Visual Studio Code leaving port open

Running a port scan via Network Utility on OS X 10.14.5, turns up two different outcomes, depending on whether or not I have Visual Studio Code (1.35.1) open.

If the application is open, I’ll get random ports around 64500 open as well, if not, these open ports disappear.

I’ve set up Little Snitch to prevent connections in/out from VSC (which may be overkill), but:

  1. How much of a risk is it to have these random ports open on my machine while I’m using Code?
  2. What other steps can I take to prevent any malicious behavior through these ports?

Risk of throwing a wad of paper in bin leaving with password on it

I considered if i’m in enterprise evironment, with desks and computers. if i throw per accident a wad of paper in the bin with a password on it while it was meaned to be a pre-shared password to give to an employee for a multiple-time usage of a session on our employee-dashboard with their own functions.

Will dumpster diving in such a situation be excluded(only insiders)?

Border control officer asking questions on leaving Canada

I have recently been to Canada. On my return flight to Europe, just outside airplane’s door, I was questioned by the officer. I was asked where I was going to, how much money I have on me (and he was interested both in the amount of Canadian dollars I have as well as the currency of my destination country) and what is my occupation. In fact other passangers were questioned as well. As far as I can tell the answers were not recorded.

I am very curious as to what was the purpose of this questioning? While I understand that those kind of questions might have been asked when I was entering Canada, I don’t really see the point of them being asked just before my return flight. In fact those questions were much more detailed than those I was asked when entering Canada.

Does hotel cleaning personnel have any benefit from leaving empty bottles in the room as opposed to returning them to the store, in Germany?

In some countries a way of tipping the cleaning personnel is to leave a small amount of money (e.g. In Portugal about €1).

While going to Germany I have noticed the well known pro-recycling policy that forces a significant amount of extra money when buying some water or juice bottles (but that is payed back when returning the bottle). The most convenient way is to leave these empty bottles in the room and I was wondering if the cleaning personnel can have a benefit from this, so this may also count as tipping.

Question: Does hotel cleaning personnel have any benefit from leaving empty bottles in the room as opposed to returning them to the store?

Leaving the US on a foreign passport with no entry stamp/visa? For dual citizens

I am a dual citizen MEX/US. So I have a US and a Mexican passport. My US passport needs to be out of commission for a matter of weeks, and I need to exit the US during that time for travel. I am wondering if I can leave the US on my Mexican passport although it has no stamps in it currently

Black unresponsive screen after leaving the computer on its own unsuspended for a couple hours

I have a ryzen 1600, MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard, RX 580 4GB and am using Kubuntu 19.04. My only power setting is the default that the screen will turn off after 10 minutes but never suspend. If I leave it for a couple hours I will come back and just not be able to turn the screen back on even though the power light is still on and the fans are still on normally. It’s kind of frustrating if I leave something I’m working on to go do something else and come back and have to hard reset the PC.

How is leaving a telephone on the ground a “classic anti-surveillance technique”?

I am curious about a comment made in evidence at the London Bridge terror attacks inquest by the lawyer representing several of the victims’ families:

There were “opportunities galore” to identify that the London Bridge extremists were plotting an attack, an inquest has heard.


Mr Patterson [said] that there was one occasion in May when all three men were at the gym “in the dead of night” and were speaking together in the street, but employed a “classic anti-surveillance technique” of leaving a telephone on the ground while they walked away and talked.

(Source1, emphasis mine)

From the transcript of the day’s evidence (PDF):

Q. Well, they wouldn’t detach – – they wouldn’t stop thinking . They would be thinking to themselves: goodness me, that’s interesting , I wonder what’s going on, wouldn’t they?

A. A surveillance officer records all movements of the individual , sir .

Q. The person to whom he reports it back would be thinking goodness me, that’s interesting ?

A. Potentially , sir , yes.

Q. Yes, especially when the telephone is placed on the ground before the walk and talk begins, a classic anti – surveillance technique, isn’t it ?

A. Yes, sir

(LBI, Day 18, page 7 (PDF). Q – Mr Patterson, A – Acting Det Ch Insp Wayne Jolley. Emphasis mine.)

Some further context is given in the question and answer immediately following this:

Q. And again and again in these sorts of jihadist plots we see that they go to the centre of a boating lake or the centre of a park or an area of open land and walk and talk so they can distance themselves from any suspected microphones or surveillance techniques; that’s right , isn’t it ?

A. There are many different methods, sir


I am curious as to how leaving a telephone on the ground in the street is considered an “classic anti-surveillance technique”. What surveillance is this countering?

A phone tap – intercepting telephone communications – would not catch people talking in person. I don’t believe that it would defeat correlation of locations either, as the individuals were still present at the same location and (from the description) presumably observed together.

What surveillance does leaving a telephone on the ground while walking away counter?

1: The transcript of the day’s evidence was not available at time of writing

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why is Trump so pro Brexit why does he care if the UK commit sucide by leaving the EU or staying being prosperous?

The UK should be joinning the Eurozone not leaving the EU. Trump should stop caring about irrelevant countries and worry about the USA this is coming from a Trump supporter. Anonymous he advised British government that the clown Nigel Farage should get involved in the Brexit negotiation and Boris Johnson another clown should be Prime Minister.