When composing an email in Gmail, after the first letter of a new line the cursor jumps left

So, this is rather difficult to explain, but I will attempt. Lets say I am starting the body of an email


this is what I type into my keyboard.


This is what shows up.

Another example being





After typing the first letter, the cursor jumps left, so as in the last example


This happens on every new line, and is incredibly frustrating. I wish to know how to fix this.

I’ve lost Left Alt after trying Apple Magic keyboard

I tried using Apple Magic keyboard on my Ubuntu 16.04 via bluetooth but decided to return it to the shop as it cannot be configured to work like a regular keyboard (two Alt and two Win keys) but now, even after disconencting the apple keyboard from the PC I lost left Alt on my regular keyboard. I haven’t made any changes in the system settings whatsoever. Do you have any ideas how to fix it?

xmodmap output

shift       Shift_L (0x32),  Shift_R (0x3e) lock        Caps_Lock (0x42) control     Control_L (0x25),  Control_R (0x69) mod1        Alt_L (0x40),  Meta_L (0xcd) mod2        Num_Lock (0x4d) mod3       mod4        Super_L (0x85),  Super_R (0x86),  Super_L (0xce),  Hyper_L (0xcf) mod5        ISO_Level3_Shift (0x5c),  Mode_switch (0xcb) 

setxkbmap -query

rules:      evdev model:      pc105 layout:     pl,us variant:    , 

xev | sed -n 's/^.*keycode *\([0-9]\+\).*$ /keycode = /p'

returns 64 keycode

xev full output

KeyRelease event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x2200001,     root 0x1e3, subw 0x0, time 787727, (811,435), root:(2794,487),     state 0x18, keycode 64 (keysym 0xffe9, Alt_L), same_screen YES,     XLookupString gives 0 bytes:      XFilterEvent returns: False 

I only have the right Alt, Left Alt seems to be behaving like not Alt but something else, although Shift + left Alt + T opens terminal fine.

Vertical lines on the left side of iphone 4s after it fell down. Can it be fixed without replacing its screen?

I accidentally dropped my iphone 4s and vertical lines have appeared on the left side. Although, the screen did not break. The screen works well but i can’t see the other side of the screen and i am struggling. Can it be fixed without the need to replace the screen? I tried to shut it down and open it it didn’t work. And i tried a method i saw on youtube where i would go to settings then ringtones and would play the ringtone and close and open the screen it did not work either. Please help me. Thank you

Refactor SQL to left join on TVF requiring input variable

I would like to join two tables and a table-valued function. The TVF take a date as input variable.

The expected output is: Date, LimitName, Exposure, ProductValueEligible, ProductValueNonEligible

The Tables:

  1. TABLE_A: Date, LimitName, LimitValue, Limit >> main table that specify limits I want to check
  2. TABLE_B: Date, LimitName, ProductType (one-to-many) >> helper table that specify which products types map into each limit
  3. TABLE_C (TVF): (several identification columns, like ID value, dates) + Date, ProductType, ProductValue, IsProductEligible >> the main product data to be aggregated and mapped into the limits

I am able to get the expected result using a query as below.

However, because the TVF takes a date as input variable, this query requires specifying the date 3 times. I would like to refactor the query to specify the date once, and have that condition applied to the TVF.

Reading up on this, I think that cross apply and outer apply should be able to do this, but I cannot seem to get syntax that works. I end up having to put where conditions in place, which drops rows (works like inner join rather than left join). I would appreciate some direction on how to make this work.

select   a.Date , a.LimitName , sum(c_elig.ProductValue) as ProductValueEligible , sum(c_non.ProductValue) as ProductValueNonEligible  -- TABLE_A: Date, LimitName, LimitValue, Limit from Limits a  -- TABLE_B: Date, LimitName, ProductType (one-to-many) left join LimitsProductTypes b on b.Date = a.Date and b.LimitName = a.LimitName  -- TABLE_C (TVF): <identification columns, like ID value, dates> + Date, ProductType, ProductValue, IsProductEligible left join (     -- Find eligible rows, and group by Product     select Date, ProductType, sum(ProductValue) as SumProductValue     from Function_DataSet('2019-05-15') --<------------------------------------- TVF, takes a date input     where IsProductEligible = 'TRUE'     group by Date, ProductType ) c_elig on c_elig.Date = a.Date and c_elig.ProductType = b.ProductType  left join (     -- Find non-eligible rows, and group by Product     select Date, ProductType, sum(ProductValue) as SumProductValue     from Function_DataSet('2019-05-15') --<------------------------------------- TVF, takes a date input     where IsProductEligible = 'FALSE'     group by Date, ProductType ) c_non on c_non.Date = a.Date and c_non.ProductType = b.ProductType  where a.Date = '2019-05-15'   --<------------------------------------------- want to just specify date here  group by a.Date, a.LimitName 

How to deal with left employee in SharePoint Online?

I am new to SharePoint, I have gone through the article of Microsoft for removing the user from SharePoint (Remove license, delete user from O365 users).

Delete a user from your organization https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/remove-users

I want to know what if the user who left the organization was added into 50 different Sharepoint groups of different sites.

what should be the process to remove such user from all groups from all site (also share if any precaution needs to be taken before doing that)

I just want to define one process to deal with such scenario.

Looking forward for your help

Left Luggage Storage in Heathrow Airport [on hold]

This is our first time flying into Heathrow Airport or rather the UK itself. We will be flying into Terminal 2 and then flying out of Terminal 5. We have about 24hrs layover and are planning to go out for some sightseeing. I understand that the Left Baggage service is in the arrivals. We are planning to use the left baggage service in the T5 terminal. We will reach Heathrow Terminal 2 around 10:30 am and fly out the next day from Terminal 5 at 8:55 am. The left baggage service opens at 5:00 am in the morning. My questions:

  • Does it make sense to use the left luggage service or are we better off booking a hotel near the airport? It’s cheaper to use the left luggage. We were planning to hang around at the airport later.
  • If we use the left luggage service, will we have enough time to collect our luggage from arrivals in T5 and go to the departure for check-in?
  • Off-topic: is it easy to get a 24 transit pass from the airport itself, and a local sim with just the data service?

Thank you!

Telling right from left

I know a lot of people, some of them mathematicians, who have trouble telling right from left. This can lead to problems when you are composing functions, for example.

When did this seemingly innocuous confusion lead to wrong results being published? Here is an example from arithmetic geometry.