Over the alphabet {a,b,c,d}, how would i construct a NFA that only accepts strings that end with a letter that is already part of the string?

I’ve been trying to create a NFA that accepts strings that end with a letter that exists in the string. For example abcdb, cbdd, acac etc. while strings like abc aacd etc are not accepted since the last letter wasnt in the string before the last letter was read. I only seem to be able to create a NFA that accepts a subset of the language. What is the right way to go about it? I’m very lost.

What is the schema vocabulary for industry dealing in online resume and cover letter builder?

I’d like to know if a company dealing in online resume and cover letter service, and have pages like resume templates etc then which schema type is best suitable for the page.

The following pages are:

  • Resume Templates
  • Resume Samples
  • Cover Letter Examples
  • Online resume builder

I would appreciate if anyone have experience in working with career industry and can answer this with an example of schema code.

Is better to have as password a setence or first letter of the setence?

Which is better master KeePass password to prevent bruteforce between theses two type of password :

  • Complete sentence invented by user like : I like cheeseburger, tomatoes and fries ! 🙂

  • Each first letter of the word with lower and higher case : Ilcb,tAf!:)

Edit : My hesitation come from the facto that the sentence indeed is more longer but, it composed of real words which could be taken from a dictionnary.

Does a three letter agency have old copies of my Dropbox files?

I am limiting the scope of this question solely to the Dropbox service alone.

With some of the secret programs revealed by Snowden, I wonder what the real extent of reach the NSA had/has into specific systems.

If I were to know for an absolute fact that my specific Dropbox account had never been involved in a subpoena, could that be substantial enough information to prove there are no copies of my old Dropbox files being indefinitely stored by the NSA?

The real question I am after here is whether or not, at any point, the NSA had full access into Dropbox’s systems with no checks and balances.

Proof with induction even number of letter

I have to proof that in a word $ w$ the number of the letter d is always even.

Let $ L \subsetneq \Sigma^*$ be a language over the alphabet $ \Sigma = \{a,b,c,d\}$ such that a word $ w$ is in $ L$ if and only if it is $ a$ or $ b$ or of the form $ w = ducvd$ where $ u$ and $ v$ are word of $ L$ .


$ dacad$ , $ ddacbdcad$ , $ dddbcbdcdbcbddcad$

I know there are three cases:

  1. $ |w| = 0$ the number of the letter d is zero and even
  2. $ |w| = 1$ and $ w = a$ or $ w = b$ same as number 1
  3. $ |w| = 5$ and $ w = ducvd$ the number of letter d is even

    I know how induction works, but I don’t know to write the base, hypothesis and step. I think it works with the length of $ w$ . Does somebody have a hint?

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