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Thesis paper on the scarlet letter my essay writer review

.IO 3 letter available domains list

I recently checked for availability of 3 letter domains in .IO zone,
and for now, 95% names are registered (some are, though, reserved by registry), including all premium 3 letter combos.
Only 791 domain is available for now. Here's the list.
Code (markup):

.IO 3 letter available domains list

Is sponsorship letter required for obtaining UK transit VISA for INDIANS?

Hi I am travelling to schengen countries next month, and for one of my flight I have to take transit VISA of UK, as the flight lays over in london for 10 hours.

So my query is- whether I will need sponsorship letter attached with visa documents as my wife is travelling with me and in appliction form I have shown that I am sponsoring her for the visit.

confusion is that in transit visa docs nothing is mentioned about the sponsorship letter.

So thoughts are appreciated on the same.

can’t remove roaming letter above signal bars

I’ve researched a lot and I can’t find any solutions to this problem. A couple of months ago I traveled by plane, and when I arrived and turned off airplane mode (I have it always turned on) I had this r above the signal bars. I think it’s because I got outside my isp area when I was on the air, but now I’m back in my city and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve trying manually selecting the isp, turning on and off the roaming and the mobile data in the configurations but nothing seems to work. What else could I try?

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Letter keys won’t repeat even after toggling ApplePressAndHoldEnabled to False

I can’t get my Mac (10.13.6) to repeat letter keys when held: “fffffffffffffff” has to be typed out manually.

Delete and symbols repeat as expected and follow the keyboard control panel settings just fine.

I’ve also been googling around and found the toggle setting for ApplePressAndHoldEnabled and it is set to false:

[2019-03-07 10:01:30 /Users/Locane ]$   defaults read -g applepressandholdenabled 0 

I’ve been through 2 reboots, restarted applications… I don’t know what to try next.

Assign a permanent drive letter across different computers

I’m creating a USB drive that includes several shortcuts to files within the same USB to save space and avoid duplicate files.

Obviously for this to work, it requires the letter of the drive to remain consistent.

Is it possible to keep the letter of a usb drive the same across different computers? If so, how?

Also, would it be possible to automate this? (i.e., you simply plug in the usb and it automatically assigns the drive letter). It will be used by people who are not necessarily computer literate so avoiding going into “Create and Format Disk Partitions” or having to click on a .cmd file, or something, would be ideal.