Would the following Shadowblade and Greenflame Blade combination be legal?

Let’s say I am a level 5 sorcerer and I have already cast Shadowblade. And I want to do the following on my next turn:

Quicken Greenflame Blade for 2d8 (from shadowblade) + 1d8 (GFB dmg) on the main target and 1d8 + spell mod on the creature next to it.

Then as my action I Twin the GFB again and I make the first attack on target 1 and second attack on the target next to it which allows me to do basically double dmg from above calculation.

Is this allowed by RAW? If not why?

Which uses of Bonus-Action spellcasting are legal?

Looking at other questions about casting spells as a bonus action has left me trying to keep a lot of information in my head about whether a given combination of spells is legal according to the official 5th edition spellcasting rules.

So I’d like to consolidate all these rules into a single easily accessible table, containing all the possible combinations of spells that could possibly be cast in a single turn, and hopefully create an easy reference for future use. But I’m not certain about how some of these combinations should be treated.

Based on the second question I linked, the ordering doesn’t matter, so I’ve simplified the chart to ignore order of these actions, and only focus on what actions are being taken. But if I’m mistaken (i.e. the answer provided to that question was wrong) then this table will need adjusting.

\begin{array}{|l|l|l|l|} \hline \text{Action} & \text{Bonus Action} & \text{Action Surge} & \text{LEGAL?} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & & & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & & & \text{Yes} \ \hline & \text{Non-Cantrip} & & \text{Yes} \ \hline & \text{Cantrip} & & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & & \text{No} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & & \text{No} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?Yes?} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?Yes?} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Yes} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{?Yes?} \ \hline \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Non-Cantrip} & \text{?No?} \ \hline \text{Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Cantrip} & \text{Yes} \ \hline \end{array}

Is this table (Column 4 in particular) correct?

The core issue for me is that it’s not clear to me how Action Surges interact with the spellcasting rules, hence the question marks listed there. It seems like an Action Surge might permit 2 leveled spells to be cast in a turn, unless a Bonus Action is used to cast a spell, in which case this is no longer permitted. If this is correct, then my table above should be correct, minus the question marks. But I need that validated.

DnD 5e Adventure’s League (AL) legal, Max starting gold, without using XGtE “This is your life” options

From my understanding of this text:

Prior to the start of any adventure (including your first), characters can sell any of their unwanted equipment for 50% of its listed value, and/or purchase new equipment. New characters can use this rule to sell some (or all) of their starting gear, and use the proceeds toward the purchase of better equipment

The most I can get my hands on from class starting equipment seems to be:

Fighter PHB (option to take 200gp & no other equipment, including any given by background choice)

Selling: 2 hand crossbows (sells for 75gp), light crossbow & bolts (sells for 13gp), Chainmail (sells for 37.5gp), dungeoneer’s pack (sells for 6.15gp)

Class total: 131.65gp

The most I can get my hands on from background starting equipment seems to be:

Detective Rats of Waterdeep: Appendix A (Does NOT count as your +1)

Selling: Magnifying glass (sells for 50gp), Bottle of ink (sells for 5gp), Quill (sells for 0.01gp), Folded parchment notepad, (how many pages..1…10?, sells for 0.1gp if 1), Common clothes (keep), Greatcoat (robe?, sells for 1gp), and hat (trinket?). Also a belt pouch containing 8 gp

Background Total: 64.11gp

Adding both together: 131.65 + 64.11 = 195.76gp

Even selling your common clothes & belt pouch you cant get to the ability of buying Splint armor for 200gp.

Did I miss any way of getting more gp, other than DM rewards and/or XGtE’s “This is your life” options?

I’d be happy to get splint armor, a quarterstaff (pike would be ideal), a sack & 1 day of rations. Under 201gp worth of gear, 5gp more would get me there

Is it legal to design and publish a game with D&D’s ability scores?

If I were to design an RPG that had Str/Dex/Con/etc… would it be legal to publish it? I know that games like Pathfinder and Dungeon World got away with it, but I’m not sure how or why.

Looking at D&D 5e’s recent OGL, I have found that the following items are considered Intellectual Property and are not Open content:

Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master, Monster Manual, d20 System, Wizards of the Coast, d20 (when used as a trademark), Forgotten Realms, Faerûn, proper names (including those used in the names of spells or items), places, Underdark, Red Wizard of Thay, the City of Union, Heroic Domains of Ysgard, EverChanging Chaos of Limbo, Windswept Depths of Pandemonium, Infinite Layers of the Abyss, Tarterian Depths of Carceri, Gray Waste of Hades, Bleak Eternity of Gehenna, Nine Hells of Baator, Infernal Battlefield of Acheron, Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia, Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, Twin Paradises of Bytopia, Blessed Fields of Elysium, Wilderness of the Beastlands, Olympian Glades of Arborea, Concordant Domain of the Outlands, Sigil, Lady of Pain, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, beholder, gauth, carrion crawler, tanar’ri, baatezu, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, mind flayer, illithid, umber hulk, yuan-ti.

All of the rest of the SRD5 is Open Game Content as described in Section 1(d) of the License.

Since it doesn’t list mention any of its ability scores, it seems that it’s fine. Except that I’m not sure if these ability scores count as a component of the d20 system (which, again, is not Open Content).

So can I do this? Why or why not?

Dealing with a minmaxer player – is this legal? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do proficencies with one thing from multiple different sources stack? 1 answer

So, the main question is, can one create expertise through using proficiency and another proficiency?

Let me try and explain, A level 9 mind flayer savant player character would regularly roll +13 to perception rolls due to a skill that allowed skills to be int based instead of wis or cha (ignore the stat switching) and so the equation comes out like this: 5(int) + 4 (proficiency) +4 (race proficiency) = +13 to perception rolls and a passive perception of 23.

He claimed it was kosher for race proficiency and trained proficiency to stack, saying it was in the PHB. I can’t find anything like that and the internet is stuck on teaching the difference between base proficiency vs expertise.

So in short: Is there a way to stack proficiency (from any source) or is that him misunderstanding (or just wrong)?

Is this Forest Gnome Warlock character build legal?

I’m playing a DnD-5e campaign with some co-workers; it’s my first role-playing in, oh, decades and something like my 4th character ever. I know when to ask for help. Help!

I’m instructed to create a 4th-level character to join an existing party, and I had in mind to create a very, very old female Forest Gnome Warlock; something akin to a wizened medicine woman. I’m using the PHB as a reference, as well as roll20 and other online resources.

I feel this character is quite powerful for its level, so please tell me all the mistakes I did in interpreting the build rules.

Looking at cantrips, a forest gnome gets two right out of the gate; Minor Illusion and Speak with Small Beasts (which refers to Beast Speech, which refers to Speak with Animals — if accurate, I’m still going to limit it to tiny creatures). As for the warlock, at 4th level she’d have 3 cantrip slots; adding Pact of the Tome is said to yield three additional cantrip slots. The total comes to 2+3+3 = 8 cantrips for a 4th-level forest gnome warlock. Really?

Looking at spells, at 4th level a warlock would have two 2nd-level spell slots and five slots for “known spells” (which, I gather, can only be swapped out when you gain a level).

Looking at invocations, at 4th level a warlock would have two invocation slots. I’m not quite sure about the difference between invocations and cantrips; for my character I have chosen Agonizing Blast (which functions as a permanent booster for a separate cantrip) and Mask of Many Faces (which, it seems, might as well be a cantrip?).

Then, stats. My base stats are:

STR: 8 DEX: 10 CON: 12 INT: 14 WIS: 13 CHA: 15 

but then I can add:

  • +1 DEX from Forest Gnome race,
  • +2 INT from Gnome race,
  • +2 from Warlock Level 4, which I have split between CON and CHA,

so my final stat block becomes:

STR: 8 DEX: 10+1 = 11 CON: 12+1 = 13 INT: 14+2 = 16 WIS: 13 CHA: 15+1 = 16 

and for Hit Points that should give me 8 (base) +2 (CON modifier) + 3×5 (fixed increase from each level above 1st) = 25 HP.

Does this all seem reasonable, or am I way off base here? I really don’t intend to be a munchkin; I had this person in mind before I looked into its construction.

That is the core of my question. For additional information, here are the spells I thought I could be choosing:

  • Cantrips:
    • Blade Ward
    • Eldritch Blast (with Agonizing Blast)
    • Mage Hand
    • Minor Illusion (comes with Forest Gnome)
    • Speak with Small Animals (comes with Forest Gnome)
    • Message (free with Tome)
    • Cure Wounds (free with Tome)
    • Spare the Dying (free with Tome)
  • Spells:
    • Hellish Rebuke (as 2nd level, would gain an additional 1d10)
    • Misty Step
  • Spells known:
    • Eldritch Blast
    • Hellish Rebuke
    • Unseen Servant
    • Misty Step
    • Spider Climb
  • Invocations:
    • Agonizing Blast
    • Mask of Many Faces

I extend to you most humble and sincere thanks.

Is playing an Aarakocra player character currently legal in Adventurers League?

I’d like to know if playing an Aarakocra character is currently legal in the D&D 5e Adventurers League.

The Aarakocra race has been in D&D for a while, but is described in detail in 5e in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion on page 3:

This chapter presents three new races to supplement those in the Player’s Handbook […] These new options are available when you make a character, provided that your DM allows them in your campaign.

Is there a legal way to get D&D 5e core rulebook PDFs?

As much as I like having the hardcover core rule-books in front of me, usually I read or reference most information for RPGs on my computer. Unfortunately, my google-fu has failed me at finding places to buy a Player’s Handbook PDF, or even whether said PDF exists at all. My question is this: Is there any place I can go to legally buy a D&D 5e core rulebook PDF? I’m not looking for the starter set or basic rules, since those are incomplete (and free), I’m just looking for the core books in PDF format.

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