Is there a class ability, spell or other, that lets you share spells with your familiar?


I have a Wizard/Warlock with pact of the chain feature, who I have themed off He-Man. I love the idea of using Tenser’s Transformation to buff both he and his familiar up for combat. However, it has a range of self, which seems to really limit my options.

Anyone have a work around? I am willing to change my class or multi class as needed. (We stick to using the hardcover books, and not UA or 3rd party stuff)

Is there anything that lets me quickly figure out the distance from a safe jump point to the starport?

I realised something.

While reading the core rulebook I always assumed that the relevant distance for jumping into a system was the diameter of the systems star times one hundred, and I got the impression that it would take a few days to get from safe jump distance to the spaceport. However, while I was doing some calculations based on @paul-gilfedder great answer to this question I realised that Earth is orbiting outside of our stars diameter times one hundred.


I had been assuming that if Earth had a spaceport it would take 68h with a G1 drive to get from the spaceport to a safe jump distance, and that that was pretty standard for any solar system. However, if I understand this correctly it should take only 6h 20min to get from the jump point to Earths potential starport since it is only 1.276.000 km and not 140.000.000 that I assumed.

After this longwinded intro I get to my question: When the source material talks about a system and it’s main planet/starport is there any information included that lets me know what the travel time from safe jump distance to the spaceport is, or a way to infer it from the UPW? Makes a huge difference if the planets orbit is inside our outside of the stars 100D. For instance safe jump distance to Venus would be 32.000.000 km, which is 25 times that of Earth, because of this.

How can we confidently say that stacking Reach Spell, Persistent Spell, and Ocular Spell lets you persist almost any spell?

I’ve recently been reading up on the finer details of The Twice-Betrayer of Shar and found that there exists an objection to whether or not it can Persist the spells that it claims to be able to. This has lead me to read further in to how the build’s tricks for persisting spells works.

As I understand it, the central premise of the build is that the correct permutations of Reach Spell, Persistent Spell, and Ocular Spell should let you persist “just about every spell on the books“. However, I’m unsure of how such a strong claim can be made. Reach Spell only works on touch spells, Persistent Spell only works on spells with “a fixed or personal range“, and Ocular Spell only works on “ray spells and spells with a target other than personal“. This game has so many of different descriptors for spells that I find it impossible to believe that these three metamagic feats are enough to let you persist almost anything.

So what have I missed? How can it confidently be said that this combination lets you persist almost anything, when there’s so many different types of spell in the game? Have I overlooked some qualifier?

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Which forum CMS lets authors moderate their own topics ?

Hello I'm looking for a forum software to install on my website, that could let any author of a new topic moderate its topic with the same rights as a regular moderator, mostly by editing other members' replies.

I've joined a hundred of BBS (running most softwares) and none of them let the authors be moderate their own thread. Therefore I assumed it was not a built in feature, possibly because pyramidal moderation was the only one known to developers.

If there are too many forum CMS with…

Which forum CMS lets authors moderate their own topics ?

Let’s have a race! Theorycraft [duplicate]

Let’s build our fastest characters. Here are the rules. Hardcover official 5e books only, no UA.

You can have any magic items, but no artifacts.

It’s assumed that this is best case scenario for spells and random abilities.

We all gather the previous night, sleep in a tent next to the starting line. Wake up the next morning and get set to race. All our initiatives are the same.

**The goal is to get the highest distance in one round. **

Remember that this is a fun brain teaser that helps us figure out rules together.

What spell or ability lets me detect a creature’s resistances/vulnerabilities? [duplicate]

I wonder if there is a spell that, when cast, gives me information about a certain creature, like its vulnerabilities and resistances. For instance, when fighting a Bronze Dragonborn, this spell would divine for me that they have Lightning Resistance.

Besides spells, is there a non-magical way to do so? Survival-check, Arcana, History, Insight? I have a hard time placing this under any one of those skills, if at all…

I’d be most interesetd in divination spells along the lines of Detect Magic / Detect Good and Evil, but if there is any other (magical) effect that would yield these results I’d like to know too.