users with Edit permission level are able to access the site navigation, but will get “Access Denied” when they try to submit the change

we have a classic team site collection with publishing features enabled + we have a sub-site which does not have the publishing features enabled. now i granted some users Edit permission on the sub-site and Read on the root site. where those users will be able to access the sub-site’s site navigation as follow:- enter image description here

and also those users will be able to add new links and chnage the order of the navigation links >> but when they try to submit the site navigation page, they will ger this error:- enter image description here

so its weird that users can access the site navigation + add/remove links but can not submit the changes .. any idea what is going on? Thanks

Is it possible to cast two 9th level spells without taking a long rest in 5e?

The 9th level spell “foresight” says that the spell immediately ends if you cast it on another target before the duration is up. However, the duration is 8 hours, and while I get that you could cast it before the duration was up using the elven 4 hour rest or something like that, is there any way to cast any official 9th level spell without taking a long rest?

Do the infusions granted by the Kinetic Knight archetype replace the ones you normally choose at this level?

The title say it all, I had to look on d20pfsrd for the Kinetic Knight archetype since I couldn’t find it in my own language and I am not sure about the wording : are the infusions you gain with the archetype “free” (I still choose other infusions to add), or not ?

I am not an experienced player so I cannot tell from a “balance” point of view.

Is a 10th level transmuter considered a shapechanger for the purpose of effects such as Moonbeam?

Spells such as Moonbeam specifically affect creatures with the “Shapechanger” tag, such as lycanthropes. As per this previous question, the ability to change one’s shape through class features is not sufficient to be considered a shapechanger.

However, upon reaching the 10th level, transmutation specialist wizards literally receive the “Shapechanger” class feature, granting them the ability the polymorph themselves with greater ease. This feature’s description is obviously adapted for player characters, but is otherwise similar to the “shapechanger” feature found in the stat blocks of creatures with the shapechanger tag.

In this context, would possessing the “Shapechanger” feature through the wizard class mark you as a “shapechanger” for the purpose of spells such as Moonbeam?

Can a vampire purchase multiple powers that are on the same level of a discipline?

One of my player is interested in two powers that are on the same level of a discipline, and I couldn’t tell him if he can take both one way or another. So here is my question: Can a vampire purchase multiple powers that are on the same level of a discipline?

My guess is “Yes, but you have to get another point in this discipline to get it”, but I also see a house rule that says:

LEARNING DISCIPLINES Vampires can learn multiple powers from the same discipline by purchasing its dot level a 2nd time as an in clan discipline.

So after I’ve seen that house rule I started thinking that RAW you can’t purchase same level powers.

Difference between BFS and Level Order Traversal

What is difference between BFS and level order traversal of a tree??

though , it is given a difference here:, but what will be exact difference in algorithm, I still unable to get. Please help me to find exact difference between them.

Order has discount but the discount was not applied in the item level

Can someone help me understand why my order has a discount but the discount is not divided into each of the items accordingly. In most of the orders, the discount amount is divided into each item accordingly but this order is not and there’s around 3 or more orders like this. Is this a known Magento bug? Or it’s just how it is. Thank you! See image attached

House rule: Casting Spider Climb at higher level adding targets. Are there any balance breaking consequences?

I have a broader question that is the root of this question. I thought I’d ask what I would think is a relatively simple question and see if the answers can help me answer the broader question.

As stated in PHB, some spells have additional effects when casting using a higher level slot. What interested me was the question of why certain spells have that functionality while others don’t. I mean some may be obvious or at least seemingly logical as to why or why not, but for some, the reasoning behind the design decision alludes me.

For example, Fly has the ability to be cast on multiple targets using higher slots. Fly to me seems like a powerful mobility/utility spell. However, Spider Climb, another mobility/utility spell, does not have that “additional target per higher level cast” function when, personally, it seems to be a generally a weaker spell than Fly (hence it being a lower level spell).

TL;DR: Are there any balance breaking consequences of house ruling that spider climb can also be cast at higher levels to affect additional creatures?


Some stories of having done this or a similar experience would be helpful, but I prefer more of a logical argument as to why it would not be, or would be, balanced. Almost like a logical proof (induction, contradiction, etc) if you are familiar with what those are.