External Link / Leaving Website Link

I did a search and came across a similar question which didn’t answer my question/angle.

In my web app I am creating I have a number of links that go off my app to a third party. In the post I read it mentioned use box arrow icon…..what are your thoughts about using that and have a splash/in between page notifying the user they are leaving the app?

Thoughts/opinions appreciated



How to handle inventory and story of a player leaving

A player left my group recently. It was mutual and not-unexpected, and during the last session the character left for an unspecified purpose.

The character (lawful-good wizard) who left had a few magic items:

  • A powerful necromantic artifact.
  • An evil necromancer’s spellbook.
  • Miscallaneous scrolls & potions

These items were not an integral part of the story, and I feel OK letting them disappear together with the character. Since the player was a little problematic, I don’t want the focus of the next sessions to deal with his charachter – I would like the spotlight to be on the players who remain.

However, It seems my players feel they are missing out on the monetary value of these items and wish to sell them to the highest bidder.

Would love some advice on how to handle the wizard’s inventory, and some generic advice on how such cases are usually handled in-game.

Does the Etherealness spell prevent you from leaving the Border Ethereal?

The etherealness spell states:

You remain in the Border Ethereal for the duration or until you use your action to dismiss the spell…
You can see and hear the plane you originated from…

I am unsure whether the first line is strict enough to make it so that you cannot leave the Border Ethereal at all as it says that you “remain there for the duration” .
This is important as it would cause some odd effects such as preventing you from being banished by any means.
And then, even if you can actually leave the Border Ethereal, I am unsure how the ability to see the plane you originated from would work, though I feel that may be up to a GM.

Visitors leaving my site for another one of my sites


I recieve a very good number of visitors to my site and the main call to action is to get customers to click through to a design feature where visitors can purchase products.

Unfortunately, the design tool can not be hosted on the same domain, therefore when visitors are clicking through to the designer in the eyes of Google that will translate as a high bounce/exit rate. And this will damage my website page ranking.

Is there any way around this? i.e indicating to Google that the…

Visitors leaving my site for another one of my sites

What could prevent players from leaving an island? [on hold]

I am currently building a campaign for DnD.

The main plot plays out on an island the heroes are stranded after their ship goes off course and sinks.

They discover that this island is ruled by monsters that serve a mighty demon/ancient evil. There are no humans beside a small town/city that is regularly visited by the demons to take a few of the people living there to perform a ritual, sacrifice those people, feed on them, etc.

The main goal for the group is to defeat the evil force and free those humans.

The island is undiscovered because it is so far from the other continents.

My problem to solve

How do I stop my characters from just turning around and leaving the island in a self built ship/raft?

My first idea was to make it geographically difficult/impossible to leave by surrounding this island by a nearly closed ring of mountains (kinda in a U shape). An explanation for this could be that the island used to be a volcano that exploded (a real thing) and the mountain ring is what is left of the volcano.

My problem with this idea: is it believable? Isn’t it a bit too random for them to have been stranded exactly through the passage that is open?

Visual Studio Code leaving port open

Running a port scan via Network Utility on OS X 10.14.5, turns up two different outcomes, depending on whether or not I have Visual Studio Code (1.35.1) open.

If the application is open, I’ll get random ports around 64500 open as well, if not, these open ports disappear.

I’ve set up Little Snitch to prevent connections in/out from VSC (which may be overkill), but:

  1. How much of a risk is it to have these random ports open on my machine while I’m using Code?
  2. What other steps can I take to prevent any malicious behavior through these ports?

Risk of throwing a wad of paper in bin leaving with password on it

I considered if i’m in enterprise evironment, with desks and computers. if i throw per accident a wad of paper in the bin with a password on it while it was meaned to be a pre-shared password to give to an employee for a multiple-time usage of a session on our employee-dashboard with their own functions.

Will dumpster diving in such a situation be excluded(only insiders)?

Border control officer asking questions on leaving Canada

I have recently been to Canada. On my return flight to Europe, just outside airplane’s door, I was questioned by the officer. I was asked where I was going to, how much money I have on me (and he was interested both in the amount of Canadian dollars I have as well as the currency of my destination country) and what is my occupation. In fact other passangers were questioned as well. As far as I can tell the answers were not recorded.

I am very curious as to what was the purpose of this questioning? While I understand that those kind of questions might have been asked when I was entering Canada, I don’t really see the point of them being asked just before my return flight. In fact those questions were much more detailed than those I was asked when entering Canada.

Does hotel cleaning personnel have any benefit from leaving empty bottles in the room as opposed to returning them to the store, in Germany?

In some countries a way of tipping the cleaning personnel is to leave a small amount of money (e.g. In Portugal about €1).

While going to Germany I have noticed the well known pro-recycling policy that forces a significant amount of extra money when buying some water or juice bottles (but that is payed back when returning the bottle). The most convenient way is to leave these empty bottles in the room and I was wondering if the cleaning personnel can have a benefit from this, so this may also count as tipping.

Question: Does hotel cleaning personnel have any benefit from leaving empty bottles in the room as opposed to returning them to the store?