League of Legends “bad” graphics and bugsplat problem

I installed League of Legends using Lutris application. The distro I am using is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. I can use client without a problem. However, when I try to play the game the screen becomes like that. After a couple of seconds, it gives me a bugsplat message. I am not able to play the game because of this.

Here is an image of my problem: https://imgur.com/a/AAfkw7H

(I cannot upload it on askubuntu, do not know why. Therefore, I put the link directly.)

I do not think it is because of graphic cards because I am able to play Dota 2 on Steam without a problem in graphics.

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Adding legends to fancybox images

Using Fancybox, when a user clicks on an image I’d like to addendum a legend beneath the image instead of a title. I have scoured stackOverflow accordingly in search of a solution only to find the following …

Fancybox: Add Caption and other things

How do I hide the tooltip on hover from the title tag when using FancyBox 2.0?

Fancybox2 – different content for tooltip and image title, both from title attribute?

Now, one of the solutions was very helpful using the following piece of code …

$  (document).ready(function() { $  (".fancybox").fancybox({         openEffect  : 'elastic',         closeEffect : 'elastic',         arrows :    false,         helpers : {                  buttons : {}         }, // helpers         beforeShow : function() {             this.title = $  ("#fancyboxTitles div").eq(this.index).html();         } // afterload     }); // fancybox }); // ready 

However, some of the images require the same legend, so referencing an index value would create a mess (plus the legends are not images but code that contains additional tags as well). So I’m trying to accomplish something like a string-match-case between a div id and the fancybox title=”” using the same code above with example html below …

<div id="fancyboxTitles" style="display: none;">     <div id="a">Legend 1 ...</div>     <div id="b">Legend 2 ...</div>     <div id="c">Legend 3 ...</div> </div>  <a class="fancybox" title="a" href="images/image_large.jpg">      <img alt="a" src="images/thumbs/image_small.jpg"> </a> 

I’m not even sure this is possible. Like a deer in headlights, perhaps the answer is obvious, maybe its complicated more than I anticipated. But in my attempts to use jQuery APIs I haven’t been able to figure out a solution. Looking for any help.

Apex Legends Game Site

Why are you selling this site?
I am going to be moving soon and need to free up funds to make the transition. :/ Bummed to be letting this and a few other sites go, but sorta need the funds.

How is it monetized?
Amazon affiliate, however, you can do a lot as a few people come to it now, and with some love this site can be ROCKING.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
No Social media accounts yet.

How much time does this site take to run?

Apex Legends Game Site

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Moba games ( Dota/League of Legends ) related question

I’m interested in creating a moba style game like League of Legends and need help with a situation. More exactly: I have an item that gives the player 50 Attack Damage or an ability that does 50 Attack Damage. Is the information about how much damage the items/ champion abilities do kept in client side of the game or the server. Option 1: I hit the enemy and the client tells the server to deduct 50HP from the enemy i hit or Option 2: I hit the enemy and the client tells the server only that I hit the enemy, then the server looks at the item I have/ ability used and based on code on the serves side deducts the 50HP