Authorisation letter to collect Visa

I would like to authorise some one else to collect visa on my behalf.

I have taken printout of the authorisation letter from here.

It says I have to give VFS global receipt reference number that starts with KTM. I do not have any reference number that starts with KTM.

I am able to find reference numbers that starts with GWF***, VFSS*** and XYZ***.

So, can some one tell me where to find this reference number that starts with KTM?

How to help someone from Turkey obtain a 3 week tourist visa to visit the UK with a letter of invitation

I am inviting a friend from Turkey to visit me in Scotland this August/September and would like to know how to improve the chance of the visa being accepted.

The main sticking point is likely to be her own funds for the trip, which are not high (I believe around 400GBP – hopefully a bit more). However, it is a short trip (3 weeks) and I make clear in the letter that I am happy to meet any costs of the trip beyond her ability to pay.

My friend will have just graduated with a degree in industrial engineering. I hope that this might help to assuage fears that she has any other intention than tourism. Someone with a good STEM degree in Turkey has better career prospects that someone in the UK who is not allowed to be here.

Here is the invitation letter as it currently stands:

enter image description here

She spent a year in Spain on the Erasmus programme, and spent the Christmas period in France and Holland, which I hope might help, as it demonstrates some travel history.

Does it help or hinder the application for me to offer to pay flights & insurance? (as I will) I have read that this is looked upon unfavourably. But if I leave it out, her own finances look even weaker.

How much of a long shot is this?

Are we being naive to even try to apply when she herself doesn’t have great financial means? If the application is rejected, it could prejudice future applications to visit, which might be made when she is in a better financial situation.

If it is likely to fail, I would rather advise that she leave it for now. On the other hand, I feel the request is a reasonable one – and I don’t think she should be put off if it has a chance of succeeding.

She has suggested I should go to the council so that it can be sent via them to the consulate in Istanbul. But I am not sure that’s how things are done here. Shouldn’t I just send directly to the consulate?

What evidence do I need to supply to demonstrate my financial situation? A bank statement and, say, most recent contract of my ltd company? (I am a contractor so don’t have an employment contract). Should these be sent along with the letter?

I take it from Gayot Fow’s response to My girlfriend was a refused a visa to visit me in the UK. What now? that my role in her application is just to establish my ability and willingness to fully sponsor her. I think this part should be straightforward.

How much would seeking legal advice make a difference – and roughly how much might this cost?

There are several questions above but they come down to: how much can I do to help her application?

Thanks for reading.

Find all letter Combinations of a Phone Number

The task

is taken from LeetCode

Given a string containing digits from 2-9 inclusive, return all possible letter combinations that the number could represent. A mapping of digit to letters (just like on the telephone buttons) is given below. Note that 1 does not map to any letters.

enter image description here


Input: "23" Output: ["ad", "ae", "af", "bd", "be", "bf", "cd", "ce", "cf"]. 


Although the above answer is in lexicographical order, your answer could be in any order you want.

My solution

(I’ve been told I should provide additional information to my solution otherwise I get downvoted.)

is based on backtracking. Why I choosed that approach? Well, whenever you encounter a task where you have to combine or permutate things, then backtracking is a possible approach.

But if you know a better one, then please go ahead. Otherwise I only got generic questions to my code: Can you make it faster, cleaner, more readable, etc.?

Also I’m interested in functional programming. So, if you got a good functional approach, feel free to post it here, too. Other than that, I’m always interested in a different perspective. So, if you got a fancy or conservative approach, please feel free to post them here.

Imperative approach

/**  * @param {string} digits  * @return {string[]}  */ var letterCombinations = function(digits) {   if (digits === '') { return []; }   const strDigits = {     '2': 'abc',     '3': 'def',     '4': 'ghi',     '5': 'jkl',     '6': 'mno',     '7': 'pqrs',     '8': 'tuv',     '9': 'wxyz',   };    if (digits.length === 1) { return [...strDigits[digits]]; }   const res = [];   const combine = (cur, n) => {     if (cur.length === digits.length) {       res.push(cur);             return;     }      [...strDigits[digits[n]]].forEach(x => {       combine(cur + x, n + 1);     });    };    combine('', 0);   return res; }; 

Functional approach

/**  * @param {string} digits  * @return {string[]}  */ var letterCombinations = function(digits) {   if (digits === '') { return []; }    const strDigits = {     '2': 'abc',     '3': 'def',     '4': 'ghi',     '5': 'jkl',     '6': 'mno',     '7': 'pqrs',     '8': 'tuv',     '9': 'wxyz',   };    const combine = (cur, n) => cur.length === digits.length      ? cur     : [...strDigits[digits[n]]].flatMap(x => combine(cur + x, n + 1));    return combine('', 0); }; 

Can’t type the letter ‘s’ in terminal

I recently tried to disable case sensitivity in the Ubuntu terminal, and ran a few commands to do so. After I got it working properly, it somehow messed with my ability to type, or even copy, a lowercase s into terminal.

I have tried changing the inputrc file, but it tells me I do not have permission to do so, and I can’t type or copy in ‘sudo’ into terminal, as it only becomes ‘udo’.

How can I regain the ability to type s into my terminal? I’m fine with resetting all keybindings and whatnot, I just don’t know how to at this point.

Don’t know how relevant it is, but the last 3 lines of my inputrc file now looks like this:

$  endif set completion-ignore-case on set completion-ignore-case on 

The commands I ran before the issue occurred were the following (as I had no clue what I was doing):

if [ ! -a ~/.inputrc ]; then echo 'source /etc/inputrc' > ~/.inputrc; fi  echo set completion-ignore-case on | sudo tee -a /etc/inputrc sudo  echo 'set completion-ignore-case On' >> /etc/inputrc  echo "bind 'et completion-ignore-cae on'" >> ~/.bahrc 

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LINE Letter Sealing – Unable to display message as it couldn’t be decrypted

LINE is a chat application.

I recently reinstalled my OS, and restored my LINE chat history using this procedure.

Problem: Some of my chats appear like this:

enter image description here

It says:

Letter Sealing
Unable to display message as it couldn’t be decrypted. Please ask your friend to resend the message.

As you can see, my friend re-sending me the message does not solve the problem.

On the messages from July 6 to the day I reinstalled have this problem.

So I disabled Letter Sealing, and now I can read new messages sent to me (but I can still not read the existing problematic messages).


  • How to make the problematic messages readable again? I still have the Titanium Backup from the former OS, if necessary.
  • Is there a way to re-enable Letter Sealing while making sure that encrypted messages will stay readable even after reinstalling my OS in the future?

Visa application for Canada and no Invitation letter

I dont have a family in Canada , i have a job here in Nigeria as I work as a Software Engineer and a Process Architect for one of the biggest banks here. Now i want to go to Canada on temporary Residence visas, I ofcourse, since i do not have a family there chances of getting invitation got a bit harder and almost very impossible, hence i wanted to ask this very simple question, if I dont have any family member there in Canada can i still apply like that without invites? Are there chances of Visa refusals?