can my 15-year-old brother leave the UK to go back to his home country without being accompanied by the stated accompanied person in his UK visa?

my younger brother who is 15 is going to visit me in the UK with my dad as the adult accompanying him. But my dad is only going for two weeks and my brother will go back 2 weeks after him. They are coming from Indonesia.

My question is, will they let him board the plane to go back to Indonesia? Since there will be no immigration exiting the UK, I presume that there won’t be any problem?

I will be sending him off to the airport until he gets on the plane. Please advise. Thanks

Where can I leave my ideas for Google?

Where can I leave my ideas for Google? I have 1000 ideas to improve Google. Apps say I can send feedback. But, they do not respond. What do I do? What is going on?

Some ideas my… here!

Google Blogger

  • Add support for edit post or pages all with Markdown!
  • Import HTML, CSS, JS e and no XHTML!
  • Add libraries js: jspdf, jquery…
  • Dns with RegistroBR or ‘Brasil register DNS as .com, .br,, .gov and others things …’
  • Report on access or history to comments you do not want if you do not have access to your account.
  • Add suport to notify about fake news.
  • Support CMS WordPress or other CMS.
  • Support NodeJS.
  • Test Application Electron.
  • Support Python.
  • Add Courses for EAD “Distance learning”.
  • Frameworks: Boostrap, Skeleton CSS…
  • Libraries: Jquery UI, Dragaable.js, Paper.js

Ps: I know about Google’s servers. I wanted something like an improved Github Pages. Or, better “Blogger Pages” with test online of software. To make life easier for people.

Google Maps

  • Resource “Dead Point”. This is “Information over the wrong address that was provided. “


  • Add Paypal with Youtube or Card “Visa/Mastercard/Hypercard…”

Google Profile Blogger

  • Add new interface, because she’s ugly.

What is the best terminology to use on a modal’s buttons when a user is about to leave said page?

I hope this question is not too banal. I would like to use the best terminology for a modal’s buttons.

Context: I’m building a feature for an administrative tool. The feature is on a customer profile’s dashboard which contains items that link to other administrative tools ultimately sending the admin outside of the customer’s profile. (Changes are saved every time an Admin makes a change so there’s no risk to lose progress)

When the Admin clicks on the item, a modal pops up and says “You’re about to leave this profile to x page. Are you sure you want to leave?”

Option for buttons Stay on Page Continue | Cancel Continue | Cancel yes

Is there one in particular that is more commonly used? thank you for your time.

Leave letter from employer for visa – UK and Schengen, separate letters or one?

I am travelling to Poland for 3 days and UK for 8 days in June, and then to Germany in August for about 6 days. These are two separate trips. I am getting a leave/NOC letter from my employer for this purpose. I have 2 questions:

  1. Do I need separate letters for all these leave periods and visa types?
  2. Do I need separate letters for UK and Schengen?

Or one letter with all the dates mentioned are fine?

This is my first international trip so I am figuring out stuff.

Custom immigration Ask to leave and re-enter US between two semesters

I have F1 visa and My wife and kids hold F2 visas. My first I-20 is from July 5, 2018 – March 10, 2019. And I just get my new I-20 which is from March 20 to September 2019.

My wife went back to my home country in March and when she came back to US, the custom immigration officer said we all have to LEAVE US after March 10, and come back again as it is a new semester. And he said he will put some notes in the system, and we have to leave before May 09 and come back to US again to meet that requirement.

We all have a valid I-94 D/S, and my F1 studying has no issue. I am not sure why this immigration officer ask for that. Any help on this issue?

Thanks a lot!

How to leave a campaign you’ve been playing for a long time?

I’ve been playing a campaign for a while, a year or so (I know this isn’t ‘long’ in terms of some campaigns but it’s too long to just drop and say ‘it’s not my kinda playing style’)

I have a few issues and I managed to deal with it for a while because someone else was having issues with the same player (who would steam roll other players; demand we did what they wanted and refuse to accept anyone elses ideas) and then the player left and I thought that was the end of it but now I’m finding a different player has just stepped in to do the exact same. Player B is not quite so aggressive and doesn’t steam roll others ideas but the entire campaign is now focused on them. Any NPC connection is to them, to the point that whenever I want to talk to an NPC I take them out of the room to talk to them (and 90% of the time the other players just say they follow and steam roll me there instead). I play a rogue so the only occasion to do things whilst reasonably not having the party nearby/interrupting constantly is dungeons.

I want to leave. I keep trying to come up with reasons to stay but find myself stuck. I have put so many hours into this campaign, and don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed the campaign but I am tired, so tired of being interrupted and ignored and treated like an idiot for not knowing things (I’ve been playing for 2 years, most of them have been playing for 10+ years)

How do I leave whilst letting the DM know that there’s no hard feelings and everyone else know I don’t hate them or whatever?

Leave specified folder intact when publishing to Azure Web app

I’m using VS Code with the Azure App Service extension to publish to Azure. I have tested publishing to a staging slot and swapping slots with production. All is working well so far.

The trouble is that I have a script which uploads a new SSL certificate every 3 months (letsencrypt) to a folder called /.well-known. Each time I publish the site it’s going to over-write this folder as the VS Code extension only seems capable of doing a complete publish of the whole site.

Is there a way of somehow “protecting” this folder so it never gets swapped out or over-riden?

I realise that if it wasn’t for the automated nature of the SSL being uploaded I could just put the SSL in my repository and upload it each time. Or I could download this folder and include it in my project before each publish but this is error-prone.