[ Politics ] Open Question : Is it the end of the world if Trump loss or wins in 2020?Life will go on conservatives and liberals will get on with things.?

Why poltics section always obessed with getting at Trump or AOC Beto o’Roruke Clinton Warren Kamala Harris etc. Is thier anyone on here wnating non trollish ortrigger civilised debate on political issues.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Liberals, were you angry about the Trump tweet showing Joe Biden molesting Joe Biden from behind?

It was humor, something liberals are lacking. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo actually said the video was “doctored” Really Chris Cuomo, there aren’t two Joe Bidens? No Shitt Sherlock! Lol, what a couple of dummies. Lol at the self proclaimed “Goddess”. Yeah, OK Comrade, fellow Russian troll. Maybe if Biden wasn’t drunk on Christmas Eve, he wouldn’t have pulled out in front of a truck and killed his wife and child. Look up Hunter. The guy was more corrupt than Paul Manafort, he was up to the same schit in Ukraine. Do the research, Bimbo. And stop being a little cheerleader for drunks like Hillary, Pelosi and Biden. All three are DRUNKS. Hunter is doing his dead brothers widow, while not doing drugs and prostitutes. The guy is a chip off the old corrupt block. Why do you thing the Dim Party is trying to get rid of Joe, CORRUPTION! You are so naive it is pathetic.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why are liberals unaware that Rod Rosenstein is no longer in charge of the Mueller investigation as of a couple hours ago?

I am still seeing answers here that are assuming he will still be in charge of it. He is already out https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/415591-acting-ag-to-take-over-oversight-of-russia-probe Smartcookie isn’t so smart when he doesn’t know how to use Google.