought up ways that we can engage other players in roleplays, and I have made sure that each character gets arcs equally tied into the main plot. She seemed satisfied with our solutions.

Since these conversations, I’ve reached out to her a few times about her character. At one point she said that her character may want to travel solo later in the game and if so she would role up a new character. But since then she hasn’t said anything to me about leaving or where she wants her character to go.

Over the past few sessions, she’s been acting pretty recklessly with her character. She (as the PC) has said that she doesn’t care if she dies, that she will go on suicide missions even when other PCs don’t want her to, and that she is uninterested in the main plot. This has been a little jarring for me, since she has not directly approached me about leaving the campaign or rolling a new character. Previously in conflicts, she seemed reluctant to talk to me, and I had to push her a little to communicate to me about the issues she was having with the campaign. This whole situation has been hurtful and upsetting for me, not only because she seems to dislike my campaign, but also because her character leaving would disrupt a lot of future plans, which were made specifically because of feedback she gave me.

I know that I will have to approach her and directly ask what she wants out of her character, but I’m putting it off because I have a lot of other stressful life things going on, and I’d rather not add new stress to the mix for now. I guess I just want an outside perspective. What can I do to keep her from leaving, and if she does leave, how can I smoothly transition the campaign? Any insight would be appreciated.

How to calculate remaining annual leave entitlement in list/calendar?

I am trying to create an annual leave calendar. I have it set up so each annual leave for an employee is an event (so if I take off on 23 March, that is one day of annual leave). Is there a way to designate a set number of annual leave days for an employee (41 days per year) and then have SharePoint calculate the remaining number of annual leave days the person is entitled to after adding in a new event (my 41 days per year becomes a remaining 40 days per year)?

By RAW, does Astral Projection[5e] allow you to keep your astral body when you leave the Astral Plane?

This spell honestly has me scratching my head with the way it’s worded.

Astral Projection states the following:

If you enter a new plane or return to the plane you were on when casting this spell, your body and possessions are transported along the silver cord, allowing you to re-enter your body as you enter the new plane.

As this is worded, can I remain in my astral body if I so choose?