What is the SharePoint “Restricted View” Permission level in SharePoint?

When I check the permission level’s for my site collection at …/_layouts/15/role.aspx I do not see the “Restricted View” Permission Level (see below). .../_layouts/15/role.aspx Permission Levels

However, when I go to a specific library on the root site and select a listed user (or group), click Edit User Permissions I’m brought to …/sites/mysite/_layouts/15/editprms.aspx. From here I do see the “Restricted View” Permission Level. (see below). enter image description here

I’m trying to copy the library’s configurations over to another library in a different site collection and I need to use the “Restricted View” permission level in this other library, but it isn’t showing up in this other site collection’s settings nor this other library’s settings.

Where did it come from? Can I recreate it manually? What permissions does it grant?

The end goal for me is that I want to create a library and permission it so that some users can only view documents in the application (using a combination of IRM and these native library permission settings)- I don’t want them to be able to download it offline or take screenshots or open in the browser. I’m happy to use some other combination of configurations to accomplish this goal. Thanks for any help!

What level should a spell that lets a character briefly attune to an extra item be?

I am considering adding a homebrew spell to a game I DM. Here is the exact wording I intend to use:

Superior Attunement

8th level transmutation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M*

Duration: 8 hours

You touch one creature and one magical item which requires attunement, but to which no creature is currently attuned. At any time within the next eight hours, the affected creature may, as a bonus action, touch the affected item and instantly attune to it without requiring an attunement slot. The creature remains attuned to the item for one minute. After one minute, the spell and the attunement end.

The spell ends early if the creature falls unconscious or if any creature attunes to the magical item. No creature can use this spell to attune to any more than one item at a time.

The creature must still meet any specific requirements this item has for attunement (class, alignment, etc.). If a creature attempts to use this spell to attune to an item whose requirements it does not meet, it suffers the same consequences as it would in the normal attunement process.

* (Any magical item that requires attunement, but to which no creature is currently attuned)

I have tentatively decided this spell should be an 8th-level spell. I feel this strikes a good balance. This spell is a utility spell, and who wants a 9th-level utility spell? But it has the potential to make a character quite powerful for a short period of time, so I don’t want a character to be able to cast it more than once a day.

Does this seem like a reasonable spell level? If not, what level should this spell be

Would it be unbalanced to increase a druid’s number of uses of Wild Shape based on level?

Wild Shape is the prominent feature of the Druid class, but it allows only two uses until level 20, when Archdruid makes it limitless. This scaling feels quite odd to me and it appears to impact Moon Druids the most, since they rely on it for their combat prowess, while Land Druids have their superior spellcasting abilities. I’m aware that it can be maintained for an amount of hours equal to half the druid’s level and that the two uses are regained after a short or long rest, but the scaling of 2 uses between levels 1-19, then infinite at 20 feels weird and underwhelming, especially between levels 8 (when the feature gets the last power-up) and 20.

Is my concern sound? As a DM, I thought about increasing the uses by 1 at level 12 and 16 (total of 4). Would this make the Druid overpowered, outshining his party members (a Bard, a Barbarian and a Paladin) too much, either in fight or in utility contexts?

Note: the environment is pure core books.

Which feat path would do more damage by level 10?

So I’m trying to figure out which of these builds would be more of a combat threat by level 10. Naturally combat wouldn’t be the main focus, but my character should at least be respectable.

The character is a half elf Sandman Bard (meaning they get skill focus for free).

One path would stick with adaptability as its racial focus and the other would swap that for ancestral arms to get Proficiency in star-knife at level 1.

And the stats would look something like this

Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 18 (started at 14, plus Racial Bonus and Headband of Mental Prowess)
Wis: 10
Cha: 20 (point gains from 4 and 8, started at 16, plus Headband of mental prowess)

Now the feat paths would go like this:

Feat Path 1: Primary Weapon “Starknife”
Racial Feat: Martial Weapon Training (Starknife)
1: Divine Fighting Technique (Way of the Shooting Star)
3: Skill Focus(Knowledge, Disguise or Perform) I haven’t decided whether I want Arcane, Maestro or Rakshasa for….
5: Eldritch Heritage
7: Accomplished Sneak Attacker
9: Dilettante


Feat Path 2 Primary Weapon “Shortbow”
Racial Feat: Skill Focus (Knowledge, Disguise or Perform)
1. Point Blank Shot
3. Eldritch Heritage
5. Accomplished Sneak Attacker
7. Dilettante
9. Arcane Strike

So between the two feat paths with magic items corresponding to the average WBL, which of these would do more damage?

Can a Familiar level up with its master during their adventures?

Can a Familiar level up with its master during their adventures and improve their stats, abilities and skills, or are they fated to stay as written in the Monsters Manual?

I want to know cause I’m looking at a sprite for a Warlock build and it has only 2 HP. I know I can always recast but aesthetically I kinda want it to be like a an adventuring companion. With 2 HP a falling book would kill it.

What is my spell save DC as a level 1 Assassin archetype rogue? (I have no spells) [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What is the spellcasting ability of a Barbarian Totem Warrior? 1 answer

I made an account on here to ask this question so sorry for the formatting, but formatting aside, what is my spell save DC?

I am a level 1 Rogue (going Assassin archetype) and have no spells.

My stats are as follows:

  • STR: +1
  • DEX: +3
  • CON: +2
  • INT: +1
  • WIS: +0
  • CHA: +2

Cleric and mystic theurge class level for command undead

I am playing a cleric/wizard/mystic theurge. I have the feat command undead.

The feat specifically mentions cleric level, not cleric caster level, in relations to the the DC of the ability and number of undead it allows you to control.

My understanding is that mystic theurge only increases your spell casting, that is spell level, spells per day, and caster level. No other aspects of the class are increased. So channel energy for instance does not increase in power either.

Am I correct in that MT does not increase the cleric level for command undead feat?