How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right

Hi guys,

I did not code for three years and html isn't my thing and when I come back it's kind of I have to start over. So bear with me if I ask stupid questions or too much.

What I'm trying to achieve is to center the whole web site and move the list on the left sidebar to the right side. The result is as ugly as the attached image.

Here's what I'm attempting so far:

 <!doctype html> <html><head>     <title>mysite</title>       <meta charset="utf-8" />     <link rel="canonical"...
Code (markup):

How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right

Unknown app. Left after getting rid of about 5 others!

Fresh install, I go to Logitech to get app for my mouse. Popups for driver cleaners etc. Easy to find but one it seems loaded from common files to my services and secure like some are, as not to disable, right. Well I get the file name and nowhere is there a hint of it! ” ForeignHopeJKEye” This is the one that is an anomaly, It is an .exe type but can not figure its function, in my Services! enter image description here

Page thumbnails – right or left side of document?

Working on a “fancy PDF viewer”.

Was thinking of moving the Page thumbnails to the far right of the page (to clean the design up a bit), but all apps I can recall have the thumbnails on the left side … always.

To me the thumbnails don’t look like a vital feature, I mean there are much more important things that can use that valuable left side of the screen. What am I missing in this case and what are the negative consequences of moving the thumbnail previews to position 2 on the mockup?


enter image description here

Ubuntu 18.04 Audio Only Playing Through Left Side

For seemingly no reason, the audio from my right headphone has dropped from normal levels to nearly silent. However, this doesn’t just seem to be an issue with the right side audio being lower than the left, as seen in pavucontrol:

Pavucontrol Screenshot

(My account is currently unable to embed images in posts)

Alsamixer shows similar results:

Alsamixer Screenshot

Most solutions to the issue of audio imbalance seem to involve setting a lowered audio level back to the same as the normal one, but in my case I would need to lower my “normal” side because my “lowered” side never seemed to have changed volume in the first place.

This also does not seem to be an issue with my headphones, since they work fine with other devices.

How does SharePoint determine which link to bold in the left navigation in SP 2013?

In sp2013, I am using left nav, and customizing it in the site settings navigation. What I want is that, when I click a link on the nav, when I go to the page, the link in the nav will be bolded. But I am getting inconsistent behavior. It either always bolds the last link or not bold any link.

Some of the links go to the same file, but it has different url params in the end of the url, if that matters.

Does anyone know?


LINQ with Lambda expression – Left Join ,GroupBy ,Count

Necesito pasar esta expresion lambda para ser usada en c#, la uso para saber el nĂºmero de chas por agentes

 SELECT     aa.UserId agent,     COUNT (c.Id) chatsPerAgent FROM     AvailableAgents aa LEFT OUTER JOIN Chat c ON aa.UserId = c.AgentId WHERE     aa.IsAvailable = 1 GROUP BY     aa.UserId  

y obtener algo asi donde la primera columna es el id del agente y la segunda el numero de chats que esta atendiendo

3fde3b78-815a-4c6a-b03c-a2b473ed12d2    3 74ac56eb-b8d6-44d3-914a-8af6386b00e6    0 a2d31e31-7052-445a-94d5-0af47f751c15    2 daeafdb2-52de-4126-a2eb-498346f3d1nh    0  

Why does arithmetic left shift of negative number leads to positive number?

According to this Wikipedia article, when arithmetic left shift operation is applied to a signed number, the number is multiplied by 2. But there are certain situations where a negative number becomes a positive number when an arithmetic left shift is applied.

Eg.: Take a 2’s complement signed integer -5 and 5 bits are used to represent it.

11011 ==> -5 10110 ==> -10 (-5x2) 01100 ==> +24 (?) 

So after two arithmetic left shifts -5 became 24. I expected -20. Why is this the case?

Why does user’s sent messages appear on the right side instead of left? Why doesn’t it appear one below the other?

I did notice in many websites like messenger, WhatsApp, sending SMS on iphone, google hangouts, etc. The user’s sent messages appear on the right side. I’m wondering why don’t place it one below the other just like slack.

Is there any specific reason why do they follow this pattern?

For reference enter image description here

On a number axis(One dimension), there are a bunch of points, each point have speed(to left or to right). Compute minumum time that two point meet

I have question about this question. How can I compute the minimum time for two points to meet in O(N) time.

All I can think is brutely compute point pair and get the minimum.

Can anyone give me some hints?