Was I right to leave my rp group after feeling like my player agency was violated?

Everyone. I was apart of a discord RP group but I recently left after this incident. To give some background. I was being repeatedly belittled OOC by other members and was being made to walk on egg shells around everyone. I was already Abit on edge the whole time I had been apart of this group which was for around six months. So this event starts and we find this group of nineteen children who had survived a horrific attack. They end up being affected by some unknown disease so we are all in quarantine with them.

This whole time my Character gravitates to this one little girl and makes sure to dote on her. Several of the children including her are confirmed to be orphans. My character is in her 30’s and I thought I would be given the chance to adopt her. Well the GM barely rped as her because they could not handle dealing with multiple players and scenes very well. They give us permission to just npc the children to an extent because they can’t keep up. So I am just writting scene after scene the whole time of cuteness. I am ignored by most the players and the GM even when I try to interact with others but I just play it off and try not to let it bother me.

So after the event ends the GM announces that the particular little girl I was taking care of was adopted by another player who hadn’t even met her. Needless to say I was very livid. I ended up leaving because I felt like no one was taking me into consideration or even allowing me to really interact with the events. Two players reached out to me to try and get me to come back even though in there own words the mods were "Cold hearted." I didn’t talk to the GMs about it because I was so mad and hurt to be stepped on like that, nor did they ever try to reach out to me. Am I just being childish here or am I in the right?

When do player characters leave turn-based action (i.e. initiative order) if they are in a hostile area?

In most circumstances, it is easy to determine when turn based combat ends:

  • One side is completely killed, unconscious or has fled
  • All parties declared truce

But when in a hostile area, like a Dungeon, do you end turn based action after each chamber with an encounter or do you stay in it for the whole crawl?

This is relevant because there are various effects in the game where you gain a bonus each time you roll initiative or depending on whether an enemy already acted.

As an example:

When you are in a dungeon or building completely filled with enemies and the PCs just cleared a room from enemies, but they don’t know whether there are enemies in the next room and if there are whether they have noticed the sounds of battle.

Do you keep them in round based action, because maybe the door opens and enemies enter? Or do you leave it and possible give away that there is no nearby danger or have to reroll initiative when enemies enter the room (and give them the corresponding bonuses).

Will loot you find on the astral plane while using astral projection remain when you leave it?

While under the effect of astral projection you have an astral body which has the following rules:

Your astral body resembles your mortal form in almost every way, replicating your game statistics and possessions.

I don’t think that you keep stuff if you pick it normally because the following lines (but please correct me if I’m wrong).

Any damage or other effects that apply to it have no effect on your physical body, nor do they persist when you return to it.

It doesn’t specifically say that you cannot pick up loot and take it with you, but it differentiates the astral form from the physical form in a way that they are in no way connected (except the cord).

But, my possessions are being replicated, also my bag of holding. If I pick something up in the astral plane and put it into my bag of holding, will it remain in there when I return to my physical body?

facetwp leave all filters active across all pages, archives or single post

I will be quick and precise, I created a real estate site, I used the facetwp solution not very difficult to understand and with a rich documentation and hooks. I think I have everything in front of me but I need some help to understand which one. I’m still learning.

I put the links at the bottom.

the problem I can’t figure out which hook to use to basically tell facetwp to leave all filters active across all pages, archives or single post of properties , ignore post category, taxonomies, etc..do not auto-detect filters ,the header filters must remain the same everywhere

I have attached an illustration


How to Customize WordPress Archive Queries

80 hooks available wich one i can use ?

they talk about that too :" Instead of creating an entirely separate query, we recommend using WP’s pre_get_posts filter to modify the existing query."

update 26/10/2020

I updated the image to illustrate the problem.

I still haven’t figured out what to do.. I hope it’s clear and at least someone understands the problem.

enter image description here

How to leave trails that are equidistant apart from each other

I want bunch of circles to follow the player while keeping a distance apart. So far I have this:

local p = {   x=0,   y=0,   life={     {x=0,y=0},     {x=0,y=0},     {x=0,y=0},     {x=0,y=0}   } }   local last={x=p.x,y=p.y} for l in all(p.life) do   l.x = lerp(last.x,l.x,0.5)   l.y = lerp(last.y,l.y,0.5)   circfill(l.x,l.y,2,7)   last={x=l.x,y=l.y} end 

But this makes it so the circles collapse into each other and the player. I want the circles to have a distance between themselves and the player.

arythmia follow life

I’ve also tried this:

  l.x = lerp(last.x*0.8,l.x,0.5) 

This leaves a distance as I want but the trail is always on the upper left, barely following player.

I want the trail to stay always behind the player.

Probably I can achieve this by stop following if the distance is less than threshold.

Secret of the Ancients (2012) – why leave them here?

Note – this has significant spoilers for the Secret of the Ancients campaign.

Secret of the Ancients has some really interesting ideas and lots of detail but some serious flaws also. However, among the unbelievably coincidental timings, forced plot choices and repeatedly stripping away all of the PCs’ gear, there is a serious question.

In the closing paragraphs of Chapter 4, the ship that the PCs are on:

In Chapter 5, page 91, we learn that:

Then in Chapter 7 when the characters finally succeed in getting into orbit they:

What is the in-game reason for the PCs arriving there? It beats being stuck in deep space with no way to reach an inhabited system or be rescued, but otherwise it is the worst possible location because it is where their enemies are waiting for them. Note that I am not looking for game design reasons for this occurrence, which I understand, I am looking for a plausible in-game rationale.

What evidence does a compiled file leave behind?

I was wondering when people compile malware and use the compiled files for engagements or nefarious purposes, what evidence do they leave behind in the compiled Windows executables? I have heard that the OS usernames of the compilers can be disclosed upon analysis of the executable. Is it true? Is the evidence left behind the same both for .NET and native applications?

Can people hack your iPhone Via Bluetooth if you leave it on?

I leave in an apartment complex with lots of people and often times, I would be able to see Bluetooth devices that do not belong to me on my iPhone or MacBook when I search for my Bluetooth device. Does Apple Tell you/ask by default before someone with Bluetooth devices tries to Connect to your phone via Bluetooth? Or is this A potential security Vulnerability to leave your iPhone Bluetooth on at all times? (I do since I use AirPods)

I don’t remember setting or seeing any options to set Bluetooth permission on my iphone which makes me nervous.

Thank you!